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3 Keys to Creating a Positive Body Image

Having a positive body image is the most powerful thing you can do as a woman. But unfortunately 91% of all women have a negative body image. Why? What can you do to overcome the dis-empowering life a poor body image creates for you?

I suffered so much from body image and food issues in my younger years. So much so that as I healed myself from it I was called to write a book. It’s titled Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body. And the subtitle is “the woman’s guided to reclaiming yourself as sacred.” It’s a book filled with inspiration and tools to really help you navigate through the suffering and get to a place of body positivity.

Believe me, if I did it you can do it. And when you start this journey of healing you will be so glad you did.

In this article I’ll discuss the 3 keys to overcoming body image issues and creating body positivity instead. And I’ll also share the three big secrets – meaning the 3 things you should specifically work on in order to have a positive body image.

“Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body”

The Women’s Guide to Reclaiming Yourself as Sacred

Want to know how to:

  • Have a better body image?
  • Overcome emotional eating and other obsessive behaviors?
  • Understand the causes of your negative body image?
  • And create more self-compassion and pleasure in your life?

If so, then I’m very excited to have this book to offer you as a path and companion for overcoming body image issues and understanding the causes of negative body image in the first place.

How Do You Create A Positive Body Image?

  1. First, need to acknowledge your problem. The first step is to acknowledge your problem and be willing to commit to getting the support you need to change your behavior.

2. Secondly, you need to understand that negative body image issues are matters of the heart. Love heals and when you learn to love yourself everything falls into place. Learn to have a love relationship with your food, your body, and your sexuality.

3. And lastly but most importantly, you need to create a more sensual life. As a woman, you are a sensual being. Causes of negative body image stem from living in your head and not in your body. Pleasure is the antidote for body image issues. When you learn how to quiet your mind and BE in your body female body image issues melt away.

The Book Clarifies Your Source of Pain

My book, Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body, takes you on a journey of reclaiming your feminine body and freeing yourself from the shackles of fear and self-doubt. Imagine what your life will be like when you embody your powerful Divine Feminine strength and confidence.

The path to thriving as a woman is not to learn how to be a man. To truly thrive as a woman is to fully embrace, honor and love your femaleness. That includes your sexuality and especially getting to know your Yoni.

From there everything aligns… your relationships with food, your body, your sexuality and other people in your life.

A Potent Resource Guide

Most of all, I want my book “Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body” to be a potent resource guide and source of transformation for you. It’s filled with “how to” tools, inspiration and wisdom that will elevate you from negative body image to experiencing the full empowerment of what it means to have a positive body image.

It will show you how to connect to the healing powers of your Divine Feminine energy. You see.. you are a leader of love and you can help make this world a better place by enhancing your relationships. And the first relationship you need to enhance is the one you have with yourself. I can show you how.

In addition, the book clarifies the source of your frustrations as a woman. Often it’s because you have forgotten the beautiful art of how to connect to your Divine Feminine energy. This creates a disconnect from your body and ultimately dis-empowers you.

3 Inside Secrets to Creating
a Positive Body Image

In my book I support the re-connection and empowerment of YOU through presenting the concepts of how to:

  1. Have a love relationship with food
  2. Cultivate a love relationship with your body
  3. Put more love into your sexuality

If you are currently suffering from negative body image issues the above 3 things may sound silly. But believe me… they work. I’ve been there. I know the pain of being disconnected to my body and hating “her.” It doesn’t feel good. And I suffered for years until I discovered the power of pleasure.

Create a Positive Body by Reading My Book!

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What causes body image issues?

There are many factors that cause body image issues.

– How you were raised and the culture you grew up in.
– Having been teased about your body.
– If your natural body shape is different than what society depicts as “beautiful.”
– Sex being an unspoken subject in your house when you began puberty. And therefore didn’t have a healthy way to deal with the new sexual feelings arising in you.

Think about it… what do you think it was for you?

Without a doubt, I am dedicated to providing you with the wisdom and practical know-how to overcome body image issues and make inner peace a reality. The secret is learning how to connect to your innate sensuality as a woman by getting past emotional repression. And getting to emotional awareness. That’s sensual living! That is what my book is all about. And that’s what freed me from my pain.

Free Yourself from Isolation

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Loneliness and isolation is painful. Do you want to feel more connected in your relationships? Can you imagine experiencing more intimacy and authentic connection with others? This is what I want for you. But you first have to know how to do it within yourself first.

Relationships and intimacy stir up emotions! Intimacy is “into me I see”…the more you can connect with your authentic self, the more you’ll free yourself from the pain of negative body image. And you’ll be able to connect deeper and more authentically with others too.

Above all, body image, food issues and other compulsive behaviors create isolation. You can learn how to free yourself from that and live a more fulfilling joy-filled life. Are you ready?

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. My book was written out of a soul desire to share with others what helped me to create more inner peace in my life regarding my struggles with body image and food issues. Let my book be a source of support and inspiration for you!

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