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Female Anatomy: The Lungs and the Emotion Sadness

This week I want to continue with the lungs, the emotion sadness and how it relates to your feminine anatomy. Before I do, I hope you had a chance to practice the alternate nostril breathing exercise I gave last week. It has been such a great practice for me to do every morning. I want to encourage you to also give it a try. It will center you, calm your central nervous system and cleanse your lungs and more!

Your lungs operate in partnership with your heart. Lungs and the emotion sadness as it corresponds to your female anatomy are similar to how the heart is related. It’s related to the cervix and surrounding area.  In other words the deepest part of your vagina and the entry to your womb, in sexual reflexology, are correlated to the lungs and the emotion sadness.

Female Anatomy: Understanding its Vulnerability

It’s important to understand how vulnerable our female anatomy is. When we bring someone into our body so deeply we are vulnerable no matter how “sexually liberated” we are.  Deep sexual connection can touch us in a way to  trigger sadness, grief and even depression.

It is important for a woman to understand this and be a guardian of her emotions.  Have you ever engaged in an intimate exchange and realized later that it wasn’t an act that was in your highest interest? Did it cause you grief?

This doesn’t have to be so. When you tune into your feminine essence, your female anatomy, your deepest part of you as a woman and honor “her”, you will express the opposite qualities that are related to that area of your female anatomy.  You will cultivate courage, confidence and surrender.

When you know what is right for you and listen to your feminine parts, honoring “her” when making choices about intimacy, you will find yourself developing courage to stand up for “her” and “her” needs.

By standing up for “her” you will develop more feminine confidence. You will also find your feminine voice which is a rite of passage for every woman. And when you do allow someone into the deepest part of your feminine essence, honoring “her” needs, you will be able surrender more deeply into that sexual exchange.



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