To Create Connection

Want better communication skills in your close relationships?

8 week Online Course 

Where: Anna-Thea’s Sacred Zoom Room

When:  Starts Jan 17th, 2018, Wednesday Nites 5:30-7:00 pm PST

Zoom Room? Similiar to skype but with a group of women. All you need is your computer or laptop

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Class Overview

Class 1 – Introduction, Sisterhood and getting the most out of this course. 

In this class, we will all gather and go over the guidelines of the course and course overview. Here we will get to know each other, get a glimpse of the journey we are all embarking on to learn better communication skills and settle into the start of a powerfully transformative journey.

Class 2 – Emotional Triggers

The people closest to you upset you the most. The things that bother you the most in your intimate relationships are your triggers. In this class, you will learn all about triggers and where they come from. You will gain a better understanding of your own personal triggers and what to do when you are triggered. You will gain new insights and better communication skills to handle your triggers more productively.

Class 3 – How Your Brain Gets In The Way of Good Communication

This class is powerfully informative. You will learn about the different parts of your brain, the emotional brain, the logical brain and the primitive brain. All parts of your brain are important. You will clearly understand how your brain sabotages your communication and what to do about it.

Class 4 – How to Be Heard & Understood

This is an extremely transformative class. You’ll have an opportunity to experience why you often don’t feel heard and understood. In this first class, you’ll learn about active listening and the importance of being present with others in order to create true intimacy. We will directly experience better communication skills within the sacred connection of other women in the zoom room. This class is powerful!

Class 5  – Heart Talk Part 1

Learning Heart Talk is the goal of this class. Heart Talk is the foundation for having better communication skills. You will be introduced to the Heart Talk Model and see how it is different from the way you are currently communicating. This model gives you an overview of how to communicate with your partner to create a more meaningful and loving relationship.

Class 6 – Heart Talk Part 2

In this class, you deepen your understanding of the Heart Talk Model and practice these better communication skills. You will learn how this model is a new way of speaking that creates intimacy and connection. It is a language, still English, that connects you to your needs and feelings. Learning and practicing this new way of speaking will open your eyes to a whole new world of communication.

Class 7 – Heart Talk Part 3

Making requests and feeling heard can be very challenging in intimate relationships. However, it is one of the better communication skills you will need to experience true intimacy. In this class, you will learn the deeper aspects of Heart Talk. You will gain a clear understanding of how to implement this type of communication in your daily life.

Class 8 – Class Summary

In this class, we will come together and review all that we have learned. This will be a time for each woman to share. And we’ll conclude the class with opportunities for further teachings. By the end of the course, you will have better communication skills that you can use for the rest of your life.

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By the end of the class you will know:

How to communicate with less drama.

What to do when you’re upset and not feeling heard or understood.

The difference between speaking from your heart and speaking from your head.

What it takes to communicate effectively in intimate relationships.

How to create connection instead of disconnect during an argument.

By the end of the course, you will have better communication skills to last a lifetime!


What you will learn:

How to communicate with your partner clearly.

The courage and know how to speak your truth.

To speak so that you are heard and understood.

What it takes to get your needs met without creating relationship drama.

How to communicate with your partner without arguing.

Discover the importance of honoring relationships as sacred.

4 N's

Want to be free from:

Feelings of isolation, loneliness, and disconnect

Feeling stuck in the wrong relationship

Your words being disregarded


Learning how to communicate with your partner

Has communicating with your partner been a challenge? Speaking your truth first requires knowing and accessing the truth within you. You will learn a powerful 4 step process called The 4 N’s that teaches you how to deal with your uncomfortable emotions in a productive way and giving them a loving voice. This process you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

You’ll learn about your brain and how it sabotages your happiness. In class, you’ll get to know your triggers and habitual coping mechanism that create a disconnect in your relationships. The class shows you how to free yourself from this negative downward spiral that keeps you from experiencing intimacy.

You’ll learn how to use the power of your heart to create more intimacy and connection in your life. And you’ll learn how to recognize the difference between speaking from your heart and speaking from your head. Learning how to communicate with your partner is really learning how to communicate with your heart.

Each week you will receive homework assignments.

These are not written homework assignments. The homework given is for you to become more aware of how you communicate and practice a new, more heartfelt way with those closest to you. We enjoy hearing in a sacred circle the successes of women who test the waters of this new communication style and how it impacted their relationships in a positive way.

You’ll learn the importance of connecting to your inner sanctuary and how to do it; become aware of old patterns that sabotage good communication and learn exactly how to free yourself from these behaviors.

women circle

You will…

Experience the power and connection of “sisterhood.” There is nothing more powerful than the loving, caring, sharing, supportive and nurturing energy of other women.

Learn that you are not alone in your challenges. Other women will offer you insights and new perspectives.

Broaden your horizons on what it means to be a woman in our society.

Feel supported by the group.

Course Investment

Regularly $595

$100 Savings if you…

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Here is how Anna-Thea has helped others:

Gaynell Andress, Massage Therapist
“Anna-Thea gave me the courage to speak my truth and ask for what I need by giving me the words to say and the direction of how to say them. She has loved me and helped me see that I am worthy to be loved. This has helped me to love myself and see my value. I greatly appreciate Anna-Thea and the things she has helped me to find within myself. I love you Anna-Thea!”




Amrita Grace, Author of Reclaiming Aphrodite
Anna-Thea truly is an empowered leader of women. She’ll take you on a stimulating voyage into the care and feeding of your body, your heart and your soul.”




Christine Baron, Owner of Baron Art Studio in Las Vegas
“Anna-Thea is probably the most dedicated professional that I know. She is non-stop in her endeavor to help as many people as possible. I was blessed to find her eleven years ago when I was desperately frightened and fighting cancer. I consider her one of the most important contributors to my miraculous recovery and my ongoing ability to better handle anything that comes my way. Bless her big, beautiful heart!”



Adrianne Carlino Gentile, Author of Integrity in the Mirror
“Anna-Thea’s amazing classes are filled with expert knowledge every woman needs in order to live a fulfilled and loving life of sensuality and sexuality. We were never taught these valuable lessons. Thank you Anna-Thea!”



Course Investment

Regularly $595

$100 Savings if you…

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