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New Moon January 2021 – Change with the Changing Times

New Moon January 2021

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This is the first new moon in 2021 and a powerful new moon indeed. It is on January 12/13th depending upon where you are at on the planet.

It will be at 23 degrees of Capricorn. This is the same area of the chart where the powerful conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter were in January of 2020. That conjunction, a year ago, set the big changes in motion that we saw throughout 2020.

So in other words, the very first new moon of the year is shining on the area astrologically where all the changes were destined to take place. That big conjunction last year on Januray 20th of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter were about the following.

  • Saturn is about systems and structure, and also government, rules and regulations.
  • Pluto is about deconstruction and rebirth, the planet of transformation.
  • Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Jupiter makes things bigger than life… that’s why 2020 was such a year that we almost can’t even believe our eyes what has happened.

Nonetheless, we are here. And we made it!

This new moon in January 2021 and sun are conjunct Pluto in Capricorn tightly close to the same area a year ago. That doesn’t mean it’s a repeat but rather a reflection of 2020 as the moon and sun illuminate this area of the chart.

Take a moment and reflect. Realize how far you have come. What have you had to look at in your life? What have you had to let go of to survive these big changes that transpired last year.

Where were your emotions? Were you able to master them or did they rule your life and relationships in a destructive way? Did they cause separation? Were you able to navigate it with clear communication and a loving heart? Or was that challenging for you?

This new moon in January 2021 gives you an opportunity to reflect and make a new choice.

The powerful conjunction in the beginning of 2020 with the planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have finished their work. Pluto is staying in Capricorn because it is a slower moving planet. It packs a powerful punch and still has work to do with the deconstruction of the old. But Saturn and Jupiter have moved on.

They are now in Aquarius which represents the new. So Capricorn is the past, traditional energy and Aquarius is the new and innovative energy. These need to be blended so that a better world can be birthed.

And you are part of that. Whether you like it or not. So your choices and how you move forward in the new year will create your future.

First New Moon of the Year

Because this is the first new moon of the year, see where it is falling in your chart and how it is affecting you. I’m available for an astrology reading to help you with that. And to make this coming year a year of empowerment for you.

With the close of 2020 and the moving on of Saturn and Jupiter to Aquarius we are moving into a new era. Astrologically leaving an era based on the element of earth and moving into an era of air. With the air element things will start to move quickly. Lots of changes so you need to learn to flow with the changing times.

That’s why it’s super important to take advantage of this new moon and set your intentions. Setting your intention for not only your empowerment in the new era but a world of empowered people – autonomous, free and hearted centered people. That’s the world we are moving towards. That’s the world we have an opportunity to create now.

What Do You Need to Change?

With that said, who do you need to do to get there? What future do you want to step into? And what kind of future do you want to create for your children?

It’s time to shed the old and truly change your energy. Where are you stuck and what do you need to do to get unstuck and step into your power.

With that new moon conjunction (next to) Pluto it’s about power. The moon and sun are illuminating your power. But you have to claim it. You have to be willing to change and transform to access the Pluto energy which is like the phoenix rising.

Step into the new you of greater self-awareness, emotional mastery and clear communication by anchoring into the power of your heart. Do you know how to do that? Do you have those skills? You will need them in 2021.

New Moon January 2021 – An Opportunity to Heal the Tension

Also, with this new moon every single planet is square to some other planet. Squares mean tension. So there is a lot of tension. Tension between people’s points of view. Squares create tension, but they also create opportunity.

With Jupiter and Saturn now in Aquarius and mercury with them during this new moon it’s time for all of us to have a humanitarian vision for us all. Start communication with each other and resolve our differences. Everyone’s point of view needs to be honored and it’s your time to learn how to do that.

Moving from Capricorn to Aquarius

In our move from Capricorn to Aquarius it about no longer looking to outer authority and learning how to find your own inner authority as well as your own unique self-expression. But also honoring other’s unique self-expression and points of view.

So take this time, this power new moon and let go of the old. Be ready to step into the new because the new is coming quickly. Rapid changes. Remember, things will become fast moving and your heart is the anchor. Your heart will create the stability that is needed within you now.

Ultimately with this new moon in January of 2021 let your heart heal you, your relationships, and the separation that we experienced in the last year.

I’m Anna-Thea, a Divine Feminine Educator and astrological consultant. If you’d like to have an astrology reading with me please contact me below.

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    1. Gaynell

      Thank you Anna for the enlightening information. Much love and peace always

    2. Melinda M

      I’m so glad I came across your blog Anna! Coming out of an oppressive 10 yr marriage… your teachings are exactly what I need. Love and light xx

    3. Hi Melinda! Then I am so glad that you found me! I do have some really good “medicine” for you on your journey post your 10 year relationship. I know how you feel.I’ve been there too! Not sure if you are aware of the upcoming Manifesting More Pleasure course that I am teaching. It’s starting very soon. Here’s the info… just let me know if you have any questions. I know it would be a beneficial and very healing experience for you. 🙂 Here’s the link

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