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9 Ways on How To Be More Feminine and Embrace Your Power

How to be more feminine in such a masculine-oriented world is more important than ever. Knowing how to awaken the power of your feminine energy during these transformational times is crucial. Especially if you want to feel centered and calm in your life. Feminine energy is a powerful healing force.

Do you truly know how to be feminine?

In this article, I want to introduce you to what it really takes and how to be more feminine. I’ll talk about true feminine qualities that radiate a healing force both to you and those around you. And how you can access this healing power you hold within.

Outer Beauty Has a Short Shelf-Life

Being more feminine doesn’t ONLY mean

  • Being pretty
  • Wearing a pretty dress
  • Using Perfume
  • Getting your hair done

The feminine ideal of a woman’s youthful beauty is a sought-after commodity. Youthful looks have a short shelf life, however the pressure for a woman to stay beautiful no matter what age is tremendous. That is of course until she doesn’t buy into that pressure.

Again, outer beauty has a short shelf life. True femininity, the healing kind, is within you.

What are Feminine Qualities?

Knowing how to be more feminine is really about knowing how to honor your feminine qualities, i.e., receptivity, emotions, intuition just to name a few.

Becoming more feminine is a process of tapping into the softer, more subtle nurturing, and even joyful sides of yourself. There are many ways to do this. In this article, I’ll share with you 9 ways to be more feminine.

With that said, do you live a fast-paced life? If you want to know how to awaken feminine energy in yourself you need to learn how to slow down. And you need to learn how to tap into the more subtle energies. The female body responds well to subtle energy.

Tuning into the subtle energy of your body has many benefits:

  • Decreases Stress.
  • Increases Self-Awareness.
  • Is calming and emotionally soothing.
  • Is the gateway to knowing how to awaken feminine energy in yourself

How Can You Get
More Feminine Energy?

Awakening the healing power of your feminine qualities requires knowing how to reach in instead of reaching out in unhealthy ways to food, people, places, and things.

There are things you are probably doing that block your access to this healing energy. Become aware of this. The following are 9 ways in which to be more feminine.

9 Ways to Be More Feminine

1. Love Your Unique Beauty

Love your unique beauty no matter what state of life you are in. Learn to allow your inner light and radiance to shine through. You can do this by ramping up emotionally nurturing practices. They are a profound yet simple way to increase your inner radiance as your outer radiance begins to fade.

take care of yourself during menopause


As you age, which is inevitable, all you have (for beauty sake) is your inner radiance. Nurture it! That’s how you let your true feminine shine.

2. Slow Down

Feminine energy is receptive energy. When you are in your feminine energy you are relaxed. With that said, you may not even realize all the habitual ways you stay busy busy busy.

Overcome body image issues


Many of these behaviors are taught, socialized, and ingrained in our more masculine culture. However, they don’t create the sense of inner peace that we all long for. Instead they create just the opposite. Not feeling fulfilled and looking for more.

Slowing down, tuning inward and creating inner peace is how to be feminine. This is true divine feminine power.

Self-care practices help you to slow down. They also relax the feminine spirit. They are healthy things you can do to stay receptive. Rather than always looking for something to do, i.e., shop, work extra hours, start an outdoor project, clean, date online etc., turn inward instead.

3. Up Your Self-Care Practices

Good self-care practices are the nutrients or fertilizer for maintaining this inner radiance. And it’s at the core of how to be feminine.

It’s a way to give to yourself what you so readily give to others…nourishment. This is a way to turn your feminine energy and innate ability to nurture and nourish inward instead of always outward to others.

Divine Meditation - A woman relaxed, eyes closed and with her hand on her heart.


They are a way of letting YOU know that YOU are there for YOU.

Because let’s face it. Loving another can be vulnerable. The more you’ve gotten hurt, the less likely you are to open up. And opening up and being receptive is a feminine quality.

But instead, if you’ve been hurt, you emotionally protect yourself. That’s why self-care practices are so important. You don’t want to shut down, armor up, and not let love in.

There is a danger of defensiveness in relationships. Cultivating a life-style where self-care becomes normal for you is a better protection than walling off emotionally and isolating yourself from love.

4. Become Emotionally Aware

Are you emotionally aware? And what is healthy emotional expression?

managing your emotions


Many obsessive-compulsive behaviors come from your emotions being out of balance. More specifically from repressing your emotions.

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Free yourself from, overeating, over-drinking, overthinking, over-sexing, over-cleaning, over-talking, overworking… whatever it is for you. These are all emotional expressions that keep you from being more feminine. These are all ways of reaching OUT instead of reaching IN.

If you want true fulfillment, inner peace, and happiness you will only find it within. Learning to go inward and process your emotions is a skill that will enhance your feminine power. 

5. Connect to the Sacredness of Your Body

Connecting to your body… connects you to your feminine side.

Your hands are a great tool for this. I created an acronym – HANDS. It stands for Healing, Awakening, and Nurturing, Done Sensually. Your hands are your healers. Put them on your body often.

the sacred feminine - A woman meditating in a sacred way


The best self-care exercises for women must have an element of sensuality to them in order to be most effective. The reason being is it connects you to the sacredness of your body and the healing power of your divine feminine energy.

Sensuality is part of self-care. Being sensual is very feminine. We just haven’t given ourselves permission to BE sensual. We’ve focused more on looking sensual and appetizing for others. True sensuality is something you experience within yourself. Give yourself permission and heighten your subtle awareness by making contact!

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Often, I tell my students, I touch myself a lot yet not in the way most people would think. I place my hands on my body. A kinesthetic relationship with my body is healing to me.

With my hands, I consciously touch my body, my heart, my belly, my breasts, my face, etc. This type of connection is profound and precious. This type of self-care is a big part of awakening feminine energy in yourself and a key secret of how to be more feminine.

There are many creative ways you can enhance your relationship with your body and cultivate a sense of the sacred feminine with you. More extensive practices are covered in my course. I want to encourage you to start now with the simple ones listed below.

  1. Hands on Your Heart
  2. Hands on Your Belly
  3. Belly Breathing
  4. Breast Massage
  5. Sensual Face Massage

This list is just the beginning of what you can do to know how to awaken your feminine energy. What can you do TODAY, in this moment, to create a connection and sense of the sacred with your body?

6. Honor Your Sexuality

Female sexuality has been more of a commodity than a sacred aspect of your female body. And this has wounded women. They have armored themselves up. We’ve had to for protection.

Sexual intimacy with your spouse again -Couple in bed being close


Learning to honor your sexuality is a powerful way to be more feminine. And I mean honoring your true feminine sexual response system. Not using sex in exchange for security or material gain.

Your womb is longing for healing. Women have carried sexual wounds through the centuries. This is a deeper subject than what I can cover within this article.

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What I want to leave you with is the idea of honoring your Yoni. Your Yoni is your female anatomy. And Yoni is a Sanskrit word and Yogic term that translated means “sacred space.” Treat your Yoni for what it is… your sacred space.

7. Be More Playful

Somehow growing up means we need to become more serious about life. Yes, you need to be a responsible adult but don’t lose your sense of playfulness.

Life isn’t fun when you’ve lost connection to your playful side. Playfulness is a softer more receptive energy. When you are playful you are light-hearted.

how to be more feminine - playful feminine energy showing two little girls playing together.


Only those who have a child-like heart will enter the kingdom of heaven. I don’t study the Bible however I believe there is something like that in it.

Being playful is divine. Connecting to your playful side helps you access the subtle realm beyond the physical world and mundane life.

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A great way to use playfulness to be more feminine is to wiggle your hips! Your hips hold your feminine energy. Are your hips tight? Losen them up with a joyful wiggle. Circling your hips and dancing.

Belly dancers and their exquisite art of feminine expression may not show outright playfulness but having fun with your hips is a great way to get in touch with your feminine side.

So be playful and moves your hips!

8. Listen More and Talk Less… What???

I’m a big women’s advocate. And I want you to have a voice and feel heard and understood. It’s important for you to be able to ask for what you need, speak your truth, and free yourself from the “disease to please.” I don’t want you to be someone in the background that’s going along to get along and not feeling seen.

How to Be More Feminine - A woman tuning inward


But’s that’s not what I’m talking about. If you want to know how to be more feminine it’s important to listen.

Listen to your:

  • Body
  • Heart
  • Intuition
  • People

Listening is a receptive behavior. You are receiving what the other person (or thing) is telling you.

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Women have very active minds. If you put women together there will be lots of conversation! Women love to talk. But the shadow side of that is what I call The Frantic Talker.

The Gift of Gab

These are women who talk a lot. They have the true gift of gab. Men can have this too. You try to get a word in edgewise but it’s hard to do.

If you really want to know how to be more feminine notice how much you are talking in a conversation compared to the other person. Are you “talking their head off.” Is there a balance back and forth in the conversation between the two of you?

When you can listen more and talk less you’ll be accessing your feminine energy. Again, this doesn’t mean not to speak up for yourself. A feminine saying is, “Less is More.”

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And that’s true for good communication as well. It takes fewer words to be a better communicator. Often speaking too much gets you in trouble and can even put the other person on the defensive. And that’s not a feminine quality.

Using your feminine energy in a relationship will actually make your communication easier.

So yes speak up but don’t over talk. It creates a wall between you and the other person. Feminine energy is about nurturing and connection. Listening to those you love is a beautiful feminine quality you can give them and also give yourself.

9. Connect with Nature

Mother Nature is feminine. When was the last time you went out in nature? How often do you

divine feminine - woman walking in nature


  • Take a walk
  • Listen to the birds
  • Hear the wind blowing
  • Sit on the ground
  • Walk barefoot
  • Gaze at the stars
  • Swim in a lake
  • Put your toes in a river

Nature is your great healer. Though it’s changing, living in such a rush rush, fast paced world has left many of us disconnected. Disconnected from ourselves, each other and our beautiful planet.

When you connect to nature you connect to a part of you that is divine. It slows you down, it soothes and nurtures you.

If you want to know how to be more feminine make sure you include connecting to nature as part of your practice.

Hope you enjoyed these 9 ways of how to be more feminine. How can you make these practices part of your everyday life? I’d love to hear from you. Please make a comment. Other’s come here and your comments can be just what someone else might be needing to hear.

Divine Feminine - Find out how to Unlock your Divine Feminine Power with Love

I’m Anna-Thea, an author, and Certified Divine Feminine Educator educating women to claim their bodies as sacred and speak confidently from their hearts. If you are ready to learn how to be more feminine and up your self-care check out my online course “Unlock Your Divine Feminine Power with Love”

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