Learn How to Reclaim Your Body as Sacred!

Anna-Thea's book Empower Yourself By Loving Your Body

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Anna-Thea’s book empowers women to quit just dressing up and dragging their bodies around. Instead, she inspires women to love, nourish and celebrate themselves, and ultimately, to take their rightful divine place in the world. This is groundbreaking work! A big need in our society.

– Sonika Tinker, MSW, Relationship Expert and Founder of Loveworks

About the Book:

We are living in transformational times. Now is the time for women to take their rightful place as leaders of love to create peace on earth. This will be accomplished through the birthing of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine holds life, all of life, as sacred. The Divine Feminine is within all of us, both men and women; however, the female body holds within it the seed of divine love needed for this planetary transformation. As a woman, you were born with this power. Now is the time to empower yourself by loving your body.

Loving your body is a revolutionary,
evolutionary act that has far-reaching effects!

This book is your companion for learning how to truly honor your body. You will be given tools and learn how to lead from your powerful feminine heart so that you can feel sensually alive in your body. This book will change your perspective regarding what it means to be a woman. It articulates thoughts and ideas about women, sensuality, and sexuality that are beyond the realm of current society. It will support you as you discover what it is like to love your body and yourself.

This book will show you how to put more love into your personal and professional relationships. You will learn about your relationship with food, your body, your sexuality and yourself. Outer beauty has a short shelf life. When you develop your inner beauty, it shines eternally. This book explains what this means and how to lead your life from this place of inner beauty.

The book shares ancient self-love principles and practices to enhance your relationship with food, your body, and your sexuality. It is an exciting journey of women’s empowerment. Learn how being, having, receiving and allowing more love into your body allows you to experience more pleasure.

This book is the ultimate guide for women’s empowerment and to reclaim yourself as sacred. You will learn how to awaken the Divine Feminine within you. You will learn how to appreciate your body so you no longer have to suffer from any level of self-loathing. This will empower and equip you to be the leader of love you are designed to be!

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Click Here to Order Your Copy Now!!!

Paperback and Kindle

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