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Astrology, The Basics and How You Benefit

A full astrology reading is great to do on an annual basis. If you’ve never had an astrology reading this article will give you an introduction to astrology and the benefits you’ll gain by having a reading.

Millions of people read their horoscope in the paper and online every day. Even the most skeptical people still know their zodiac sign and a basic meaning of it. But there is so much more you can benefit from.

Your Sun Sign Isn’t
the Whole Picture

Your sun sign is only a portion of the whole picture of who you are. Having a full astrology reading is the beginning of understanding the full imprint of your soul’s characteristics.

If the only person you ever got to know during your life was you,
life would have been well worth living.

And if you miss getting to know yourself then you’re missing out on an important part of why you’re here. A full astrology reading gives you many answers to the question, “Who am I.”

Want to understand more about yourself and have better relationships with yourself and others?

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences. Yes, it even used to be taught in the universities alongside math, science, and other subjects up until the 17th century. It began over 5,000 years ago as people began to observe the movement of the stars in the sky. They came to realize there was a meaningful connection between people and the movement of the planets through the sky.

The zodiac is a circle of constellations through which the sun, moon and other planets move during the course of time. Each planet having its own unique pattern and speed.

A Full Astrology Reading Looks At
Other Planetary Influences

Sun sign astrology is very generalized and therefore limited. In a full astrology reading, you learn about the other planets that influence you.

Let’s say you have your sun in Leo. That may be the only planet that you have in Leo. For example, you might have 3 planets in Libra and 2 planets in Gemini. You’re not just a Leo. You have qualities of Libra and Gemini that influence you as well.

The sun represents the masculine and sun sign astrology is a patriarchial remnant of this amazing system that gives you insight into your soul. That’s why looking at the placement of the other planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are so important. And that’s not even mentioning your rising sign, north and south nodes or the Goddess asteroids.

Here’s a brief summary of each planet and what it means to you depending up where it is in your chart.

  • Sun. Tells you what brings you energy and where you want to shine.
  • Moon. Are the past life talents and qualities that you come into this life with.
  • Mercury. Shows you how your mind works and intellectual functions.
  • Venus. Is about your values and what you love. This is your inner feminine.
  • Mars. Shows you how you assert yourself. This is your inner masculine.
  • Jupiter. Gives you direction on how to best fulfill your life’s purpose and your guide for personal growth.
  • Saturn. The structured (or not so structured) part of you. What you are wanting to make work in this lifetime.
  • Uranus. Tells you about your higher mind and whether out-of-the-box thinking is part of your personality.
  • Neptune. Shows you your idealism and addictions.
  • Pluto. Is your soul. Tells you what you want to transform in this lifetime.

Additionally, each planet has certain aspects to other planets. And how they are aspected, negatively or positively tell a deeper story about that person.

For example: Does Venus, the planet of love, have positive or negative connections to other planets.

If your Venus is square to Neptune or in opposition, you can be naive about love and have some hard lessons to learn about intimacy and relationships.

And without wanting to make it too complex, you also need to look at where these planets are in the sky at the time of your birth. And in what house they reside. The chart looks like a wheel that’s been segmented into 12 sections. These sections are houses.

Sample chart used for a full astrology reading.

The Houses and What They Can Tell You

  • First House – Who you are. What type of person.
  • Second House – Your resources and financial situation.
  • Third House – How you communicate.
  • Fourth House – Your home life and childhood.
  • Fifth House – Artistic expression.
  • Sixth House – Health and Service to others.
  • Seventh House – Your relationships and what you attract.
  • Eight House – Transformative energies.
  • Ninth House – Expanding learning and foreign lands.
  • Tenth House – Your career and how you are in the world.
  • Eleventh House – Your groups and community
  • Twelves House – Your connection to the divine.

In addition when giving a full astrology reading you should also take into consideration the elements.

The four elements fire, earth, air and water are integrated into the different zodiac signs and influence their characteristics. Air signs are intellectual whereas earth signs are stable.

By looking at the chart through the lens of which elements are dominant in their chart you can get another picture of what type of person this is. Are the elements balanced, do they have lots of earth or maybe lots of fire in their chart. What does it tell you?

And with all astrological markers there is a positive and negative quality.

Astrological Qualities of Each Element:

Fire — The Creators (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  • Positives: Strong, determined, capable, independent, leadership, confidence
  • Negatives: Dictatorial, aggressive, brash, arrogant, impatient
Earth — The Stabilizers (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
  • Positives: Grounded, dependable, warm, friendly, helpful, kind-hearted
  • Negatives: Stubborn, fussy, perfectionist, overly critical, high-strung
Air — The Communicators (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
  • Positives: Intelligent, resourceful, clever, persuasive, optimistic, creative
  • Negatives: Manipulative, deceptive, insensitive, aloof, secretive
Water — The Feelers (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
  • Positives: Caring, romantic, sensitive, artistic, dreamy, intuitive
  • Negatives: Moody, obsessive, controlling, depressive, disorganized

Above and beyond this there are still other things to consider. They are beyond the scope of this article. Nonetheless, you can see that astrology is not a simple subject of study. It is complex. It’s like learning a foreign language.

And this powerful foreign language can tell you a lot about you. The unique placement of the planets at the time of your birth is called your Natal Chart. This is exactly where the planets were in the sky when you took your first breath. It’s a snapshot. Your natal chart comes to life when a skilled astrological counselor begins to interface with you and give you a reading.

Full Astrology reading - picture of a moon

Traditionally the most important aspects to someone’s natal chart are:

  1. Sun sign
  2. Moon sign
  3. Rising/Ascendant sign

And they are three key things to look at when you see your natal chart. Each of them represent essential characteristics of your personality. Therefore, beyond Sun sign astrology, it’s important for you to at least know your sun, moon, and rising sign. Do you?

I love working with clients in my Sacred Zoom Room (kind of like skype) where I give my online personal astrology readings. Your chart literally does come alive as I interact with you and discuss your challenges, hopes, and dreams. It’s literally all in the stars. Your chart gives you the path to your own personal empowerment. Helping you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, your hopes, dreams, and desires to understand your destiny.

Here are some of the benefits of having a personal astrology reading

  • Helps with decision making and problem-solving.
  • Working with planetary influences instead of against them.
  • Greater understanding of your gifts and talents.
  • Greater understanding and compassion for your life challenges.
  • Your soul’s intent and what you are investigating in this lifetime.
  • And who your Inner Beloved is…

A Full Astrology Reading Includes
Knowing Your Inner Beloved

What’s unique about my readings is that I have a background in intimacy and relationships. When I give a person a full astrology reading it also involves an inner beloved reading. I always let them know who their astrological Inner Beloved is. This is important information if you want to have a healthy intimate relationship. Because when you know and consciously cultivate your astrological inner beloved you create “the sacred marriage.”

The Sacred Marriage

Full astrology reading - a man and woman holding hands depicting the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine energies.

The sacred marriage is when you walk with your “inner other” by your side whether you’re in a relationship or not. For a man, his “inner other” would be his astrological feminine. For a woman, her “inner other” would be her astrological masculine. And it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. A man develops his inner feminine and a woman develops his inner masculine to create the sacred marriage.

A perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies creates positive transformation.

This positive transformation through working your Inner Beloved leaves loneliness behind; something so many singles (and even coupled people) suffer from. You learn through one of my personal astrology readings exactly what it takes to literally have a love affair with yourself.

Ultimately, when you do this you’ll attract a more wholesome partner. This is because you have done your inner work. You have cultivated within you the qualities that you’re looking for in a mate. You come from a place of fullness and have less of a tendency to project your wounds onto your partner, making them responsible for your happiness. It’s these projections that create disastrous relationships. I show you how to avoid that.

Knowing Your Card of Destiny

When I give a full astrology reading I use two systems, the natal chart and the destiny card spread. I have already talked about the natal chart. In addition, I also take into consideration your Destiny Cards which provide additional numerological and planetary insights.

Combining these two systems provides a powerful picture to assist you with greater self-awareness. So many, including me, have benefited from astrological consulting.


“I just wanted to thank you Anna-Thea from the bottom of my heart for my reading. I’m just in awe of it all still taking it in and I think it’s so spot on but this time I was able to hear what I need to do and it’s given me so much more clarity. So thanks for being your amazing self!” – Raya

I offer online courses to women in the area of communication, emotional empowerment and greater understanding of their female body. My knowledge of intimacy, relationships, numerology and astrology has transformed people’s lives. I would love to positively transform yours.

I’m Anna-Thea an author, Evolutionary Astrologer, and Divine Feminine Educator. I offer readings to my students and clients who want to have a greater understanding of themselves and their soul’s journey to support living a life with greater meaning.

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