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Where Does Real Feminine Radiance Come From?

Where does real feminine radiance come from and do you have it? We think a woman’s youthful beauty is feminine radiance. Real feminine radiance isn’t just found in the 20-40-year-olds. Or the young ladies with the bright shiny skin. Though it is always wonderful to see the beauty of a young woman. And it can often be captivating both to men and women, the radiance I am talking about comes from within.

Every woman, if she gets old enough, will face the loss of her outer beauty and become “invisible” in our society. It happens! That’s why developing self-love and being connected to your authentic feminine side is always important no matter what age.

I remember the time in my life when fewer and fewer men were looking my way. I was so used to having men turn their heads all of my young adult life. It was a big thing when I started to notice these strange men out in the world of my day to day life, no longer looking my way.

And I mean a big thing because it was the beginning of my initiation into real feminine radiance.

Are you or were you that young woman walking down the street in your somewhat or totally sexy outfit capturing everyone’s attention? How does or did it make you feel? Did you feel validated?

The Day that Men No Longer Turn Their Heads

If you have been capturing men’s attention most of your life while out in the world your real feminine radiance won’t fully be accessible to you until you start becoming invisible. And that’s not a bad thing. I believe it is an initiation. The beginning of a new freedom for you. Freed from what I call the “Pretty Pressure.”

Think of it this way. If you’re used to having men look at you and your outer beauty, you have become consciously or unconsciously, dependant on it for validation.

When I first started becoming invisible I realized how much I was basing my worth on whether or not a complete stranger would take a second look at me. Sounds wild but it’s really true. And it’s happening all the time to younger women. It’s not a bad thing. I even enjoy looking at beautiful young ladies. They are a site to see. Just remember your outer beauty has a short shelf-life and there is avoiding that as you mature.

Outer beauty has a short shelf life and real feminine radiance is eternal

The time in your life when all those men stop turning their heads you’ll be faced with the realization of how dependent (or not) you were on their attention. How much you needed their validation to make you feel confident, happy and accepted in the world.

It’ll be a time for you to become acquainted with the amount of real feminine radiance you have within. And again, I am not making it right or wrong… more so I am making it a rite of passage.

The beauty of “becoming invisible” is that now you can work on the beauty you have that is eternal. It’s the part of you that shines from within. It’s your soul. And your soul is far brighter than the confines of your skin.

It’s a time of your life where you have an opportunity to really nurture yourself more than you ever have before. Yes… go ahead and get that injection of Botox or latest cosmetic treatment, but don’t depend on it for your survival and worth as a woman. Go within. Access the undeniable inner beauty that is eagerly wanting to be birth in you.

Freedom From “Pretty Pressure”

From living in a world where your validation automatically and often came from complete strangers on the street, self-validation will have its full debut. That’s when tapping into your true feminine energy won’t be clouded by your outer beauty.

That is the beauty of getting older. Not only are you wiser and have so much past life experiences behind you but you are freed from the “pretty pressure” or at least you have an opportunity to be freed from it. And I would like to encourage you to embrace when that time comes.

Aging is a beautiful thing. I recently looked in the mirror and said to myself, “You are getting older, we are doing this together babe!” If felt really good. Yes, I still want to look my best but I no longer measure it from how I look on the outside. Feeling good instead of looking good is my priority. And when I feel good, I automatically look good.

Real feminine radiance is when you shine no matter what age because you’re a channel of the divine feminine.

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