Discover Your Inner Beloved
& Attract a Healthy Love Relationship

Your Inner Beloved is waiting to be discovered and astrology is a powerful tool for greater self-awareness.

Though things are changing, we think of ourselves as either male or female. The truth is you have both feminine and masculine qualities within you.

Create Better Relationships by Cultivating Your Inner Beloved

Stop projecting onto your partner. That’s what ruins relationships.

We project our under-developed part of us onto our mate. This causes great havoc, drama, and pain in relationships. If you are a woman, chances are you project your undeveloped inner masculine onto your mate. A man often does the same but reversed. He projects his undeveloped feminine onto his woman.

This causes lots of conflict in relationships. We look for love in all the wrong places… outside of ourselves. Your true love is inside you.

Attract The Right Partner

love yourself

Knowing what your Inner Beloved is astrologically and developing/balancing the qualities within you will support you in creating a more conscious relationship. It’ll help you to experience the true love and intimacy you so deeply desire.

And that’s just the beginning. When I give you an astrology/destiny card reading in my Sacred Zoom Room you’ll not only find out about your Inner Beloved imprint, you’ll find out about your soul’s intent, your gifts, and talents, your challenges, how best to overcome them, your astrological connections with someone you love including a relationship composite report and so much more.

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Testimonials –

Your Inner Beloved reading was awesome Anna-Thea. You Rock!! My intention that I set for the New Moon was to become aligned with my Soul’s Purpose and to be ok being with me. Xoxo!
– Denise Kelly

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my reading. I’m just in awe of it all still taking it in and I think it’s so spot on but this time I was able to hear what I need to do and it’s given me so much more clarity. So thanks for being your amazing self!
– Raya Belmonte

Inner Beloved Relationship Composite Chart
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In addition to the reading, I always include a relationship composite report for you. The report will give you what your relationship with another is astrologically through an easy to understand, destiny card system, relationship report.

It’s a powerful report to understand the challenges of your relationship and have more compassion for each other.

When you know your destiny card connections with another it cultivates compassion for the challenging connections that exist. This really prevents frustration when those challenging aspects appear in the relationship because you have a better understanding of those influences.

The system lets you know both positive and negative connections. It’s supportive to know how the planets are affecting your relationship. Especially when faced with relationship challenges. Couples love to read the report together because it offers such great insights into their relationship.

Learn more about the destiny card system and some other planetary influences such as Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Karma card connections. It is extremely fascinating! Click here and find out what card you are!

Looking forward to giving you a reading in my Sacred Zoom Room!

Much love,