sex ed for teenage girls

Sex Ed For Teenage Girls

Quality Sex Ed for teenage girls is extremely helpful. It can support and guide her as her body changes from a girls body to a woman’s body.

What does a little girl developing into a young woman need?

Her sexuality is flowering. She is experiencing lots of changes in her body. Hormones are raging and her male schoolmate’s hormones are also raging. Her female friend’s hormones are raging as well. There’s lots of hormone raging going on!

Quality Sex Ed for teenage girls and boys would be highly valuable.

There can be quite a bit of confusion and peer pressure during this stage of life. Quality Sex Ed that provides not only statistics and scientific or biological information but also emotional support would make a world of difference for these kids.

Boys need support as well. For now, I am going to address what young girls may be going through due to my own personal experience as a young developing girl myself, years ago.

Are these young girls receiving the support that they need at this time of life? They are in a huge transition. Do they have someone they can talk to about all the changes they are going through? I don’t believe they do? Adolescence is an overwhelming time.

Young girls may learn in school about STD’s, pregnancy and other important subject but does sex ed for teenage girls provide the emotional support around sexuality and their changing body that they need? Sex Ed in the United States leaves much to be desired.

My own story

I remember when I was that age. My breast weren’t developing as fast as the other girls in my class. I felt very self-conscious that I didn’t have growing breasts like the other girls.  I thought to myself, “What is wrong with me.” I used to go to bed at night hoping and praying for my breasts to start developing.

Before I went to sleep I would imagine wearing a magical bra that was made out of a special metallic material. This special bra would then pull at my nipples and start the process of my breast growing. I was desperate, anxious, sad, confused. There was nobody to talk to about this. I held it all inside. The quiet suffering was devastating. My breasts did develop though never into big breast. Now I think they are beautiful and perfect. I don’t have to wear a bra and I give them lots of love.

Prior to my Spiritual Sexual Certification program and as an adult, my breasts were NOT an area of my body for erogenous pleasure. They were painful to the touch, especially the nipples. I believe this was so because of the anguish I experienced in puberty around my developing breasts.

My body that was changing from a little girl to a young woman’s body was not a celebrated process. It was a process I held privately within myself. I felt I didn’t have anyone to turn to for support. Puberty, for me, was a process of suffering instead of celebration. It was not conducive to my empowerment.

What is your story?

What was your experience as you were developing from a little girl into a young woman? Did you have issues with your changing body? Were your breasts too big, your body too fat, your height too tall or short?

Did you hold it privately because you had no idea others female classmates were suffering as well? Did you also not have a way to give your process a full voice; a voice that would lighten the load for you and make this beautiful flowering experience special and empowering?

Do you have a young daughter that is going through the process right now? How can you support her in celebrating the changes her body is going through?

These are questions, I believe, need to be answered. I would love to hear back from you. I would love to hear your ideas of what is needed for these young girls as they change into young sexually active adults. Do you feel the existing sex ed for teenage girls provides them what they need?

Your feedback would be welcomed. Sharing your own personal experiences would also be welcomed!

I’m not in a position to change the public education system but I enjoy educating and supporting girls who are developing into women. If this article resonated with you make sure you take my Love Quiz so that you can continue to receive my teachings.

Much love!



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