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Why Feminine Leadership Includes Healing Your Sexuality

Leadership is changing. More and more women are no longer taking the back seat. But true feminine leadership includes those women who choose to no longer play in the old boys club – trying to act like men.

True feminine leadership has a whole new set of rules. The concepts of what makes an effective leader are changing.

In order for women to make an impact in the world, they need to heal their sexuality.

That’s a pretty bold statement and I believe it’s true.

Feminine Leadership Traits and the Fully Empowered Woman

What is an Empowered Feminine Leader?

An empowered feminine leader is a woman who…

  • Is in integrity first and foremost with herself and also with others
  • Has great compassion and self-awareness
  • Owns her shadow and takes full responsibility for her life.
  • Faces her fears and stands in her truth
  • Is fully embodied and not operating from her head

In addition, an empowered feminine leader is free from people pleasing

Women are trained to be pleasers. To be accommodating and kind; concerned more about how everyone else is doing and fearful of being rejected and judged. And that includes in the bedroom.

It takes courage to speak your truth and when you do it the right way – heartfelt – you gain respect.

Empowered feminine leadership is the willingness to stand up in front of people and speak, not worried about what others think. Standing up and standing out can leave you vulnerable to other’s judgments. But through that risk, you can also be greatly admired and respected. It takes courage to stand up and stand out and speak for what you are passionate about. Judgment will always be there. You can’t please everyone, but empowered feminine leaders don’t let those judgments pull them down. They know they are just projections.

Embodiment is a Big Aspect of Empowered Feminine Leadership

Women Dancing Celebrating Feminine Leadership

I believe a fully embodied woman is the ultimate in true empowered feminine leadership. It is the future of leadership. We can no longer just operate from our heads. Head is what’s gotten us where we are today (literally) and heart is what’s going to get us out of this mess.

Embodiment, which also includes sexual healing, sexual authority, sexual self-awareness, and
understanding your own sexual needs is the big piece that is missing in leadership.

Sexual healing is the outer edge of feminine leadership.
And is the fastest path to your power.

Amrita offers onsite retreats, intensives and certification programs. She fills the spot that I don’t offer. I am so lucky to be connected to Amrita and offer these powerful retreat experiences to women.

Why are Empowered Feminine Leaders needed more than ever?

Because of the #metoo movement and greater feminine awareness, our culture’s sexual shadow is rising to the surface. It can feel scary for many as this shadow part of us is starting to surface. But it is really an opportunity to heal and integrate the unconscious part of ourselves.

Now that these things have come to the surface, how will society deal with:

  • The woman who has been sexually assaulted?
  • The teenager whose stepfather molested her?
  • The college student who was date raped?
  • The woman who was brutally devirginized?

  • Are you one of these women?
  • Has it disempowered you?
  • How can you and will you let go and regain your power?

Most of us don’t know how to heal and integrate these very common traumas

And it’s these things that are holding you back in many aspects in your life.

Learn to let the Divine Feminine Essence move through your body!

If you haven’t addressed your sexuality and your sexual healing, if you’re ignoring your shame around “not feeling juicy anymore,” or if you’re continuing to “stuff your feelings” of anger and resentment about your past… you’re missing an important and critical piece of your power. You become ineffective in your life. Possibly confused and led by others displaying codependent behaviors. Not owning your own power. Not having a vision for yourself and your life. Waiting for someone else to take charge. And finding out the hard way there is no one to do that except you.

The Key component to Empowered Feminine
Leadership is Clarity in Vision

What vision do you have for yourself as a woman? Do you know? Are you clear? What’s possible? What can you dream up?
This time is a time between worlds. A shifting out of the predominance of masculine power. During this transition, we are experiencing chaos on many levels politically, environmentally, spiritually.

There is a new world coming and it includes the sacred feminine… the divine feminine.
This is an excellent time to prepare yourself for the time to emerge. Time to prepare that new woman, that empowered feminine leader.

Feeling Stuck in Your Life? Your Yoni has all the answers for you.

When you give her love, she comes out with a big voice and will guide you.
Amrita’s courses help you, along with other women, to get clear on your vision.
The way to get clear is to get access to your life force energy. It’s the life force energy that animates your body. And this life force energy is actually your sexual energy sleeping at the base of your body. If you don’t have access to it, you become one who is walking around half dead.

We Need Leaders Who Understand Instead of Exploit Sexual Energy

You can’t be sexually exploited if you are sexually healed. Embodying and breathing into the pelvic region, where all the trauma and wounding is stored, is the path to reclaim your power and life force. And to get clear on your purpose.
We all carry varying degrees of sexual wounding. You cannot live in this world with porn, media sex commodified, and the degrading way sex is taught in our schools without being impacted by it.

Amrita’s work is about clearing old energy out of the pelvic region in an environment that is very safe and sacred.
Amrita and I are here to make a mark in the world. To hold powerful space for women around their bodies and sexuality.

Women coming together in safe, sacred space is the fast-track
to feminine power and embodiment.
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Amrita is committed to guiding spirit-led women into their authentic, embodied personal power through workshops, intensives and teacher certifications. She is the lineage-carrier for Caroline Muir’s work.

Amrita is the award-winning, bestselling author of Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness and Dancing with Breast Cancer-The Sacred Feminine Path to Wholeness as well as a retreat and workshop leader, training and certifying women as Spiritual Sexual Educators. Empowered Feminine Leaders are coming into huge demand… will you be ready?

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Amrita’s Journey of Breast Cancer Diagnosis
to Cancer Free in 3 Months

Amrita attributes her rapid recovery from breast cancer to the Divine Feminine tools she acquired through her personal journey of sexual healing. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer she had the tools to productively deal with the emotional source of the disease.

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I’m Anna-Thea, an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. I support women in reclaiming their bodies as sacred. Women tell me, “I need to love myself more, I just don’t know how.” If going to one of Amrita’s onsite events isn’t in the cards for you right now then start with my online courses where you can learn from the privacy of your own home.

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