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How To Quiet Your Mind and Have More Peace: 2 Crazy Fun Exercises

If you don’t know how to quiet your mind, it’s getting in the way of creating a more fulfilling and peaceful life. It’s affecting the quality of your relationships… especially your intimate relationship. Want to learn exercises to calm anxiety and create a peaceful mind. You are in the right place!

In this article, I’ll share with you how your mind chatter is getting in your way. And I’ll also teach you, via video two powerful, yet simple exercises to quickly quiet your mind. They are exercises to calm anxiety and align you with your personal power and divine feminine intuition.

Get Out of Your Head!

Most of us live in our heads and don’t even know that’s how we’re living life. I used to think we were a bunch of heads walking around in the world. As I began to have more experiences with the opposite sex I realized that we are not just a bunch of heads walking around… we are a bunch of heads and a bunch of crotches walking around!

Do You Operate from Lust or Logic?

The way we navigate the world and our lives is often from a place of either logic or lust. We’re caught up in our heads analyzing the challenges in our lives or we’re being lead by our sexual desires. Or both!

The challenge is to learn how to meet in the middle, the heart. Are you navigating your relationships with your heart? Or are you manipulating to get your needs met? That doesn’t make for a very pleasurable relationship.

If you want to experience pleasure in your life, especially in the bedroom, you need to learn how to get out of your head and into your body. You need to learn how to quiet your mind.

3 Simple Exercises
to Quickly Quiet Your Mind

Take time to watch the video and learn these 3 powerful breathing exercises. They are powerful exercises that don’t take a long time yet offer great benefit to your health and well-being. They are deep breathing exercises to calm anxiety.

I recommend doing this first thing in the morning to get your day started off in a more grounded and centered way. When you give this a try you’ll see that deep breathing help you to establish a more balanced and healthy relationship between your body and your mind.

The best part is that there are no negative side effects to deep breathing. It is just plain good! And it could even enhance your sex life.

Sexual Energetics and Quieting Your Mind

On an energetic level men and women are very different. But no matter what sex you are, everyone just wants to be loved and accepted. The problem is that women’s “sexual energetics” are quite different from men’s.

Generally speaking, men can tend towards being more energetic in the groin area and women can tend towards being more energetic in the head area. This makes it difficult for a woman to experience pleasure when being sexual.

However with proper education women can understand that this is actually the gift that men give us. They are inviting us to quiet our minds and drop down into the pleasure of being in the body.

Men and Their One-Track Mind

We’ve all heard the expression of men having a one-track mind. It’s actually true! Men do have one track in their mind. Men’s brains are designed to focus on one thing at a time.

I learned this idea of men having one track in their minds during one of my yoga trainings. It’s a masculine trait of focused, one track energy. I found it fascinating to be explained that way.

However it is to be explained… there has been much research in the differences between the female and male brain. One such study was about sex-based differences in the brain. by Nirao Shah a Caltech PhD.

Women’s Complex Mind

According to my yogic studies, women’s brains, on the other hand, have six tracks. Women’s brains are much more complex and have greater inter-connectivity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Ultimately, the main message is, as a woman, your mind is busy! Simply put, you have 5 more tracks that need to slow down if you’re going to experience pleasure in your life and in your body. That’s why deep breathing exercises to calm anxiety can be your best tool.

If you don’t take the time to slow those extra tracks down you will be stuck in your head causing yourself and your loved ones all kinds of emotional upset. And it effects your sex life too.

You see, when you are in your head, you are either in the future or in the past. You’re not in the present moment. In other words, you’re not BEING present. And when you’re not present… you’ll find that you’re fearful of the future, of what might happen, or upset about something in the past with “should haves”, “could haves” or “would haves”. The mind is always in the past or in the future.

Your Body has the Solution

The mind is never in the present whereas, the body, is always in the present. It’s being in the present moment where all the joy is. The more you know how to quiet your mind and can be in the present moment (in your body), the less stress, and more fulfilling of a life you’ll lead. It’s really that simple.

Your mind has brought you as far as it can in your evolution. Now it’s time to open your heart and get into your body!

Because the heart is also in the present moment or in the now. Since you, as a woman, have 5 more tracks in your brain, it’s imperative for you to learn techniques and live life in a way that will support calming those extra tracks down.

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As a woman it just takes more effort!

In other words because your mind has 5 more tracks, it takes five times more effort for you, to get into your body than it does for a man. Men can be in their minds too however women are energetically much more busy in the head than men. Science even shows that women have more active brains than men.

This is extremely important for you to understand as a woman and apply in your daily life. Especially since so many struggles you have can be associated with your overactive mind. And that’s why exercises to calm anxiety, fear, and other uncomfortable emotions are important to do.

If you’re looking to attract a man…

Having an overactive mind doesn’t help for you to attract in a partner. An overactive mind is a masculine principle. You are female, that means you are “the innie”, you are designed to be receptive, a feminine principle. Learn to attract good things. Slow down and use your feminine energy to attract a good man.

If you’re suffering from body image issues…

You’ll never learn to love your body from your mind. You’ll only learn to love it from inside your body, being in it, feeling it from inside each cell. It takes knowing how to quiet your mind in order to do that. And when you have that experience you’ll know what I mean.

Do You Have an Unquiet Mind During Sex?

You might be asking, “What do you mean by in your head?” A perfect example is, if you are in bed with your man, lover or partner, being intimate and you’re worried about work, the laundry or the kids coming in… you’re in your head and not in your body.

If you’re being intimate with your lover and you’re worried more about how you look than how you feel, you’re in your head and not in your body! By not knowing how to quiet your mind, you’re missing out on a lot of pleasure.

As a woman, if you want to experience more pleasure in your life in general and even more so in your intimate relationships then you need to learn the ways of getting out of your head and into your body. You need to quiet your mind and your life will transform.

Breathing is The Key to a Quiet Mind

What is the best way to do that you ask? The breath! Deep breathing in all of its forms is the best way for you as a woman to calm those 5 extra tracks down and experience the joys of being in your body, and really the joys of being alive.

If you’re not doing some form of deep breathing on a regular basis then, most likely, you’re living in your head. Your suffering from an unquiet mind. NOT a fun way to live!

It takes a level of commitment to set aside a portion of your day and life to make sure you’re mind is quiet and you’re not living in your head. The time spent is well worth it. You’ll feel more alive, calm, less emotional, less stressed, and more sensual when you do exercises to calm anxiety and other uncomfortable emotions that naturally arise.

Benefits of a Quiet Mind…you’ll feel more:
  • Alive
  • Calm
  • Less Emotional
  • Less Stressed
  • More Sensual

Here’s a fun vintage video of me helping people “get out of their minds.” It’s called Anna-Thea’s Shake-Out. I take you through a five-minute shake out. Please use it. It’s wild and fun. I’m going to stop writing right now and do it as well! Join me!

Quiet Your Mind in Just 5 Minutes

Oh! That was awesome! I hadn’t done that in a while! Felt soooo good! Hope you give it try too! 🙂

Use this video any time. I’ll be there for you! I know you’re a busy woman with many demands. It only takes 5 minutes. It’s so important to move the body and get some deep breaths into your body every day to calm your mind.

The shake out is a perfect way to quickly let go, loosen up, and quiet your mind. But it’s also a great way to energize you. You’ll literally start having happier thoughts. Do it when you are feeling stressed.

In five minutes I’ll have you breathing deeply with a smile on your face. Even if you don’t feel like moving your body, just watching the video can lift your spirit. You can even do it with your children. Give it a try!

Are You Depressed?

Deep breathing techniques are extremely effective in handling depression, anxiety, and stress-related disorders, including eating disorders and obesity. Oxygen to the brain and body will quickly shift your mood. And give you greater clarity of thought.

Deep breathing gives your heart a good workout and very quickly pumps lots of oxygen into your cells. It will help you release the emotional tension around your heart and allow space for more compassion. And more compassion means more pleasure.

Deep Breathing Brings More Pleasure

Shallow breathing is what you do when you’re stressed. You’re in a contracted state and don’t have access to pleasure. Stress keeps your body tense and with a decreased supply of oxygen. Deep, rhythmic breathing expands the chest, diaphragm and lungs which invokes the relaxation response, and massages the lymphatic system.

The heart is the pump for the circulatory system. The breath and movement are the pumps for the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system will otherwise sit stagnant and not be able to do its job which is to flush out toxic waste material from your body. Which can also lead to toxic thoughts.

And your lymphatic system works in concert with your immune system and your emotions. When you have that all balanced you’ll be able to feel much more pleasure in your body. And that’s a good thing.

Stop shallow breathing and start to breathe deeply and
your life will transform!

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you’d like to learn more about calming your mind and feeling more centered in your relationships check out my course How to Make Yourself Feel Better.

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