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Powerful Yoni Egg Practice for Anxiety

Discover a powerful yoni egg practice that’s calming.

Your Yoni is truly amazing and if you spend some quality time with her your life will change.

The Yoni egg practice I’m referring to is simple yet very profound. It can fit within a wider range of exercises you can do with your yoni egg to enhance your relationship with your female body.

Don’t leave a man in charge of your yoni. And don’t measure your yoni to some societal, pornographic or masculine standard. Take time to develop your own unique relationship with her.

More and more women have become interested in and aware of the yoni egg practice.

Unfortunately, the practice that has become more common has nothing to do with helping anxiety.
If anything, it is a practice that makes women feel more inadequate and anxious about their feminine parts.

If you’re using the Yoni egg to impress a lover or to do Yoni tricks, you are approaching the Yoni egg practice more like a sport. You’re missing the truly transformative experience the Yoni egg practice can offer you and the powerful ways it can change your life.

Your Yoni Doesn’t Need to Impress Anyone 

She’s beautiful JUST THE WAY SHE IS. If you’re looking into the yoni egg practice in hopes of fixing something you think is wrong with your yoni, then again, you are completely missing the true meaning of what this practice is about. It’s about cultivating a sacred relationship with you and your yoni.

Getting overzealous in your desire to have strong vaginal walls and PC muscles can actually do more harm than good. Your yoni was not designed to be like a guy. She is a girl. Forcing her into a masculine box will only make her create more armor than she probably already has.

From a spiritual sexual point of view, yonis aren’t designed to toughen up. They are designed to soften. When you do this simple yet powerful yoni egg practice you are moving in the right direction for the real benefits the yoni egg practice offers.

The most valuable benefit the yoni egg practice offers is helping you establish a sacred relationship with your yoni, your body, and your sexuality.

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One Simple Yet Powerful Yoni Egg Practice for Anxiety

According to Taoist wisdom, different parts of the vagina are related to different emotions and organs. They call it sexual reflexology.

The opening to the vagina is related to the kidneys and the emotion fear (or anxiety). The tissue at the opening to your yoni can hold fear. This emotion can also be transformed into calm. And that is what yonis like…calm.

There are longer more detailed practices with the egg. In this article, I give you a practice using the egg to enhance your body-mind connection specifically to the opening of your vagina where the emotion fear or anxiety can be stuck in your tissues.

Lie down in a reclined position. Take time to calm your body. Belly breathe, massage your breasts, breathe into your heart, sensually touch your body or all of the above. You want to invoke the parasympathetic nervous system and calm your body down before placing your yoni egg at the opening of your vagina.

Make sure your egg is not cold. When you are ready, place the egg (the smaller end) at the opening of your vagina. Let it stay right there. No need to hurry. This exercise is all about using your egg to feel and become aware of the tissue around the opening of your vagina.

Sense the quality of your egg and how it feels right there at the opening of your vagina. You can imagine the crystal qualities of the egg penetrating into your tissues. Breathe. Take time to feel. It’s in the slowing down and sensing where all the magic happens.

Your Vaginal Opening is Extremely Sensitive 

With the assistance of your egg’s placement let the magic happen by tuning into the sensitive tissue around the opening to your vagina. Then once you have taken that time to let the egg just BE, right at your vaginal opening, begin to take the tip of the egg and make circles around the opening of your vagina.

Imagine the tip of the egg having a ray of light coming out of it. Use your imagination to see and feel this ray of healing light penetrating the tissue around the opening of your vagina.

See what you feel. Feel what you feel. Listen. This is the beginning of developing “yoni sensate focus.” Believe it or not, you don’t have to do anything more. At least for this particular practice.

Give it a try and see what happens. Remember the slower the better. Your yoni has lots of wisdom to share. Try this powerful yoni egg practice and transform fear into calm.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you’d like to learn more about the jade egg check out my free online jade egg class.

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  1. gemma

    Wow! there is no limit to creativity and invention. I love the idea of using them while doing things around the house. Really want to try that.

  2. Yes… lots of great ways a woman can work with her Yoni Egg to get more deeply connected to her feminine side. I have been using my Yoni egg for many many years and I believe it has helped to keep me younger looking for my age. And I love the work you are doing too! 🙂

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