FREE Transformational Coaching Classes

Class #1

Understand Why Your Man
Makes You Feel “So Sensitive”

In this  ~ 30 min audio class, you’ll learn why it’s hard for you to think clearly and fight fairly. You’ll understand why you are sometimes easily triggered, upset, or emotionally overwhelmed with your partner and what you can do about it. Enjoy!

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Class #2

5 Communication Tips
To Create Peace With Your Partner

In this class, you’ll learn common ways of communicating that create defensiveness with your mate and you’ll receive 5 new alternatives that will enhance intimacy and connection.

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Class #3

Sex Ed 101 For Women

In this class, you’ll learn the 3 secrets most women don’t know about sex.
And you’ll learn why it’s important to honor your body and your sexuality.

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The Jade Egg For Women’s Sexual Health

Class #4

Raising Your Kundalini

This 10-minute video will show you three powerful breath exercises that I recommend you do on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. On a spiritual level, it will refine your sexual energy and awaken your feminine energy. On a physical level, it will open your nasal passages, clear and support your digestive system, increase your metabolism for the rest of the day and clear your mind.

This transformational coaching tool is a GREAT way to start the day!



“Hello, Anna-Thea! I have been meaning to write for a while. Again, I loved the course I took with you, you are a wondrously marvelous mentor and teacher and the fellowship with my classmates was incredible. Thank you for everything. You are terrific and very gifted!!!”

“I came to Anna-Thea for coaching at a point when I felt I was at a dead end in my life. I knew the way through was to address the area of relationship I had avoided.

Working with Anna-Thea allowed me to transform and heal parts of myself that had been stuck for a long time. By being willing to let go of the old, without knowing what that would truly entail, I was able to come to a new and better place.

It wasn’t long after this that I felt more energy in my chest, which I knew was the energy calling forth my right relationship and partner for me. Within a short time I met him, the perfect partner and relationship for me.

Working with Anna-Thea has been priceless because of my transformation. She is very adept at getting to the point, asking pertinent questions and surrendering to the flow of what is during a session. Her ability to hold space for her client’s healing and self-growth is a blessing any woman can benefit from.

She has a gift and passion to share with the women of today; one in which any woman secretly yearns for within her heart… if she is bold and daring enough to go there. Anyone who is sincerely ready to make changes in their life needs to see Anna-Thea. Be ready, for the shifts will come!”

Loralee Humpherys



Thanks for being you! I am here to support you in being the most that you can be as a woman!

Much love!


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