New Moon in Sagittarius Solar Eclipse 2020 - A new moon and a drawing of a woman's body.

Powerful New Moon – The Best Opportunity to Embrace Your Feminine

New Moon Solar Eclipse December 14 2020 – New Moon in Sagittarius 2020

On December 14 is a Total New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees of Sagittarius.

To benefit from this article, you don’t have to know astrology. Connecting with the moon’s cycle is a great way to get in touch with your feminine side.

Not only is it a new moon, but it’s also a solar eclipse that involves the sun’s position creating powerful and potent energy for your transformation. Illuminating and awakening your inner feminine.

Sagittarius energy is about broadening your horizons. It’s about higher wisdom and knowledge. It’s a great time for you to connect to your inner wise woman. What does she want you to know?

This New Moon is Your Opportunity!

This new moon is your opportunity to create a new and better beginning and get something started that’s in your highest and best interest.

What do you want to transform? What do you want to let go of from 2020. We all know it’s been a wild and crazy year!

With this new moon it’s a perfect time to seed your intention for a more expanded 2021 where you’ll broaden your horizons and step into your power. Are you ready?

This new moon’s location of 23 degrees of Sagittarius will be located right next to (conjunct) the Galactic Center. This is super powerful. The Galactic center is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. This is the center of the Milky Way and gives you access to higher truth and universal wisdom.

That’s exactly what we need right now is access to truth. Not all the crazy making information on the internet and the media that breeds fear. With 2020 having been a year of not really know what to believe, aligning yourself with universal truth, divine truth and your inner wisdom will empower you.

Let Go of the Heavy Energy of 2020

Under the illumination of the Solar Eclipse and Sagittarius new moon it’s an opportunity for your energy to be lifted. Doesn’t that sound great?

It’s truly time to let go of the heavy energy. And this new moon in Sagittarius will help you do just that.

If you stop focusing on the lockdown and start focusing on this great awakening occurring your soul will claim its brilliance. So please don’t miss this chance to unlock your divine feminine power. Don’t get caught up in the fear and confusion. Start getting clear about why you are here and the gifts you have to offer.

Align yourself, your soul and your heart with these new fresh energies that are coming into our beautiful planet. When you do you may find your intuition heightening and having greater access to your spirit guides, and higher self.

These are your super powers and come from your DNA being activated. Currently we are only using 2 strands of our 12 strands of DNA. And we are barely opened and balanced in our 7 chakras let alone realizing the full potential of the 12 chakras we have available to us.

Are We Part of a Galactic Community?

You are currently going through growing pains of expanding your consciousness. I recently intuited that if we collectively knew, as common knowledge, that we are part of a greater galactic community, that alone would activate our DNA.

Many of us think, how can there not be other’s “out there” in the universe. But actually, making that common knowledge in our societies would energetically “blow our minds” and allow us to step into greater levels of our full potential.

Don’t be afraid of this. It’s truly happening. You are in the midst of a big shift and it’s powerful. Embrace it and take time to go inward.

Going inward is a feminine quality. Feel the landscape of your inner terrain. Don’t be afraid of the darkness. Give it your love. Stop thinking that what’s outside in the world (especial all the chaos) is your truth.

Let me remind you… your core and your truth is love. Align your truth with Universal Truth and you’ll connect to love.

This Monday at 12noon PST
New Moon Online Circle

This Monday at 12noon PST -I’m hosting a New Moon circle in my Sacred Zoom Room

Want to be more in touch with your feminine energy? The moon represents the feminine principle. New moon rituals are a powerful way to connect to feminine energy.

And the feminine is rising. This New Moon is your opportunity to access the power of your feminine side. Join us for this online gathering and set your intention in this Sagittarian (higher wisdom) new moon cycle. What do you want to create in your life? What needs illuminating? What needs to be let go of? This circle will help you to do so.

We start with a quick astrological overview of the moon and planets current potentials. It’s not necessary to know astrology for this.

Then I’ll take you through a powerful guided meditation to anchor and seed your intention into your body. Not only into your body but into your womb – the source of creation. Your power center.

So join me on this joyous day. It’s only an hour and it will make a lasting difference.

For those that can stay and chat, I’ll stay 30 minutes more to connect.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Divine Feminine Educator teaching women the sacredness of their feminine power.

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