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This is The One Simple Gift to Give For Creating More Quality Time

Do you allow for quality time in your most intimate relationships?

What is quality time? And what is the best thing you can do to create quality time with another?

We have all heard of the expression “quality time.” What does that really mean? I believe our relationships can easily become devoid of quality time. With our fast paced lifestyle, does quality time end up being together as a family with each person fixated on their technical device, TV or on social media?

In this article I want to share with you the one simple thing you can give to another if you want to create more quality time with them.

Quality time is your gift to someone. A woman holding a wrapped present.

Being Present With Someone
is Your Gift

For me quality time means being present with another. Being present with someone you love is THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT you can give them. When was the last time you were present with another? When was the last time someone was present with you? Being present means being in the NOW with them.

It means holding space for THEIR experience. It means putting yourself, your needs, opinions and perceptions aside, giving space for their inner self and inner wisdom to be expressed.

An open heart is a neutral mind. Being present with someone requires you to have a neutral mind, beyond judgment and opinions.

Furthermore, having quality time with another actually means being in timelessness… because you are being in the NOW with them. Time is measured through past or future.

“Now” is the space of no time. It is where your power is. It is the magical place of manifestation. How often do you go to this powerful and magical place of manifestation in your most intimate relationships?

Quality Time Doesn’t Include Control

How often have you believed you know exactly what your partner needs or needs to do in a given situation? It’s easy to jump in and lend a hand; give a guiding (or controlling) suggestion. Or let them know what they seem not to be aware of.

It’s truly amazing how much we short circuit or block the inner wisdom of those we love. How often do you eagerly step in with good intentions to “help them out?” But are you really helping them or wanting to control the situation? Does this all sound familiar?

Instead, see if you can hold presence for someone you love. See if you can breathe and open your heart to a neutral space instead of expressing your opinion, making them wrong or trying to “fix them.”

Trust Another’s Inner Wisdom

See if you can trust that the one you love has their own inner wisdom. With your neutral heart and presence can you allow their inner wisdom to express itself? Can you let them (what appears to you) make their own mistakes? 

This takes lots of practice since we tend to see our partners blind spots and they ours. Nonetheless, each of us has our own guiding wisdom. What you need from your loved ones is their presence rather than their unsolicited opinions. Can you give them the same?

The Best Form of Quality Time You Can Give

As I said, this takes practice. It is the yoga of presence and you have an opportunity to practice it EVERY DAY. This is the best form of quality time that you can give them.

TODAY, see if you can be more present with those you love. See if you can hold back your perceptions and opinions and let them find their way. If you feel compelled to let them know your opinion, realized that is exactly what it is… your opinion, not necessarily reality.

And if you have a need to express your opinion about something your loved one is faced with…. can you ask permission? For example, can you say… “Would you like to know what I think about that.” before you express an opinion. This is a much more honoring way of interacting with those we deeply care for.

In conclusion, can you be more present with those you love? Can you start practicing presence today? Give it a try. Let it be your way of offering quality time to those you love. And see how your relationships transform for the better.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you’d like to enhance your relationships check out the transformative online courses I offer.

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