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3 Top Pieces of Empowering Relationship Advice for Women to Live By

Here’s some important relationship advice for women (and everyone) because …

Being in an intimate relationship is the most powerful personal development program there is.

Women have suffered and not had a voice in their intimate relationships due to our history of patriarchy. That is now rapidly changing. Women are wanting to access their divine feminine and feel more empowered in their life, in their bodies, and in their relationships.

This article offers relationship advice for women to enhance their intimate relationships and do their part to make them better. Though in this article I am addressing women, the concepts apply to everyone.

How a Woman Can Have a
Better Relationship

If you don’t live by the relationship advice that follows, your relationship can more easily become filled with resentment and misunderstandings. You could, over time, risk becoming a very bitter person. And this applies especially to those that decide to stay in a relationship that “isn’t working” hoping it will someday get better.

But a relationship that’s in trouble isn’t going to get better on its own. I remember my late husband saying to me one day, “I thought relationships were just automatically supposed to work. I didn’t realize you had to work at making a relationship good.”

The truth is all relationships “are working”. They are working hard to give you the relationship experiences your soul has signed up for. Intimate relationships give you great opportunities to learn more about yourself. Those that don’t realize this and don’t live by this advice will suffer unnecessary emotional pain.

Ultimately we all want love. The following relationship advice for women will show you how much you love and honor yourself. This is good advice for ladies in a relationship but it is also good dating advice for women.

Women want to attract a man to love them but the truth is you must first love yourself. If you want to attract a good man into your life you must first create a good relationship with yourself.

Here Are Three Pieces of Relationship Advice for Women to Live By

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Want to embrace an intimate relationship as a path for your own personal development? This important relationship advice for women is worth implementing.

It’s important to know that this advice applies to all genders and all sexual orientations. In this article, I am specifically addressing women to empower them in their relationships with men.

1. Relationships Are Your Mirrors

Every person in your life is your mirror. This means others are reflecting back to you parts of your own consciousness. This gives you an opportunity to see yourself, and through that self-reflection, grow and mature.

If you can see it in another that means you have it too.

This goes for both good and bad qualities. This one piece of relationship advice for women is extremely powerful but only when applied. And when applied, blame and judgment go away. Victim energy disappears. The idea that someone is doing something to you, making your life miserable through their actions or words, is no longer a part of your reality. Creative relationship problem-solving becomes more accessible.

Cultivating Deep Intimacy

Instead, when you apply this relationship advice, that your relationships are your mirrors, this gives you an opportunity to cultivate deep love, intimacy, and understanding. Creative relationship problem solving becomes more accessible. And this isn’t just for your most intimate relationships. This is for all your relationships, although it’s in your intimate relationship where you have the opportunity to see, in the greatest detail, who you really are.

And when you really apply this relationship advice for women, I will tell you, it is humbling! A simple way to see how this works is to pay attention to what you complain about regarding your partner. Listen to your words and how you describe the character of his/her personality that bother you. THEN, take those words and ask yourself, “where am I just like that?”

Complaining About A Selfish Partner

Let’s say you are always complaining about how selfish your partner is. Hmmm, selfish. Ask yourself, where are you selfish? You may not be selfish in the exact same way as your partner. Possibly you are saying to yourself, “I can’t possibly be selfish, I’m always giving to others.” You more often observe how inconsiderate your man is and therefore label him selfish. And you perceive yourself as a considerate person wanting the same from your mate.

Well maybe, you are too considerate. Maybe you are trying to do for others too much. In all that extra giving and doing for others, do you have an agenda? You’re not in your authentic feminine power.

The agenda might be that you want to feel loved and accepted. You aren’t giving simply to give, you are giving and wanting something in return. And if you don’t get it, you hold back your love. This could be called another form of selfish. You are disconnected from your feminine wisdom and trying to control and manipulate instead.

This is just one example. What might it be for you? Start paying attention to what you complain about. You can use those words as a real eye-opener for greater self-awareness. Remember when you have one finger pointing at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you.

Take this one piece of relationship advice and live by it. I guarantee you it will transform your relationships.

2. Take Responsibility for YOUR Part

With that said, it is important to take responsibility for your part. And what I mean by your part is YOUR part. Too many women are the scapegoats for all that goes wrong, well gosh, in life, and in relationships.

Look at the fundamental way society will often look at a rape victim; “she was asking for it”. Even if this isn’t consciously spoken, this attitude is often energetically present. That is why rape victims often don’t even report having been raped. They were already traumatized. They don’t want to risk being blamed for the incident or publicly humiliated.

That is a sad, and all too often, extreme example. But it is happening in intimate relationships, with other things. Women tend to do more personal development than men, buying into the belief that there is something inherently wrong with them.

I want you to know, you are perfect whole and complete just the way you are. You are not less of a person because you are depressed or sad or confused. There is nothing that needs fixing inside of you. You are just being shown something is out of balance for you.

Taking Responsibility for Your Part Is Huge to Experience Fulfilling Relationships

But I want to stress that this does not mean you taking responsibility and the other person not. Though you have no control over another person, if you are in an intimate relationship where you live by the relationship advice of owning your own part and you are doing your work, BUT your partner is not, then you are not really in a relationship. You are “doing” relationship but not “in” relationship.

Maybe this shows up as you are the one who always keeps the house clean to have a nice environment to live in, or maybe you are the one who always suggests date night. In whatever form it shows up, ask yourself, “Am I creating the relationship or are we co-creating it?” In other words, are you over “doing” to hold the relationship together? And if you stopped “doing” what you are doing for the relationship¦ would you still have one?

Owning YOUR part and not taking responsibility for what your partner should be taking responsibility for is a big trap. Women get stuck in dead-end relationships with this type of behavior, thinking “he needs me” or “he didn’t really mean to do that”, or “he is doing the best that he can”. You find yourself over compromising and adjusting more than your partner.

Needing More and Owning It

It’s such a fine tightrope to walk in intimate relationships, knowing when to be flexible and when to stand your ground. I believe many more women would be single if they fully took responsibility for their happiness and had the courage to express their truth. Can you say to yourself and your partner, I need more, and really owning it? Owning that you need more love, more nurturing more presence and availability.

Definitely, take responsibility for YOUR part when challenges come up in your intimate relationship but don’t be a scapegoat for what your partner should take responsibility for. This is good marriage advice for women who are stuck in a relationship for years where the guy isn’t doing his part.

3. Hold Your Relationship as Sacred

An intimate relationship is one of the most profound experiences we can have in life. As I said in the beginning of this article, “Being in an intimate relationship is the most powerful personal development program there is”.

By the end of your life, those that you loved will have changed you, and hopefully for the better though sometimes not. And who knows, if you believe in reincarnation, you may have loved them many times before.

When two people come together there is something far greater happening than meets the naked eye. Sharing your life with another whether that be for 2 weeks or 20 years, is special. We cross each other’s paths in the journey of life and I don’t believe any of it is a mistake. I believe it is all divinely orchestrated.

Holding your relationships as sacred is good relationship advice for women to live by. All people for that matter. When you hold your relationships as sacred and special you’ll navigate them with greater respect and reverence. More compassion will arise within you. Healthy boundary setting will become easier. You’ll understand that loving another is the same as loving yourself.

When you treat your relationships as sacred you’ll give them the care and attention they need. What can you do to make your relationships more sacred? Remember to show it with your actions more so than with your words.

Remember that your relationships are your mirrors. What are they showing you? What do you need to take responsibility for and what are you doing that isn’t allowing the relationship to actually be a relationship of co-creation? And lastly no matter what learning process is unfolding in your relationships, know that it is a sacred process on the soul level.

If you are looking for additional relationship advice make sure you also read Who Not To Take Relationship Advice From.  I know you’ll find it eye-opening.

Relationship Tips for Ladies

In conclusion your relationships are your mirrors. They show you exactly who you are and how much you can authentically love. Take responsibility for your part. You aren’t perfect. Stop putting the spotlight on your partner and start owning your part. And lastly, hold your relationships as sacred. Who you have fallen in love with isn’t an accident. It’s a gift.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author, and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I educate women on how to create more love in their life. If you’d like to learn more and have more fulfilling relationships check out my online courses.

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