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Mastering Your Emotions

Learn 4 Easy Steps to Process Your Powerful Emotions

  • Free yourself from negative habitual behaviors
  • Take care of yourself emotionally
  • Get your needs met in your relationships

Stop sabotaging your relationships, your life, and your health!

Immerse Yourself In Emotional Wisdom

Mastering Your Emotions

Online Course

Thursday, Sept 9th

6:00 – 9:00 pm PST

Only $49 + Plus Material Fee

Have you been told…

Don’t worry, you’re over-thinking it.
Don’t be so sensitive.
Stop nagging me.
You are crazy!

The message you’ve gotten is that
your feelings aren’t valid.

Even worse…that your feelings are wrong and you don’t have the right to feel that way.

Then you feel guilty, depressed, and even confused for feeling the way you do?

Does this sound familiar?

Does it leave you feeling completely

out of control of your life?

This One Evening – Online course will offer you…

  • A 4 step process to deal with an emotional upset that provides you with useful information to better handle your upsetting situation.
  • A way to give your uncomfortable feelings a loving voice.
  • Practices to cultivate inner awareness and nurture yourself emotionally.
  • Tools to create more intimacy than you ever dreamed possible.
  • A process that supports inner peace no matter what is going on in your life.
  • And so much more!

Ultimately this class is about learning how to
nurture your feminine side no matter what gender you are!.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

It isn’t about waiting until the storm is over…

it’s about learning how to dance in the rain. Learn now!

Mastering Your Emotions

Online Course

    Do you find yourself…

Do you find yourself…

Walling off from those you love?

Give and give but get nothing in return?

Cope by giving “the silent treatment”?

Or are you a yeller?

Do you shut up and put up…
later EXPLODING because you can’t take it anymore?

  • Do you long for intimacy, depth, and connection but can’t seem to attain it?
  • Are your needs not being met?
  • Are your needs even being addressed? Do you lose yourself in a relationship?
  • Do your emotions affect your health?
  • Have you gotten so stressed and upset that your body feels like it just can’t take it anymore?

You need to learn how to nurture yourself emotionally.

How are you coping now?

Overdrinking? Overeating? Overdoing Online Time, Overshopping, overworking…?

Learn how to nurture yourself emotionally and
negative behaviors will go away!

Certified Divine Feminine Educator

My name is Anna-Thea, and I’ma Divine Feminine Educator. I’ve had plenty of emotional pain in my life, especially in my most intimate relationships. It got to be unbearable for me. I have found a way to free myself from the emotional pain that destroys, sabotages and ruins the possibility of true, authentic intimacy and love.

You don’t know what you don’t know. If you don’t know how to nurture yourself emotionally, your emotions will indeed ruin your life, your health, and your ability to have an intimate, loving relationship.

There is no need to worry!
You don’t have to struggle with, repress or deny your emotions.

They are valid!

I can show you a new way. You’ll feel more empowered. Free yourself from being a victim of your emotions. You’ll become a master at nurturing yourself emotionally instead.

This course will teach you a specific process for wading through the complexities of life, love, and relationship.

Chances are you didn’t learn these things from your parents or caregivers as you were growing up. And you probably didn’t learn healthy relationship skills in school.

That’s why it’s crucial to take the time and receive education.
This online course will change your life! It’ll offer you what you need
in order to truly nurture yourself emotionally.

You’ll experience better health, inner peace,

and more harmony in your relationships.

I have transformed my life and you can too!

This Online course will offer you…

  • Greater insight into the importance of your emotions.
  • Understand the different types of emotions and how they feel in your body.
  • Important information about what’s underneath your emotions that you’re not addressing.
  • Ways to deal with an emotional storm that’ll produce a positive outcome.
  • A process to let your emotions be a source of empowerment instead of sabotage.
  • A way to give your uncomfortable feelings a loving voice.
  • And so much more!

Ultimately, this class is about learning how to

nurture yourself emotionally.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

It isn’t about waiting until the storm is over…

it is about learning how to dance in the rain. Learn now!

Here is how I have helped others:

Chick Lotz, The Pottery Poet
“Anna-Thea is a powerful advocate and ally for women to experience the joy of feeling and expressing the potency of their true feminine nature. She inspires women to fall in love with their body and the infinite wisdom of their emotions. The result is you will immediately bring more love in your life. Are you ready to open to the gift that you are? Anna-Thea can help you!”

Gaynell Andress, Massage Therapist
“Anna-Thea gave me the courage to speak my truth and ask for what I need by giving me the words to say and the direction of how to say them. She has loved me and helped me see that I am worthy to be loved. This has helped me to love myself and see my value. I greatly appreciate Anna-Thea and the things she has helped me to find within myself. I love you Anna-Thea!”

Amrita Grace, Author of Reclaiming Aphrodite
Anna-Thea truly is an empowered leader of women. She’ll take you on a stimulating voyage into the care and feeding of your body, your heart and your soul.”

BE the change you wish to see in the world.

Join me today by enrolling now and let me show you how to nurture yourself emotionally
and make your life more fulfilling than you ever thought possible.

You’ve probably spent more money on clothes and cosmetics! This one-time purchase to learn valuable feminine wisdom on how to take care of yourself emotionally will last a lifetime.

You’ll learn how to feel beautiful from the inside out… guaranteed!

You can continue to repress your emotions or pretend they don’t matter but the truth is, if you do, they will ruin your life with what I call The Three D’s – Disease, Drama and Depression.

You’ll continue to…

  • Struggle with your emotions
  • Sabotage your relationships
  • Lose connection to those closest to you
  • Suffer from ill health
  • Feel disempowered in relationship
  • Lose your sense of self

This need not be so!

I look forward to sharing my teachings with you!

Much love!


Certified Divine Feminine Educator