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How To Awaken Feminine Energy In Yourself

Since we live in such a masculine-oriented world, it’s more important than ever to know how to awaken feminine energy. Especially if you want to feel centered and calm in your life. Feminine energy is a healing energy.

This is not saying men are bad or that masculine is bad. Both energies are vitally important. It’s just that you must have a balance of both to create harmony in your life.

Awakening Feminine Energy Involves Nurturing Yourself

Do you know how to take care of yourself and your body emotionally? It’s a process of tapping into the softer, more subtle side of you. There are many ways to do this. The best way I know how to awaken feminine energy in yourself is through what I call Vibrational Nourishment. Let me introduce it to you. It’ll change your life!

Nurture Your Feminine Soul with Vibrational Nourishment Practices

They are practices that create energetic nourishment for your body as opposed to physical nourishment. It helps you balance your masculine and feminine energy. Not only do these practices awaken your feminine side they also calm and ground you. The female body responds to energetic nourishment. Just as healthy food nourishes your physical body, healthy energy nourishes your feminine soul.

Are you loving your feminine side enough to give her this energetic nourishment? Probably not. Most of us live a very fast paced life. If you want to know how to awaken feminine energy in yourself you need to learn how to slow down. And you need to learn how to tap into the more subtle energies. The female body responds well to subtle energy.

Tuning into the subtle energy of your body has many benefits:

  • Decreases Stress.
  • Increases Self-Awareness.
  • Is calming and emotionally soothing.
  • Is the gateway to knowing how to awaken feminine energy in yourself


Awakening the healing power of your feminine energy requires knowing how to reach in instead of reaching out in unhealthy ways to food, people, places, and things.

3 Things to Stop in Order to Learn
How to Awaken Feminine Energy in Yourself.

1. Stop Buying Into the “Pretty Pressure”

The feminine ideal of a woman’s youthful beauty is a sought-after commodity. Youthful looks have a short shelf life, however the pressure for a woman to stay beautiful no matter what age is tremendous. That is of course until she doesn’t buy into that pressure.

Love yourself and your body’s unique beauty at every stage of life. Learn to allow your inner light and radiance to shine through. You can do this by ramping up emotionally nurturing practices. They are a profound yet simple way to increase your inner radiance as your outer radiance begins to fade.

As you age, which is inevitable, all you have (for beauty sake) is your inner radiance. Vibrational Nourishment is the nutrient or fertilizer for this inner radiance.

It’s a way to give to yourself what you so readily give to others…nourishment. This is a way to turn your feminine energy and innate ability to nurture and nourish inward instead of always outward to others.

2. Stop Filling Yourself Up With The Wrong Things

A woman’s vaginal anatomy lends itself to the desire of “wanting to be filled.” We are sensual beings; Vibrational Nourishment satisfies our need to “fill our sensual hole.”

Before you can awaken your feminine energy and vibrationally “fill your sensual hole”, you need to feel relaxed. You may not even realize all the habitual ways you stay busy in an effort to fill this sensual hole.

Many of these behaviors are taught, socialized, and ingrained in our culture. However, they don’t create the sense of inner peace that we all long for. Instead they create just the opposite. Not feeling fulfilled and looking for more.

Vibrational Nourishment practices relax the feminine spirit. They are healthy things you can do to fill yourself up. Rather than looking for someone or something to fill you up, i.e., a man, shopping, or food, for example, turn inward instead.

3. Stop The Compulsive Behaviors

Free yourself from, overeating, over-drinking, over thinking, over-sexing, over-cleaning, over-talking, overworking… whatever it is for you. We all have our ways of reaching OUT instead of reaching IN.

If you want true fulfillment, inner peace, and happiness you will only find it within. Learn to reach IN! Reaching in is also how you become more sensually alive.

Your hands are a great tool for this. I created an acronym – HANDS. It stands for Healing, Awakening, and Nurturing, Done Sensually. Your hands are your healers. Put them on your body often. This is the basis of cultivating Vibrational Nourishment and how to awaken feminine energy within yourself. Make contact!

Your hands are your healers. Put them on your body often. This is the basis of cultivating Vibrational Nourishment and how to awaken feminine energy within yourself. Make contact!

Often, I tell my students, I touch myself a lot yet not in the way most people would think. I place my hands on my body. A kinesthetic relationship with my body is healing to me. I touch with my body, my heart, my belly, my breasts, my face etc. This type of connection is profound and precious.

Vibrational Nourishment Practices – A Sense of the Sacred

They will heighten your senses and make you a more sensual person. They are a way of letting YOU know that YOU are there for YOU. Let this personal sensual practice be your savior.

There are many Vibrational Nourishment practices you can use to enhance your relationship with your body. More extensive practices are covered in my courses. I want to encourage you to start now with the simple ones listed below.

  1. Hands on Your Heart
  2. Hands on Your Belly
  3. Sensually Touching Your Face
  4. Consciously Touching any part of your body
  5. Slowly rolling around naked on a super soft blanket
  6. Yin Yoga Practice Privately at home on a super soft blanket

This list is just the beginning of what you can do to know how to awaken your feminine energy. What can you do TODAY, in this moment, to start incorporating more Vibrational Nourishment into your life?

I’m Anna-Thea, an author, and Certified Divine Feminine Educator helping women just like you who want to connect more to their feminine side. Feel free to explore my site. You might want to start with the cool free stuff found on my homepage or check out my free jade egg class.

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