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6 Powerful Ways To Manage Your Emotions

Managing emotions can be a challenge. Our society has taught us to repress and deny them. But when you become aware of them they are a powerful agent for positive change.

Are your emotions often hard to understand?

Is it easier to run from them instead?

Are they perceived as too intense for others?

Do you find yourself turning to obsessive behavior instead of feeling the emotion?

And how has this affected your ability to communicate with those you love?

Turning to obsessive behaviors instead of feeling our emotions is a chronic behavior in our society. I believe it’s because as a culture we lack the communication skills to really let others who are close to us know what’s going on with us. And that’s because we often don’t know ourselves. We don’t tune in to ourselves and what’s really going on inside. It’s more common to skim over subtle upsets and just tell yourself “get over it” and “it doesn’t really matter”, or “I shouldn’t feel that way.”

Learn to Pay Attention

But those subtle feelings are real and they want to tell you something. And if you don’t pay attention you let those unprocessed feelings unconsciously run your life. Managing emotions is about learning how to “pay attention.” But instead, we preoccupy our time with obsessing about things outside of ourselves. And not paying attention to what’s going on inside of ourselves.

A common obsessive behavior (due to repressed emotions) is turning to food to quell uncomfortable emotions. There are many other types of destructive obsessions. What’s yours? We all have them.

When you turn to food (or any other numbing behavior) to run from your emotions it affects all of your relationships. It hinders your ability to be present in challenging situations.

I’ve suffered from similar obsessions. In my struggle with food, I discovered six powerful practices that have helped me free myself from food obsessions and other unhealthy behaviors. These practices helped me to start paying attention to my inner world.

I found that as I practiced these six things I learned how to become more present and compassionate with myself. This also allowed me to be more compassionate and understanding when communicating with those I love.

These practices not only will help you, but it’ll also enhance your relationship with others. And these practices can be used for other negative obsessive behaviors as well. Not just for those that struggle with food. There are so many other negative and destructive obsessions. To free yourself from them it’s all about learning how to BE with your uncomfortable feelings and create a more presence with yourself.

This is what I’ve discovered.

  • Food (or any other obsession) needs to be your friend.
  • Sensuality is your savior.
  • Breath is your buddy.
  • Movement is your mentor.
  • Sound will help soften you.
  • And your hands are your healers.

These sixth concepts are healthy ways to sooth intense emotions. And it’s also a way for you to listen to your body. Because when you listen to your body you access your inner wisdom.

I’ll briefly share with you how you can use these principles to help you wade through emotionally turbulent times. Managing emotions productively is important for creating healthy relations and to help you communicate clearly to those you love.

Here are 6 ways for managing emotions in a productive way

  1. Let food be your friend 

Know that food needs to be your friend and not your enemy. Make peace with food and don’t use it to numb out. Food is a sensually satisfying experience. Women are sensual creatures. Turn to other forms of sensuality that are healthy for you instead of overeating and the cravings will go away.

  1. Have sensuality be your Savior 

As a woman, it is important to honor your sensual nature. Unfortunately, women being sensual has, more often than not, been labeled sinful. Creating sensual experiences that are wholesome will not only keep you from overeating but will also support you and the flowering of your feminine essence.

  1. Let the breath be your buddy

Women have busy minds. All forms of deep or conscious breathing allow you to calm your busy mind. An overactive mind can easily create excess emotions.

  1. Have movement be your mentor

When you’re feeling upset the best way to shift your energy is to move your body. Dance, walk even shake. Do some form of exercise and you’ll immediately lighten your emotional load.

  1. Let sound help you soften 

Sound, opening your throat chakra will free your soul. Sing, laugh, chant. Make creative sounds and sighs when you exercise. It helps you to release tension out of your body. And it’ll soften you. And will help to release stress and even stuck emotions.

  1. Have your hands be your healers

We live in a touch-deprived world. Touch yourself! Put your hand on your heart often. Put your hand on your lower belly often. And make a connection with yourself. Learn to be there for yourself when you are having a hard time.

Remember to use these concepts next time your emotions are getting the best of you. They are simple yet profound practices of how to take care of yourself emotionally. Make them part of your life.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I educate people on the wisdom of their emotions and show them how to access the power of their divine feminine essence. If this article resonated with you and you’d like to go deeper and really free yourself from negative obsessive behaviors check out my 4 Steps to Process Your Powerful Emotions online course.

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