Your Inner Beloved


Manifesting The Sacred Marriage


Astrology is a powerful tool for greater self-awareness.

greater self-awareness.

Though things are changing, we think of ourselves as either male or female. The truth is you have both feminine and masculine qualities within you.

The problem is we project our under-developed part of us onto our mate. This causes great havoc, drama, and pain in relationships. If you are a woman, chances are you project your undeveloped inner masculine onto your mate. A man often does the same but reversed. He projects is undeveloped feminine onto his woman.

This causes lots of problems and conflict in relationships. I have to say, we are looking for love in all the wrong places… outside of ourselves!  Your true love is inside YOU!

Knowing what your Inner Beloved is astrologically and developing/balancing the qualities within you will support you in creating a more conscious relationship. It will help you to experience the true love and intimacy you so deeply desire.

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