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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini: From Your Head to Your Heart

This is a powerful new moon! Not only is it a new moon in Gemini – it’s a Solar Eclipse in Gemini.

This happens on June 10th at 3:52am PST. It is at 19 degrees of Gemini. Do you know where this lands in your chart? For me it is landing in my house of Self and Other. In other words, relationships! Personal transformation and transformation with those I love. There are eleven other possibilities depending upon which house this new moon solar eclipse lands in your chart.

In this article I want to share with you the astrological influence that make up this new moon solar eclipse and how to best work with it.

Sagittarius/Gemini Eclipse Season

We had the Lunar Eclipse back on May 26th which was in Sagittarius. So, from May 26th through June 10th and even a window before and after that we are under the effects of a Sagittarius/Gemini Eclipse season which is all about wisdom, information, communication, belief systems, how you think, what you believe.

During eclipse season we are in a portal and have an opportunity for transformation. This is a time when light is cut off from the planet and cocooning in a way to create endings and new beginnings. And we’ll feel the effects of this intense time for the next six months. And there is no doubt we are in intense times.

The Sagittarius lunar eclipse back in May was your opportunity to see what belief systems no longer serve you. What are you willing to let go of? Where is your thinking stuck, too rigid or one sided? What philosophies do you hold that are outdated? Where can you expand?

The North Node Nudges Your Soul

In addition, this Solar Eclipse on June 10th is a North Node Eclipse. The North Node in your chart is a designator of what direction your soul wants to go. The South Node on the other hand, represents the past. The North Node in this eclipse is not only giving you the nudge of your soul’s impulse but is doing so on a collective level.

This eclipse is a very Mercury and Gemini type of eclipse. Mercury is conjunct the Solar Eclipse adding extra Gemini energy. And Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Their meanings are about thinking, speaking, communicating. It’s about information and processing information.

This is a time to decipher what is the truth. Because with information there is also a lot of dis-information. And we all know… there’s been enough of that. During this new moon it’s a great time to journal. Put your thoughts to pen and paper (or laptop). Process them. Find out what is YOUR truth.

Neptune and It’s Higher Love Influence

Another big influence of this Solar eclipse in Gemini is that it’s square Neptune in Pisces. Squares represent challenges. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. In other words, this is a super Piscean influence. What is Pisces? Pisces represents ONENESS. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. And as we know, Venus is the planet of love. So, Venus is Earthly love and Neptune is higher love or spiritual/cosmic love.

This is a time for you to decipher the truth not from your head but rather form your heart. Take this time to be in that more fluid feminine energy. Take time to slow down and tap into your intuition. That’s a great use of your mind. Way better than getting caught up in mind chatter.

Moving from Thinking to Feeling

Let your intuition guide you. We are really being called to transform from “thinking beings” to “feeling beings” – creating a sentient knowing within yourself. This is an evolutionary process we are undergoing. Our mind has brought us as far as we can go and are now in the brink of letting our minds destroy us. Don’t let that happen.

This eclipse is giving you the opportunity to see how your mind often doesn’t serve your highest good. Drop down into your heart and start making decision from there. Move forward into your future from a place of higher love. Lead with love not fear. Don’t let fear be your guiding force. Be very conscious and aware of how you are making choices.

Here’s What to Do on Thursday June 10th

On Thursday, June 10th, wake up in the morning and take time to be quiet. Do a little ritual or prayer to set your intention for a better world and a better you. Decide what you’re ready to let go of and what you’re willing to step into to create a better life for yourself. Put it to paper and put it on your alter or vision board. Or refrigerator!!! That’s a great alter. ?

Wishing you all the best as we move forward in time and co-create a world we all want to live in together.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Divine Feminine Educator. I educate people on getting to know themselves better. Because at the end of your life, if the only person you got to know what yourself, life would have been worth living.

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