Are you looking for something special for your event?

Something that will really spice it up?

Want your guests, members, or employees to be so deeply inspired and touched at your event that they walk away forever changed?

Anna-Thea is an author, Evolutionary Astrology, Divine Feminine Educator, and “The Love Card Lady.” She can come to your event and add a special touch to make the event more memorable than ever.

When you book Anna-Thea, the Love Card Lady, she will arrive ready to give mini love card readings to your guests, members, or employees. Instead of the well-known extras like a photo booth, sketch artist, or magician, Anna-Thea will sit at a table ready to give one-on-one love card readings or group/team readings exploring the team’s astrological connections.

Great extra for your wedding, bridal shower, or bachelorette party too!

What are the Love Cards?

And what is a Love Card reading you might ask?

The Love Cards are based on an ancient system of numerology and astrology to reveal who you are, how to enhance your relationships, and how to reach your full potential.

This is a system based on your birthday. The day you were born was a special day. It determines who you are and what you came here to do.

Many people go through life trying to find a sense of purpose. But really all we came here to do is to open deeper to love. And when we do so, we unlock our individual personal power and are fully equipped to express our gifts and talents to the world.

A mini love card reading with Anna-Thea gives the participant validation and clarity of their direction. It’s not only a fun and uplifting activity to add to any event, it offers deep, ancient wisdom to those who receive a reading. Their heart will be touched on a soul level and they’ll gain greater insights into their lives on a personal and professional level.

This is because Anna-Thea, the Love Card Lady, with her nurturing voice, will share with you, through the day of your birth, the special gifts and talents you hold and how to clear the blocks getting in your way. You’ll benefit both personally and professionally from this experience.


The Love Card Lady


Ancient Wisdom in the Cards


Delighted and Excited Participants

Curious how this works? Find out what love card you are now!

What’s Your Love Card?

Just look at the chart below and you’ll find out what your Love Card is based on the 52 card deck. Each Love Card has a special meaning and gives you greater insight into you and your relationships.

Love and Destiny Card chart

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