Healthy Boundaries in relationships

3 Keys To Healthy Boundaries In Relationships

Knowing how to set healthy boundaries in relationships is the key to true intimacy. To establish healthy boundaries, you need to be self-aware. Having a sense of self-esteem is also a must. It gives you the strength and willpower required to set healthy boundaries in relationships. When you do, your interactions will be life-enhancing instead of life-depleting.

Here are 3 keys to creating healthy boundaries in relationships.

1. Connect To Your Inner World

When you connect to and become aware of your inner world, you’re able to energetically protect yourself. You’ll refrain from inappropriately taking on other people’s problems or issues as your own. You’ll learn ways to improve your communication in relationships and have the ability to express your needs in a productive and heart-centered way. You won’t get pulled into something that isn’t for your highest good.

You’ll still be loving and supportive, however, you’ll maintain a clear sense of self. You won’t fall prey to becoming a rescuer. Nor will you let yourself be dominated or want to dominate others. Controlling others, being over-emotional, manip1ulative or losing yourself in a relationship won’t be part of your life. These are all qualities of a dysfunctional relationship that leaves you feeling disempowered.

The way many women were raised, it’s easy for us to take on other people’s energy. And we think it is our energy! Anatomically, you were designed to bear children, be their caretakers, and nurture them. They are beautiful qualities. The downside is that those qualities can leave you vulnerable to codependent behaviors. If you haven’t done the inner work to have healthy boundaries in relationships your caring can easily become outer-focused. Their needs become your needs, and your needs get buried.

Staying connected to your inner world helps you maintain a sense of self. Knowing your needs and feelings, separate from another, is important to keep in check. Otherwise, you risk losing yourself in a relationship.

2. Don’t Lose Yourself In Relationship

Have you ever lost yourself in a relationship? Do you sacrifice your personal needs for the needs of another to the point that is beyond normal self-sacrifice and caring? Have you ever looked to others for approval when you really needed to accept yourself?

Imagine what that does to your body’s energy field, let alone your identity and power. It’s always good to give to others. But when you don’t take care of your own physical, emotional and spiritual needs first, you’re unable to give to others in a healthy way.

Healthy relationships are interdependent rather than codependent. Unhealthy relationships lack the necessary amount of communication, cooperation, and co-creation to make life enjoyable.

3. Keep Your Energy Field Bright

Relationship dynamics can take on different energetic forms. In a love relationship, this is often the case. As a result, it takes a tremendous amount of self-love, self-nurturing, and healthy boundary-setting to keep your energy bright. There are a lot of unseen energy dynamics happening in intimate relationships.

Sometimes one person takes on the emotions of the other. This typically results in the person becoming over-emotional when the other person is unable to show emotions.

Another energy dynamic is one person dominating the other, taking the other’s energy as a way to feel powerful.

These are examples of unclear boundaries. You don’t know where you end and the other person begins. This often happens when you “lose yourself” in a relationship.

Healthy boundaries in relationships are established when two people mutually honor each other’s opinions and uniqueness.

Establishing healthy boundaries in relationships can be challenging, but it is a must in order to keep your body’s energy field bright, live in your truth and not lose yourself.

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Care For Your Energy

Keeping the integrity of your energy and staying centered requires caring for your energy. Just as you care for your body, your teeth or your hair, your energy needs the same. Notice what happens when your energy contracts due to interactions with others. Take the necessary steps to go inward. Discover and acknowledge what’s happening. Then voice your truth from your heart to energetically stay centered. This will keep your energy field in a state of integrity.

You’ll experience more joy in your relationships because you’ll have learned not to hold onto uncomfortable emotions and the associated dysfunctional behaviors that bring a relationship down. Your relationships won’t become tainted and toxic. Your energy field will be bright, powerfully invincible and pure.

It’ll be because you have taken responsibility for your life and you have started to see your relationships as sacred. That is really the best relationship advice for women I can give. Your relationships are sacred. Even if they end. They are still scared because they teach you so much if you are willing to own your part. And for you to realize the most important relationship you have is the sacred relationship with yourself.

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