new moon in scorpio picture of the scorpio symbol and the moon

New Moon in Scorpio November 2021

The new moon in Scorpio that’s happening on November 4rd is at 12 degrees of Scorpio. Where does that fall in your natal chart? And what does that mean for you? The exact time this happens is at 4:14 pm PST on Nov 4th.

12 degrees of Scorpio falls into my 12th house… the house of the collective conscious. I’m sure I will be feeling everyone’s energy being the empath that I am and this configuration.

Scorpio is about intensity. And the Scorpio moon will be conjunct (next to) Mars. That is going to be a powerfully potent punch of energy so be emotionally prepared. Don’t go into this day stressed out. Take time to breathe and stay calm. Don’t pick Nov 4th as the day to do something super dangerous. It wouldn’t be your best choice.

In addition to the Moon and Mars sitting together, Mercury will also be there but in the neighboring sign of Libra. That adds an element of fairness because what the Moon and Mars in Scorpio are going to want to do is illuminate the shadow. Illuminate the corruption in our society regarding things to do with Sex Power and Money. You see, Scorpio is all about Sex Power, and Money.

This could be a time or the days forthcoming where secrets may be revealed. And if so I say… gosh finally! Mercury in Libra will give a helping hand to justice and also give a voice to the voiceless. So let’s hope some real miracles are made during this time.

Let’s get the craziness of what’s happening on the planet out in the open. No more putting our heads in the sand no matter how uncomfortable it may feel to hear and know the truth. Maybe finally we will get closer to the truth. Lord knows it’s been hard to decipher these days what is the truth. But Scorpio energy wants the truth and is willing to transform in order to get there.

This Scorpio Moon is also opposing Uranus in Taurus so there could be some shocking news that comes out. I sure hope so…. As I often say better out than in. Our society already represses so much and pretends like everything is ok when it really isn’t. I just hope this new moon in Scorpio is gentle in its delivery. But shocking or uncomfortable news – what’s the best way to deliver it?

Scorpio is about transformation. It will show you and the world human limitations and also have the ability to break through them, transform and regenerate in a new and better way. So, hold your hats and let this new moon bring the energy that we need in order to up-level ourselves to a better world. I think we are all tired of the upside-down and backward world we’ve been living in for the last year and a half. Families are torn apart, children going to school masked, people losing their jobs, and others dying due to lack of humane health care. Believe me… I’ve heard the stories!

Mars will move on after the new moon and on Nov 17th will also oppose Uranus so again surprises. Uranus brings surprises, shocks, and sudden things happening. But it is also about higher truth. Uranus is one of the planets that brings in the broader view, higher mind, and futuristic ways of thinking. Let’s pray that this Mars opposing Uranus after the Scorpio moon will be a good cherry on top. But again, hold your hats and be ready for anything to happen because Mars (the planet of war) can bring a disruptive and warrior energy to the Uranus energy.

Stay open, keep your heart open, and for sure hold the light! Have you been doing that? Meditating, eating well, taking good care of your body, your emotions, and your relationships? I hope so.

There is another configuration, a beautiful one, that’s happening all the while and that is Venus in Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic center. The Galactic Centre is a newly discovered point and resides around the 27th degree of Sagittarius and corresponds to the center of the Milky Way galaxy – the most abundant source of gravitational energy in the galaxy and analogous to our Sun’s own “Sun”. So it’s a pretty potent energy.

I feel like Venus, sitting there near the Galactic Center, will be the harmonious and loving one looking over us as the drama, secrets revealing, and surprises unfold.

Hope you enjoyed my message. Take time on Thursday, Nov 4th to set your intentions with this new moon. What secrets are you holding that you want to let go of to lighten your load? Or in which way can you honor your sexuality and bring the illuminating moon and transformative Scorpio, loving Venus and futuristic Uranus energy into your life.

I’m Anna-Thea, an astrologer and Divine Feminine Educator. Want to know the benefits of a full astrology reading and what astrological influences are happening in your chart? Reach out to me at: if you’d like a reading.

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