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True Feminine Power: 4 Keys to Unlocking It’s Force

If you’re a woman… feminine power lives within your female body. Unlocking your feminine power requires you to let go of masculine traits that have become out of balance in your life.

Feminine power is power WITH not power over.

In this article I’ll discuss 4 keys to unlocking the divine feminine force you hold within you. Are you ready?

Feminine Power IS:

  • Sensual
  • Emotional
  • Creative
  • Subtle
  • Nurturing
  • Receptive
  • Intuitive

In addition, it’s about seeing your feelings and emotions as a source of wisdom and strength instead of something to suppress, deny and disempower you. Getting beyond emotional pain and find relief through pleasure.

Because you see – femininity is not weak. This is about connecting to the healing power of your divine feminine essence. That’s why awakening your feminine power will transform your relationships, your life and the community around you. It’s about being feminine in a whole new way.

When you get in touch with your feminine energy you become more aligned with the universe and things come your way. Opportunities present themselves. As you step into your feminine power it’s an emotional clearing process and your body becomes more radiant.

Femininity is no longer about being a good girl. Someone who goes along to get along. Pretending like everything is ok when it’s not. Instead, you speak your truth but in a heart-centered way. You are clear to others about where you stand but you are still compassionate and not rigid in your ways.

Here are 4 key ways for you to get in touch with your feminine power.

1. Build Relationships

Accessing the power of your femininity means, you don’t build walls, you build relationships. And that starts, first and foremost with the relationship you have with you. Self-care is important because you know that giving from a place of emptiness will only disempower you.

Feminine Power is not about power over. It’s about power with.

Your relationships and how you navigate them is important. Do you navigate them with honesty, clarity, understanding etc. Are you building bridges or walls?

You know that what you do, day in and day out makes a big difference. How you treat yourself and others makes a world of difference.

When women are supported… the community is supported. When women transform… the world transforms. Feminine power is about being part of that transformation.

Being feminine is about tuning into the more receptive and pleasurable things in your life. We live in a world that is too much work and not enough play. You grow up and then forget to BE because you are too busy DOING. And the quality of your relationships suffers because of it.

2. Stop all that Doing! Start Being…

Image with the word "Doing" all over the image. The words are different colors. Lots of doing!

Do you have a false belief that the more you do the more power and even control you might gain and maintain? Sometimes you just have to let go and let God. Or rather let go and let Goddess. Then the Yoniverse will open up to you and life will start to flow.

Your power will come from the joy of being feminine and not pushing the river. Letting life unfold and feeling instead of thinking your way through things.

Do you even know if you express more masculine or feminine energy? We think of masculine energy as powerful. That isn’t really true. Being more feminine can be the most powerful and empowering thing you can do. But being feminine has a lot to do with having a relationship with your body.

Feminine power is found in your female anatomy. But we have used it to manipulate and control. We have used it in exchange for material security. And that’s how we lost our feminine power by not using it wisely.

We lost our feminine power by forgetting about our feminine ways and instead, buying into and becoming masculine adaptive. We became logical, thinking beings and lost the connection to our bodies where our real power is.

3. Slow Down and Feel

Your feminine power comes from slowing down and learning how to really feel. We live in such a fast-paced world. Busy “getting things done.” Working on the To-do list every day. Telling ourselves… I just don’t have enough time in the day. But you really do. And besides, how important are all the things you’re doing and in such a level of hurry and stress?

Slow down. You’re not of service to anyone when your body is stressed out. Put some feminine energy into the way you walk and talk and work and connect with others. Tune into your body. Feel the emotions.

As a female, you are a sensual creature. Sense into yourself. Make a connection. Feel all there is to feel instead of armoring up. Body armor can accumulate when you repress your emotions. Learn how to process your emotions instead.

Don’t be in such a hurry. You’ll miss out on the magic of life. But more importantly, you’ll miss the intuitive messages that your body is giving you, which can ultimately align you with your soul’s purpose.

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We need to create a new way of being feminine. It’s no longer about how pretty you are. Or how sexy you are. Don’t get me wrong, pretty and sexy aren’t bad they just aren’t a measure if this new type of feminine energy.

If you want to unlock your authentic feminine power it’s through love.

Feminine Power is:

  • Knowing “Being feminine” is not weak. It’s amazingly strong.
  • Taking quality time for self-care and feeling pleasure in the body.
  • Speaking your truth and being a Divine Feminine communicator.
  • No longer resisting and instead, moving towards that which moves towards you.
  • Honoring and listening to your body more than your mind.
  • Open and receives life as it presents itself but has clear boundaries.
  • A power that can transform hate into love.
  • Cooperative, clear and emotionally expressive.
  • Honoring of your sexual needs and unique sexual expression.
  • Loving to your body, no matter what age shape or size.

For me, feminine power ultimately means being driven by pleasure as opposed to fear. Being guided by love instead of hate. Creating connection instead of separation.

4. Pleasure is a key principle of feminine power

Yes, pleasure is your divine feminine power. But we’ve been told that the female body is sinful. Or at least that’s the story. I hope you haven’t bought into it. Feeling your true feminine energy is healing.

Creating a more pleasurable life and a more honoring connection with your body is the most empowering thing you can do as a woman.

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I remember when I was researching a workshop I was putting together. The workshop was called Manifesting More Pleasure. It’s such a fun workshop to teach. I teach women how to create a more sensual and loving relationship with themselves through accessing their feminine energy. It’s a powerfully transformative workshop.

But when I did my research for the workshop and looked up pleasure and the female body it led me right to politics! I was shocked.

You see, the truth is that we have not owned our bodies. Just like we didn’t have the right to vote, own real estate or even have rightful custody of our own children. These were all rights of men. And they had full rights to our bodies as well.

I believe we are still carrying the cellular memories of our ancestors. Memories of domestic violence, sexual duty, and other abuse that not long ago were considered normal.

Let’s not forget, as I said in the beginning, your feminine power resides in your body. And reclaiming your femininity and body as sacred is the path to unlocking this powerful force inside you. Again it’s not power over but rather power with.

When you embrace being feminine, you are embracing a force for good.

Create more pleasure in your life
right now… in this moment and be a force for good.

Take 11 minutes and open your receptive channels. Stop doing and learn how to Be. That’s how you access your feminine power. Click here or the picture below and take time to BE. It’ll do you and the world… a world of good.

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I’m Anna-Thea an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If this article resonated with you and you’d like to unlock more of your feminine power check out my online course.

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