Good immune system - a woman with her hand over her thymus - the master gland of the immune sytem

Want a Good Immune System? Here’s the Best Way

A good immune system translates into good health. If you don’t have good health it limits your whole life. Good health is one of the most valuable things you can have.

During these transformational times it’s important ot have gratitude for your health. And part of that gratitude is to honor your immune system. Regardless of the fear of spreading viruses or the latest way to put people in fear, if you have a good immune system you can stand in your power.

Enhancing Spiritual Immunity

Please don’t forget that. It’s really spiritual immunity and trusting that you have a good immune system to keep you healthy during these challenging times.

It’s time to make your health a priority, honor your body and don’t take it for granted.

A good immune system, though important for preventing any type of illness, don’t lose sight of the importance of a balanced lifestyle and having regular self-care practices.

The lifestyle habits you have will determine your health and wellbeing. Are you taking care of yourself? Do you listen to your body’s signals when it needs to slow down? What type of self-care practices do you have?

With all of that said, a good immune system needs to be nurtured not stressed if you want good health. The master gland of your immune system is your thymus. Your immune system is your protector, keeping you healthy and strong. In the following video, I’ll show you how to nurture your immune system and thymus with a simple exercise video. It’s simple yet powerful.

Simple Exercise Video

This will take you about 4 minutes (in the video I said shorter…. it felt soooo good that it went a little longer) to nurture your thymus, calm yourself, be present and open your receptive channels.

Are you ready to cultivate a
good immune system?

Let’s do it together now! 

Hope you enjoyed that short and simple exercise video with me to boost your immunity. This is truly Divine Feminine body wisdom and a nice way to cultivate love.

If you are like many, there always lots going on… especially in your mind. Most of us have very busy minds and the can get you down and affect your immunity.

I hope in this nurturing and simple exercise video you experienced, even if just for a moment, getting out of your mind and into your body. That’s when your immune system will balance itself – when you are in the calmness of your body and not in the craziness of a busy mind.

Nurture and Support
Your Immunity

Know that there’s always going to be lots of things coming your way during the day. You’ll be pulled in many different directions and stress can easily arise. Your immune system is your defender. It’s there to keep you healthy and strong – keeping you filled with vitality.

That’s why supporting your immune system is a powerfully effective self-care practice. And it can be simple and fast. It doesn’t have to take long as you saw in the video.

The simple exercise video nurtures and acknowledges your immune system and gives it some love. It’s really that simple. It May sound a bit out there but creating a connection with your body will enhance your life. When you are good to your body – your body is good to you.

Consciously touching your thymus, the master gland of your immune system certainly can’t hurt!

This simple exercise video instantly allows the warmth of your hands to support your thymus. Your hands are your healers. Don’t underestimate this amazing exercise. It’s simple but it packs a punch.

I hope you took those few moments to calm your system down. Take the time to be there with your body and your gland that controls your immune system. If you want a good immune system you have to be good to you.

Believe it or not your thymus, just like you wants to be acknowledged.

Again I hope you took this short time – this very brief time to acknowledge the hard work that your immune system does for you . Keeping you healthy. Keeping you protected.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you want to learn more about nurturing yourself take my 5 Day Love Challenge.

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