Manifesting More Pleasure


Experiencing more intimacy and connection
Being able to fully receive touch without guilt
Feeling more sensually alive as a woman
Knowing how to manifest love
Becoming more orgasmic

Your Sexuality is Perfect Just the way it is!

Are you ready to claim your body as sacred and create the relationships you have only dreamed of?

Stay tuned for Anna-Thea’s next class to learn how to Manifest More Pleasure in your life.

An online course that will change your life!

In the meantime take Anna-Thea’s Love Test and find out how much you love your feminine side.

Then you’ll also be informed of her next upcoming course.

By the end of the class you’ll …

  • Know how to manifest love
  • Become more Sensually Alive
  • Know LOTS about Yoni Care and Breast Care
  • Egg practice teachings and a practice audio
  • Know how to calm your overactive negative mind
  • Have tools to last a lifetime
  • Know how to RECEIVE  and the importance of it.
  • Have a deeper more sacred relationship with YOU and your body
  • Have shifted your vibration and what type of men you attract


What you get…

  • Full Access to my online School
  • Sharing circle and sisterhood
  • Recordings
  • Handouts
  • Private Tools page
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Txt Tips during the week
  • Support from other women
  • Email and txt access to Anna-Thea
  • And a deep sense of knowing how to manifest love.

Give yourself the gift of LOVE & connection!

This class is for you if you…       

  • Want to cuddle but don’t because it always leads to sex.
  • Keep attracting same guy different face.
  • Want to know how to manifest love
  • Have a tough time receiving touch or opening up
  • Have attracted selfish lovers
  • Love too much
  • Lose yourself in relationship
  • Want to stay juicy as you get older

You will walk away from this class totally transformed


Haven’t ever met me? Allow me to introduce myself! 🙂

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and educator.

I’ve suffered from a lack of self-love and it’s caused me plenty of relationship heartache. It’s been through connecting to the power of my feminine side that has transformed me. And I want that for you.

Connecting to your feminine side, what I call Your Feminine Love Quotient is where your power is.

My courses offer life-changing tools. I’m dedicated to helping you learn how to manifest love and be calm, at peace and emotionally empowered. I give women practical solutions for body image, food and/or intimacy/relationship issues.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and I am a Level 2 certified Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa Flow instructor. I’m also certified from the Divine Feminine Institute as a Spiritual Sexual Educator. Using principles from my extensive studies in yoga, nutrition, psychology, astrology and the Divine Feminine Institute I educate women to be leaders of love. My book “Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body” and my blog offer women insights to honor their bodies. My online courses and retreats are fun, educational, and powerfully transforming.


Here is how I have helped others…

Chick Lotz, The Pottery Poet
“Anna-Thea is a powerful advocate and ally for women to experience the joy of feeling and expressing the potency of their true feminine nature. She inspires women to fall in love with their body and its infinite wisdom. The result is you will immediately bring more love in your life. Are you ready to open to the gift that you are? Anna-Thea can help you!”



Gaynell Andress, Massage Therapist
“Anna-Thea gave me the courage to speak my truth and ask for what I need by giving me the words to say and the direction of how to say them. She has loved me and helped me see that I am worthy to be loved. This has helped me to love myself and see my value. I greatly appreciate Anna-Thea and the things she has helped me to find within myself. I love you Anna-Thea!”



Amrita Grace, Author of Reclaiming Aphrodite
Anna-Thea truly is an empowered leader of women. She’ll take you on a stimulating voyage into the care and feeding of your body, your heart and your soul.”




Christine Baron, Owner of Baron Art Studio in Las Vegas
“Anna-Thea is probably the most dedicated professional that I know. She is non-stop in her endeavor to help as many people as possible. I was blessed to find her eleven years ago when I was desperately frightened and fighting cancer. And I consider her one of the most important contributors to my miraculous recovery and my ongoing ability to better handle anything that comes my way. Bless her big, beautiful heart!”



Adrianne Carlino Gentile, Author of Integrity in the Mirror
“Anna-Thea’s amazing classes are filled with expert knowledge every woman needs in order to live a fulfilled and loving life of sensuality and sexuality. We were never taught these valuable lessons. Thank you Anna-Thea!”





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