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Healing Feminine Energy: Pleasure is the Key – Find Out Why

Knowing how to heal feminine energy involves honoring, awakening, and nurturing your sexuality. Pleasure and receptivity are a big part of how to heal feminine energy.

Benefits of Healing Feminine Energy


  • Feel More Empowered
  • Have Increased Creative Expression
  • Aren’t overwhelmed by your emotions
  • Feel “at home” in your body
  • Are Comfortable with your sexuality
  • Experience more satisfaction, connection, and better communication in your intimate relationships.

Shame – How it Keeps You From Healing Feminine Energy

But before we talk about healing feminine energy we need to talk about shame and healing shame.

Shame cuts you off from your potency. Shame is the lowest frequency emotion and is often carried in your female anatomy.

The antidote to shame is honoring, loving, and holding yourself and others as sacred. Pleasure also plays a big role in this healing process. As you learn to honor and love your sexuality… and hold it as sacred you heal the wounded feminine in you.

If you’ve been sexually abused, you have wounds in your body from those experiences. This blocks you from the ability to express your authentic femininity and feel pleasure. You have built up walls and ways of being as a protection mechanism.

Maybe you weren’t outright sexually abused. Nonetheless, collectively, the consciousness of this world is such that it has wounded most everyone’s sexuality. Men, too, have been sexually wounded.

But unfortunately, sexual abuse as a child is common. According to Crimes Against Children Research Center, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse. And people carry these wounds throughout their adult life and into their relationships.

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A common thing for someone who has been sexually abused is to think that it was their fault. That they did something wrong and that they are somehow inherently bad. That is the energy of shame.

Healing feminine energy requires you to look at this early imprint and heal it. You do so by honoring the sacredness of your body, your sexuality and releasing the stuck frequency of shame that you hold.

It Wasn’t Your Fault

It’s important to know that if you were sexually abused it wasn’t your fault.

You didn’t have a voice or a way to defend yourself at that young age. And your erotic innocence was stolen from you. Giving yourself a voice now as an adult will also heal your wounded feminine.

Releasing the guilt and shame and standing up for yourself in a loving and truthful way will heal your wounded feminine.

Clearing Shame Increases Pleasure

The female body was designed for pleasure. And I mean for your body to receive and experience the joys of pleasure. But instead, all too often and sadly so, the female body has been used as an object for pleasure. Women have been stuck in the role of sexual duty. And this has created a society of wounded women – women who are cut off from the deeper aspects of their vital, creative life force energy.

And even vulnerable young boys have been objects of pleasure. This has greatly affected their ability to fully express themselves sexually with another as an adult.

What this means is that many of us, both men and women in our society carry sexual wounds. Unfortunately, we live in a sexually unaware and shame-filled world. And it’s up to each of us to free ourselves from the shame inherent in our world and in our bodies!

Pleasure – The Path to Heal Feminine Energy

Do you know how to heal your feminine energy? In A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle speaks of  “the pain body”, a residue of emotional pain stored in the cells of the body. What you need to know is that there is a magnificent, marvelous, and mysterious counterpart to the pain-body, it’s called, “the pleasure body.”

The female body is designed for sensual pleasure, and the female brain is wired to give us an opportunity for the full experience of those pleasures.

If you’re not experiencing the dept of pleasure (and intimacy) you know is possible and find yourself holding back in intimate experiences, healing your feminine energy will open new doors for you.

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More love leads to more pleasure. And I believe that generally speaking, women have been the leaders of love. The masculine way to lead is through conquering. The feminine way is through surrender; surrendering to our innate desire to lead with love and feel great sensual pleasure in our bodies.

Surrendering is not a bad thing – that is if you have a safe space to do so. Some think that surrendering is showing your weakness and making you vulnerable to attack. That can happen but only if you don’t have the inner awareness to create a safe space for yourself to completely surrender.

When you have healthy boundaries and attract in safe situations where surrendering won’t leave you vulnerable to harm, then surrendering becomes extremely powerful. Surrendering is a letting go process, an opening and expanding into greater awareness of your divinity. That’s powerful! And that’s the core of feminine energy. Unfortunately, we’ve created a society that is out of balance. Meaning more masculine energy. There’s nothing wrong with masculine energy. It’s important too.

But it’s important to understand the difference between masculine and feminine energy. And it’s important to have a balance of both no matter what gender you are.

With all that said, in this more masculine and “make it happen” kind of world, most of us have an abundance of masculine energy. Surrendering and opening up to your feminine energy is the act of honoring, loving, and holding yourself and all of life as sacred. This will open your “pleasure gates.” and ultimately heal your feminine energy, your true feminine. An energy that has been ignored and repressed for so long.

Feeling Pleasure is How You Heal

Pleasure is all about feeling safe to be open and receptive. And when you are receptive you let love in. It’s this love that allows you to know how to heal your wounded feminine energy. The more you calm your busy mind, feel safe and honored, the greater the opportunity to experience deep love and heal your wounded feminine.

For example, let’s talk about body image issues. If you have body image issues, you hold pain in your body. You don’t have a loving, nurturing, and caring relationship with your body. And you suffer because of it – low self-esteem, lack of confidence in the bedroom, emotional eating. These are all contractive energies in your body, causing you pain. It’s time to let that pain go. Allow pleasure in. Pleasure is the path to learning how to heal feminine energy.

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Opening up your body, becoming more receptive, and letting pleasure in will heal body image issues. When you let love and pleasure into your body, you stop the internal battle you may be experiencing. This allows feminine energy to flow through you and you become a channel.

The problem is we’re not programmed to open up to and accept, delight and bodily pleasure. Historically, we haven’t had a safe space for such receptivity. Maybe your first sexual experience wasn’t a good one. You didn’t feel safe so you contracted or held back. It takes effort to change your attitude and programming about pleasure. It takes effort and conscious awareness to heal the shame.

Pain may motivate us because we want to avoid it, but pleasure heals. When you take time and learn how to open deeper into pleasure, you’ll heal the relationship you have with your body. And then you’ll finally experience the joy of BEING in your body.

“Holding as Sacred” is the Secret to Healing Feminine Energy!

So in other words, your ability to feel pleasure is related to your ability to open and receive. And you will automatically open up and become more receptive when you are feeling honored. The secret is that the honoring has to come from within YOU first. If you are lucky you’ll attract a lover who knows how to deeply honor your female anatomy. And that can be very healing. The truth is, most people don’t know how to honor another’s genitals. We just haven’t been taught that.

Even as you read this you might be hearing this concept, of honoring your genitals, for the very first time.

As a woman, your Yoni (your female genitalia) is very wise.
She will shut down like a vice grip if she is not being honored.

And many women, since their Yoni’s have never fully been honored, are in a chronic state of disconnect and not really realizing it. You don’t know what you don’t know. Being shut down and disconnected becomes a normal state of being.

Plus we live in a world where the natural tendency is to react by shutting down instead of staying open or opening up. In new situations, you can easily be suspicious, defensive, or judgmental. It takes effort and consciousness to keep yourself open. It takes having self-awareness and good boundaries to keep yourself safe.

That’s why pleasure may be elusive to you. I’m not only referring to sexual or bodily pleasure. Pleasure in general is something that can be connected with guilt, over-indulgence, or having more than your share. We weren’t raised to be receptive. Probably because this world isn’t always a safe place to be and you can’t always be receptive in every situation. But that has created a society of holding back. Start becoming aware of where you are holding back and why.

Can You Be Receptive to Compliments?

For example, what happens when someone gives you a compliment? Maybe about the nice dress you are wearing. Do you fully receive the compliment? Might you make sure the person knows there is a flaw in it? Saying for example, “Oh, there’s a hole or a snag here at the bottom,” instead of staying open, receptive, and truly receiving the compliment. And instead, simply smiling receptively and saying, “thank you.”

Somehow, it’s automatic to find fault and not fully receive the compliment. The next time someone compliments you, notice your response. See if you can stay open and receive the compliment with ZERO resistance.

In addition, notice if you can receive the compliment without acting on an impulse to return the compliment. Practice simply receiving it. This is the basis of how you truly embrace your feminine energy.

When you become more receptive
you’ll not only create more pleasure in your life,
you’ll automatically heal feminine energy!

Ask for what you need to create more pleasure in your life. Create environments that are more conducive to you becoming more receptive. Maybe that’s having people in your life that are, patient, understanding, and care about your needs and feelings.

Intimacy, pleasure, and “making love” with yourself or another require you to learn the language of needs and feelings. Unmet and unacknowledged feelings get bottled up and stuck in your body.

If you’re ready to heal your wounded feminine, you must learn to feel your uncomfortable feelings and be able to ask for what you need. Through that, you’ll create a safer space to be receptive and open up.

Learn how to feel and be present with your uncomfortable feelings. Go through them, hold them in your love and compassion, instead of stuffing them. When you do you’ll transform your pain into pleasure. And also to self-empowerment.

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You don’t have to do it alone. Get the help and support you need. My educational programs for women address these issues. You need support and know-how to navigate your powerful emotions so that you can stay open, receptive, and experience more pleasure in your life – not more emotional pain! Want to feel better about your femininity? Do you have the support and know-how? Are you using those tools?

Creating a safe space is crucial for cultivating receptivity.

When you are relaxed, you feel safe. How can you open and receive when you are in fight or flight mode, stressed out, or filled with anxiety? In order to open and receive start creating safe spaces for yourself.

There’s Nothing Worse for a Woman’s Pleasure Potential Than a Selfish Lover

If you’re intimate with someone, make sure it’s in a setting where you feel comfortable and uninhibited. Choose to be intimate with someone who is also safe to be with, someone who values your needs and is attentive. There is nothing worse for a woman’s receptivity and pleasure potential than a selfish lover. Learning a unique sexual healing practice can help you to shift old sexual patterns and bring more heart-centered sexuality into your love life.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator.

If you’ve made it this far you are probably ready to heal your feminine energy. Let me help you now so that you can experience more pleasure and intimacy in your life.
Start with my “Divine Feminine Emotional Soothing Practice.”

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