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Mask or No Mask? The Solution that Shines in the Middle

My heart is very heavy as I write this article. The whole politicizing of whether to wear a mask or not has caused confusion, rage, and separation. Not to mention a lot of fear and a whole lot less love.

I am not here to voice my opinion on whether or not I believe you should or should not wear a mask. What I want to offer in this article is a shiny alternative. One that allows people to meet in the middle. To be more compassionate about the situation we are faced with.

Whether you are a “masker” or “no masker” please share this article as a way of offering a brighter future for us all.

With that said, since the onset of the highly politicized pandemic we have been faced with making many moral choices.

Your Choices and the News

I do not follow the news. I have not had a TV in my home for over 20 years. I only had one because I was married and my husband had one. Actually two big screen TVs. Once he died of liver cancer when I was 39 years old I got rid of the TV’s. But prior to my marriage with him I didn’t have a TV.

It was back when I was 23 years old going to college in San Francisco and living in an apartment by myself (kind of unheard of with today’s rents) that I realized it wasn’t healthy for me to listen to the news.

Watching the News Just Isn’t Good for Me!

I began to notice what watching TV fostered in me – fear. I would come home at the end of the work day and be fearful someone could be in my apartment. I had to search the apartment upon arrival in order to feel safe. That behavior I realized was developed because of watching the news. Especially at night before going to bed.

All the news had for me were things to make me fearful. It told me many people were murdered, raped, or unjustly treated that day. I came to a clear conclusion that watching TV, especially the news wasn’t good and healthy for me. So it no longer was part of my life until I married.

And then as I said, after my marriage, I returned to no TV. I know unequally, my life and my relationships have been enhanced by that choice. Even though my father was always baffled and couldn’t understand why I didn’t watch the news.

It was and is more important to me to know what’s happening in my world, my community and my relationships than about someone being murdered many miles away. Or some other horrible and even brutal injustice. And ultimately, I trust that what I NEED to know, I’ll find out about.

We Need Each Other

My life is about helping people envision a better world. I want to be a source of inspiration. If we can’t imagine it then we won’t be able to create it. Therefore, I protect my energy so that I can be a beacon of light. A way shower of a bright future.

Now more than ever is a time for us to come together. It’s not a time for opinions and opposition that continues to create fear, confusion, rage and separation.

We need each other. It’s important to come together and meet in the middle. Any thing less will continue to tear us apart. And we need to be strong. The ripping apart, shaming, making wrong, and “polarized opinion pushing” will make us weak.

To Mask or Not to Mask

I am not going to state all the reasons why people have chosen to wear a mask or not wear mask because there are many. The mask wearing has triggered all of us in different ways but at a very core level. And I want to honor each and everyone person on exactly how it has been triggered in you.

The key here, and only you can answer that –  is your “opinion” about mask wearing based on fear or love? Are you using your head or your heart to conclude what is right for you and others? Is your decision dependent upon what’s acceptable rather than what’s your truth?

And I want you to look deep because the answer is not on the surface.

And when you get that deeper, more loving, solid, centered, un-influenced answer…. I would love to hear your voice.

Are You Listening to Your Heart
Regarding the Mask Issue?

In yoga they teach that good health comes from following the middle path. And interestingly enough the Heart Chakra is the middle chakra. Are you listening to your heart regarding the whole mask issue?

What I see is that “maskers” are trying to prove that “no markers” are wrong. AND just the same, the “no markers” are trying to prove that “markers” are wrong.

I do not have stats or scientific evidence but I do have a middle path solution. Maybe it doesn’t provide as much protection, I really don’t know. Are face shields better or worse than masks for protection?

Well, it all depends on who you talk to of course. You see there is so much information and misinformation out there right. now. I just know the idea of wearing a shield is shinier, brighter, and support a better future.

I am really surprised that wearing a shield as opposed to a mask hasn’t caught on. And I don’t know what that’s all about. Do you?

Herding Cats and
Fighting an Uphill Battle

Wearing a plastic shield could be a middle ground solution. The truth is that the idea of making everyone wear a mask for a defined time to get this virus under control is like herding cats. You are just not going to be able to do it. Not without potentially a violent revolution. And besides how to get everyone to cooperate for a specified amount of time. Is there a global loudspeaker? No.

The truth is, the idea of wearing a mask just triggers too many people. And that’s not going to go away. It’s like trying to fight an uphill battle. And it’s battling each other that’s keeping all of us down.

The idea of having our mouths covered and our smiles covered as the new normal (even if for a defined amount of time) doesn’t seem like the best choice during a very fearful and isolating time for many of us. Especially when there is a middle ground alternative, the shield. Which again, I’m very surprised that it hasn’t caught on.

What’s going on in everyone’s psyche that makes them choose a mask over a shield? I don’t know. And again, that decision and choice is unique for each individual.

None the less, it’s important to stop the separation and start finding a middle path.

Your Smile is a Magical Force

A smile is a magical force and truly a gift you give another. Especially a stranger. And we all need that connection right now. Wouldn’t you agree?

With all of that said, even though some may believe there is a greater risk involved, I want to encourage you to wear a shield as opposed to a mask.

Life is risky business. It takes courage to be here. Are you willing to take a risk and wear a shield to support a middle path?

And if you don’t want to wear a mask, wouldn’t a shield be a soft compromise?

I want to propose it as a way for all of us to meet in the middle. A middle ground compromise for both sides. Could this be a solution that honors everyone? Could this solution heal the separation and fear that’s been created?

So let’s find a way to come together. Again, I ask myself why has the shield not caught on? I don’t know. Do you?

For me, as a true Libran who wants to honor “both sides” of every situation, the shield is a shiny new solution. Because ultimately is the extra protection worth the extra separation that a mask creates?

I’m Anna-Thea is an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I educate women on how to connect to the power and sacredness of their feminine side. Take a moment and check out my online courses.

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