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Is Your Feminine Energy Blocked? Find Out Now

Did you know that, as a woman, you have both masculine and feminine energy? Though you anatomically may be male or female you’re not masculine OR feminine… you’re a blend of both. You might even have more masculine energies given we live in such a “masculinized” society.

If you’ve been career-oriented it could be that you’ve lost your feminine edge. Instead, you’ve spent time sharpening your masculine edge. This is very common in the corporate world. You’ve had to toughen up to be successful in a “man’s world.”

Possibly working harder and smarter with fewer promotions and pay.

Have you gotten out of touch with your
feminine side in the process?

In this article, I’ll share with you the difference between masculine and feminine energy. By having a better understanding of each of their qualities and characteristics you’ll become more aware of which energies you tend to express more of.

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Has your female energy gone into hiding?

What feminine aspects are missing in your life?

And how would developing them create more happiness?

First, you need to become aware of the masculine and feminine aspects you’re expressing. Can you tell if you have more masculine or feminine energy? Do you know the difference between these two energies?

What is feminine energy?

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy is soft, fluid, allowing, and nurturing. It is sensual and emotional. Feminine energy is receptive therefore empathetic and flexible. It has the ability to go with the flow. And most of all the feminine energy is healing because it is expressed through the subtle realm.

What is masculine energy?

What is masculine energy?

Masculine energy on the other hand is focused, goal-oriented, stable, strong, structured, logical, driven and expressed through the physical realm. Masculine energy is assertive, takes action, and makes things happen.

chart of Feminine traits and masculine traits

How much do you
love your feminine side?

The biggest benefit for me of loving my feminine side has been knowing how to take care of myself emotionally. Honoring my emotions instead of “armoring up” and denying them. Or thinking my emotions are bad and something I have to hide.

A skill that has served me well amid life’s stresses and pressures is mastering my emotions. For that reason getting connected to the feminine aspects within me has been extremely healing and empowering. Simply put, when you love and honor your feminine side you’ll have a more balanced and happier life.

Also, when you love and honor your feminine side you get in touch with the healing powers of your divine feminine qualities. Something that our world greatly needs right now. It can’t all be about pushing, profiting, and creating more power. As we are learning, that makes for a heartless, corrupt world. The Divine Feminine is a healing force on the planet that needs and wants to be birthed. Learn how to express and awaken the divine feminine within you.

How Do You Awaken
Feminine Energy?

Picture of a woman spelling a flower and cultivating her feminine energy

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As mentioned earlier, feminine energies have the qualities of softness, receptivity, and nurturing. These qualities draw on intuition and tapping into those things that aren’t necessarily seen with the naked eye. Seeing beyond what is there and somehow knowing.

A mother, for example, knows how to take care of her newborn and has to sense the baby’s needs. Tuning into the baby because it doesn’t yet have a voice to explain why it may be crying.

Love is a Feminine Quality

The act of self-care is a feminine quality. Loving and nurturing yourself is also a feminine quality. All people could develop more of these qualities. But instead, we live in a “get over it” and “not enough” culture.

Knowing that you are perfect whole and complete just the way you are is an act of love. And it’s a feminine trait greatly needed on our planet and in our societies. Take the Love Quiz I designed to get you started on deepening one of the most important feminine qualities… love.

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Feminine energy is about
Being rather than Doing

Feminine energy is learning how to BE. Feminine energy is receptive. Therefore being feminine means being receptive. Just like women anatomically are “the innies”, female energy is about staying open to receive; receiving intuitive guidance, receiving touch, receiving support for example. Not having to go anywhere, do anything, or “make something happen.”

Feminine energy is about slowing down and relaxing, letting go, and allowing the flow of life to take its course. It’s about being present and not directing the flow of events as much as allowing the events to unfold. Going with the flow is an example of feminine energy.

You awaken your feminine energy by:

  • Relaxing
  • Slowing down
  • Going with the flow
  • Becoming more receptive
  • Not having to go anywhere or do anything

But too much feminine energy can leave you vulnerable.

Your Feminine Energy and Vulnerability

Are you afraid of your feminine side because you think it will leave you too vulnerable? You know your feminine energy is out of balance or expressing its dark side when you’re sacrificing your truth. Possibly even allowing yourself to be taken advantage of.

Are You a People Pleaser?

For example, someone asks you to do something that you know isn’t what you want but you keep your mouth shut and don’t say anything because you don’t want to hurt them. And you want to be accepted by them.

feminine energy - a woman with a somewhat fake smile
Do you have a hard time saying no?

You say yes to their request when you want to assert yourself and say no. You “go along to get along” with a person or a group of people and you sacrifice what is true for you.

And are there times when you put on a happy face and pretend that everything is okay when you’re, especially over time, feeling resentful? You tell yourself, “I should have said no from the very beginning. Look what I have gotten myself into.”

This is an unhealthy expression of your feminine side. This can happen both in your career and in intimate relationships. Your feminine energy is not supporting you. It needs to be balanced and contained with healthy masculine energy.

Creating a Healthy Container for Your Feminine Energy

Healthy boundary setting is a great way to tap into your masculine energy and use it to protect your powerful feminine side. Do you know how to set healthy boundaries for yourself?

Your masculine energy would be, in this case, your protector. It would be assertive and give you the courage to speak your truth and stand up for yourself. Giving you the ability to say, “Thanks, but no thank you” or “That doesn’t work for me”, for example.

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It would empower you to balance your energies of asserting yourself versus going with the flow. And having the discernment of these actions. Developing greater awareness of these energies will create a more harmonious life for yourself.

You’ll then know when to move forward, when to step back, and when to stay still in life situations. So even as a woman, masculine energy is important to have, but in balance.

You could also call setting healthy boundaries using your assertive feminine power. Because setting healthy boundaries aren’t barricades. You aren’t shutting people out of your heart. Maybe you won’t see them anymore but your heart isn’t closed off.

You’re not holding resentments or fantasies of revenge in your heart. Feminine power is strong yet soft; loving yet not wishy-washy. And above all it’s forgiving. That’s why unlocking your divine feminine energy will heal your relationships. Including the one you have with yourself.

Have You Gotten Out of Touch with Your Feminine Side?  

It’s easy to get out of touch with your feminine side when living in such a masculine world.

A woman with too much masculine energy may be successful in the corporate world but is she happy at home?

You see, masculine energy is single-focused. It’s physical rather than subtle. Masculine energy is about Doing rather than Being.

It’s logical rather than intuitive and emotional; if you can’t see it then it doesn’t exist. Masculine energy is the container and the water inside the container is the feminine. If you didn’t have the container the water would be a mess all over the floor. So we need both.

Just as men anatomically are the “outies”, masculine energy is a giving energy or an energy that is moving outward, penetrating and directing energy in a certain way. Your masculine energy is your protector when used in a healthy way.

Are You Over-Controlling?

feminine energy - A woman in an aggressive stance at a business meeting

A woman with too much masculine energy is over-controlling. Again this may (or may not) work in your career. Things are changing. But does it work in your close relationships? Does it support nurturing, care, and connection?

But the truth is, in some way or another, we are all controlling. We must take charge of our lives. Nonetheless, we don’t live in a vacuum and there are other people to consider.

If you’re overbearing and have impulses to control your environment, including other’s actions, you’re showing too much masculine energy. You’re micromanaging your life and not trusting in the process. You can’t change other people, the only person you can change is yourself.

Too much masculine energy is over controlling and overbearing to feminine energy.

Are You Micro-Managing Others?

Being out of touch with your feminine side means you’re resisting life itself. When you try to manage everyone in your life and take charge of others, especially without their consent or consideration, you disconnect from the flow of life. Without trusting in the process and knowing others have their own inner guidance, you create a disconnect in your relationships.

Women with masculine energy and over-controlling behaviors aren’t always so obvious. They can take the form of subtle or not-so-subtle manipulation. Are you manipulating without even knowing it… or do you know?

That’s GI Joe tactics and that doesn’t support you in embracing the feminine.

Are You Always Busy?

Another good example of not embracing femininity is when you can’t slow down and relax. You must stay busy.

  • Working way too much!
  • Busy keeping your house perfectly clean.
  • Always busy tending to other’s needs more than your own.
  • The person who “loves too much” and loses themselves.
  • “Over service” to kids and family – “helicopter mom”

Is your mothering actually out of touch with the true feminine? Trying to control your child’s every move isn’t how to embrace feminine energy. Even though traditionally child-rearing has been a female task.

Are You a Super Mom
or Super Wife?

feminine energy - a woman with her child. Looks like she's on a break from work.
Is being a supermom feminine?

Though it’s changing, culturally we have praised the super mom or super wife. You’d think a super mom is an expression of abundant feminine energy. But a super mom is actually out of touch with her feminine side.

These women don’t know the fine art of slowing down and taking care of themselves. They’ve lost connection to being feminine. Their focus is outward (masculine) toward other members of the family.

Supermoms and other women with masculine energy don’t take time to slow down, go inward, and tap into the self-nurturing energies of exploring one’s inner world. Their attention is so focused on other’s wants and needs, that they have a tough time tapping into their own.

Slowing Down Means Having to Feel

If they were to slow down they would have to face themselves. What they might find are uncomfortable feelings such as boredom, fear, anxiety, worry or frustration. It takes courage to slow down and be in your feminine.

It’s because our culture has conditioned us to run from uncomfortable feelings. Staying busy instead of stopping to feel. By creating a super busy lifestyle of doing, doing, doing you lose connection to the healing properties of the feminine and her state of being.

A famous spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson said in one of her blog articles about holistic feminism, “I experienced a disconnection from my feminine self as I strove to actualize the masculine within me. Finding the complementary relationship between my inner and outer self has been a life-long effort.” So don’t be hard on yourself as you find the balance between your masculine and feminine energy.

The above examples show us where masculine or feminine energies are out of balance and aren’t expressed in healthy ways.

3 Quick Ways for
Embracing the Feminine

Click here to
Unlock the Power of Your Feminine Side with Love

Chances are you could afford to cultivate a bit more feminine energy in your life. This wonderful healing force raises your vibration and helps you to feel like you matter.

To balance your Masculine and Feminine energies ask yourself:

  • What do you need more of? More doing or more being?
  • Do you need to be more allowing or assertive?
  • Can you speak up for yourself?
  • Are you speaking your truth and creating healthy boundaries?

Life is a dance. Relationships are a dance. The interplay with others is a delicate, ever-changing process. Learn how to embrace your feminine energy. And become aware of when you are using too much masculine energy. Strive for healthy expressions of both.

It’s important for good relating. And knowing how to express these energies in healthy ways is how you create true intimacy.

Avoid expressing the dark side of the feminine. We’re all looking for love but all too often we’re looking in the wrong places. Outside of ourselves! And with lots of expectations.

But when you cultivate self-love through developing an inner awareness of your positive masculine and positive feminine you’ll attract in a better relationship, possibly even your true love.

Access Your Feminine Side
Right Now!

Cultivating your feminine energy with an 11 Minute Guided Meditation

The best way to embrace the feminine in this fast-paced world is by slowing down. Take a moment and do this relaxing 11-minute meditation. I initially created it for myself. It’s my voice. 🙂 I still use it often! You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed in no time. Enjoy!

What resonates most with you about this article?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Thousands of other women and men come to this article each week for inspiration and wisdom. Your comment may provide support to someone else.

I’m Anna-Thea, an author, Evolutionary Astrology, and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you want to be more connected to your feminine side make sure to read my book “Empower Yourself by Love Your Body.”

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  2. Thanks Donna for your comment. I’m wearing my egg in this very moment! And thanks for referring them to my masculine/feminine article.

  3. pink bee

    Thank you for this! This article has cleared some things for me about feminine and masculine energies. It was very helpful! ?

  4. Tasneem Dawood

    Was an interesting read. Never knew there was the masculine and feminine. A few years back I was definitely more masculine, but after alot of soul searching, therapy, reading etc I feel, after reading this article, that I have a good balance. I will now know in future when I’m a bit frazzled and all ‘to do” to remember to get in touch with my feminine energy. Thank you for this article.

  5. Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, remember to connect to your feminine side when you are frazzled. I call it having a “feminine forward” lifestyle. It’s more grounded and balanced. 🙂

  6. Jens holistic hair

    I agree with this article and I believe it’s important to have a check in and observe oneself guide to see if one is out of balance, very possibly with out realizing it. Especially living in a society that is masculine in nature. I believe many of us get into survival mode and miss out on the intuitive flow of the feminine. I like the self check that Anna-Thea is offering in this article.

  7. Thanks for your comment Jen! Yes, it’s super easy to get out of balance in the more masculine and driven world we live in. Slowing down opens our intuition. Thanks Jen for mentioning this… it’s important. Especially the idea of survival mode. We need to move from war living to loving living and stop thinking we are on a battlefield… right? 🙂

  8. sheila milley

    thank you. I have a high feminine energy .. I love it… i find it hard to switch when my masculine energy is needed.i do it and I feel the resistance.I will be more aware because they are both so important to me.. Thank You..

  9. Thanks for your comment. I think we are all working in different ways to balance our feminine and masculine energies and the POSITIVE and healthy expressions of each. Thanks for sharing your version of the expression. I appreciate it! 🙂

  10. Natasha

    Thanks Anna for sharing such an informative article on the masculine and feminine energies which we all forget to balance until we go deep within and realize that the problems we are encountering in life are due to its imbalance.

  11. Anne-Christin - The Beauty of Now

    Hi Anna-Thea,

    I loved this article. Finally one that mentions that it is all about balancing the feminine and masculine energies we have inside and giving examples of how to see where on the spectrum we find ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Hopefully more men and women will find this.

  12. Hi Anne-Christin! Glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, I believe part of our evolution is to get beyond the defined boundaries of male and female and more into the more fluid definitions of masculine and feminine. 🙂

  13. Paul Schwartz

    How do you figure ” feminine energy” is receptive if shakti is—“SHAKTI symbolises the feminine principle, the activating power and energy.

    Whenever a power becomes active, and wherever energy exists, Shakti is working. SHAKTI (or Prakriti) means energy, power, movement, change, nature. It is the maternal principle – the provider, abundance.”

  14. Thanks for your comment. Your point is well taken. With everything there are different points of view. I agree with you about it being activating power AND it is also receptive. I have felt my most expansiveness power when being in a receptive mode. And only can I be in a receptive mode when the environment allows that type of receptivity which is rare. I believe we can both be correct in our assessment of feminine energy. The simple fact that the female body is the innie aligns with the idea of feminine energy being receptive. And of course…. not underestimating the power of how that receptive energy can create eneryg, movement and change. Warmly, Anna-Thea

  15. Ed

    Thank you for clarifying the difference between “Being “ and “Doing “. In the past few years, I realized that I was more of a “Human Doing “ than a “ Human Being “. Each day I look for ways to honor the feminine energy that I have been entrusted with to balance the masculine energy that I had always taken for granted. Thank you for helping blaze the trail into the future.

  16. Thank you Ed for your comment. Though my focus is on working with women I love hearing from men and hope that more men will come on board with this awareness! Thank you for reading my article and thank you for your comment. Hopefully sometime in the future I can offer co-ed courses or courses for men. There just haven’t been any requests. 🙂

  17. Smm

    Feminine energy is receptive, meaning we receive?
    What I find confusing is that if I sit back, then nothing will get done, I am trying to keep a roof over our head trying to find ways to get financial security for my kids, the struggle is real & depressing but yet if I sit back and do nothing the problem will be much worse, because if there was this power, surely I would have help by now instead of struggling. I just feel that some people in life no matter what they do they’re just here to suffer. My question is, is feminine energy even real as they claim it is, or is it just those that have a privileged life can afford to relax who will see life as easy in some respect.?

  18. Hi Smm,
    Thank you for your comment. There is more to that answer than I can comment here but it’s not about sitting back and doing nothing. It’s about balancing the doing and the being. It’s about noticing the stress-energy and giving it your presence and expanding the contractive energy. It sound ike you are in a stressful situation. I feel for you. It would be important for you to pay attention to the stress in your body and through your breath, even though you are just trying to survive, energetically lighten your load. If you can take time to pray or meditate asking for assistance from your higher self. You may want to read my article https://annathea.org/the-divine-feminine – it’s about 9 ways to express the divine feminine. When you are in your feminine energy you are more open and receptive. When you are more open and receptive I believe magic can happen. Remember we have both masculine and feminine. You need to express the positive sides of both of those energies not the negative sides of those energies. I hope you find this helpful and I wish you well. Warmly, Anna-Thea

  19. Sunil

    Very true and related to what is going on me right now. Thank you.

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