Divine Feminine Power

5 Ways to Express Your Divine Feminine Power

Your Divine Feminine Power longs to be expressed. But what is Divine Feminine Power and if she wants expression how can you tell? What is “she”?

She is the healing force within you that, when awakened, is also a healing force for good on this planet. This healing force is sourced from pleasure, not pain. And from love not fear. But think about it – do you have limiting beliefs about pleasure? Do you feel guilty receiving pleasure? And how much of your life are you living in a state of fear and anxiety. These things can be healed when you claim your divine feminine power. I want to show you how.

In this article I’ll give you five easy ways to start claiming your divine feminine power.

You may not know this but when you make pleasure and love more important than fear and pain… you empower yourself. And when you empower yourself you become a positive force in the world.

When you empower yourself you empower the world
And the world needs your Divine Feminine Power NOW

Divine Feminine Power to save the earth

Since Divine Feminine energy is a healing force, it’s important for you to awaken “her.” How do you do that? It’s not only about letting go of fear and pain and focusing on pleasure and love – it’s about self-acceptance. And it’s about really loving, honoring and valuing your feminine side. And I’m talking about your true feminine power, not the feminine that society has defined for you. Do you know what it means to really love your feminine side?

Women are the leaders of love. You are being called now, more than ever, to awaken your Divine Feminine power because the planet and more so our species needs the healing.

If we don’t heal as a species Mother Earth will simply be done with us. Life will go on… just not with us on the planet! And we need to start taking that seriously.

It’s time for the energies of love, cooperation, communication, connection, and compassion to come into full alignment with our consciousness. This isn’t an easy task. And it’s not a tasked source from fear, force or fighing – a masculine trait. It must be sourced from the strength of your softer side. Yes, there is strength in softness you just have to learn how to embody and express it. And this “strength in softness” is inherently a feminine trait. Divine feminine power is strength in softness.

And women embody the Divine Feminine. Men do too. We all have access to it. They are the qualities of love, cooperation, and a desire to connect and nurture. This is where you’ll find your true power AND as you fully embrace this new way of being, you’ll make a difference in the world, just by being you. The true you. The softer, kinder, less defensive you. But also the you that knows yourself and can speak your truth fearlessly, lovingly and without guilt. Isn’t that fabulous!!!

Express Your Divine Feminine Power
Do these 5 things to get started!

  1. Honor your uniqueness Don’t buy into social norms unless they feel right for you. In other words, be you. There is only one you in the whole universe or rather Yoniverse (for women) from the word Yoni. Stop criticizing those parts of you that are not to your perceived standard. Repeat the affirmation, “I am perfect whole and complete, just the way I am.” This affirmation works especially well when you catch yourself being self-critical. Interrupt the pattern of self-hatred and use this magical affirmation. Place your hands on your heart while you say this affirmation and that will help you to not only intellectualize it but also embodiment it.

  2. Release the Patriarchy – The beauty of the feminine is its fluidity and flexibility, however, are you too fluid and flexible? Maybe accommodating everyone else’s needs and sacrificing yours? In other words… a people pleaser. In this overly masculine oriented (go, go go) world, we have become what I call, “masculine adaptive” and we’ve lost connection to our wisdom. Stop trying so hard. Stop trying to do so much and create some space in your life. That is how you soften into the strength of your divine feminine power.

  3. Increase Self-Care – Again, in this masculine oriented world, we have bought into the hustle bustle way of life. We have lost connection to the slower more natural rhythms of Mother Earth and Nature. Take a good look at your lifestyle. Stop trying so hard to get ahead. Get out of the rat race. Slow down and smell the roses. What can you do TODAY to nurture yourself? Here are two simple yet sensual self care practices to get you started and awaken your divine feminine power.

  4. No More Nice – NICE is an acronym for Neurotic, Insecure, Controlling and Emotional. You’ve been programmed from childhood to be a nice little girl or boy. You were taught it is best to go along and get along. And you quickly learned it is best to keep your mouth shut and only show a nice face. Don’t put on a happy face and be nice when you are seething with anger inside, or even slightly agitated, or emotionally broken. Be truthful with people and especially with yourself.

    Also, don’t fall prey to NICE’s cohort… FINE. You know, when someone asks you “Is something wrong? Are you ok?” And you respond with, “I’m fine” when really you are hurting inside, feeling misunderstood or telling yourself “it doesn’t matter.”

    Don’t be nice when you really feel emotionally torn inside or have some indefinable fear nagging at you. Be real. Be truthful. Have the courage to be vulnerable and expose what is blocking the love in your heart.
  5. Hold Your Body as Sacred – Your body is your sacred temple. Treat it as such. It is hard to do that in a world that is oriented toward female body perfection. You’ve got to stop buying into the thought that your body isn’t perfect. It’s perfectly designed for you. Learn to accept it just the way it is. Start living “in it” instead of looking at it and judging it. What your body needs most is your love. And lots of it! But are you looking for love in all the wrong places? If you feel there is something missing in your life it is probably you.

The Best Way to Cultivate Divine Feminine Power
is to go to the source – Your Body

Let go of all the social programming of what a woman’s body is supposed to look like and start loving every single cell in your body TODAY. Let the divine feminine power and radiance that’s inside of you shine.

Divine FemininPinterest Banner saying Divine Feminine Power. Let it shine!

Don’t say you’re going to love your body when it is 10 lbs lighter. Love your body the way it is NOW, love your big belly, love your thick thighs, and love your crooked face. Don’t spend the rest of your life wishing you were someone else other than you. You’ll be missing out on so much beauty, grace, and fulfillment.

Honor the very special person who you are, let go of masculine ways that stomp on your Divine Feminine Power, increase your self-care. Actually, go take a bath right now! Or at least put your hand on your heart and say a kind word to yourself. Go ahead, do it now…… I’m waiting.

And for goodness sake, stop being NICE and FINE. Start being fully you, the real you. The good the bad and the ugly. And then you’ll discover the bright the beautiful and the brilliant parts of you.

And lastly, hold that beautiful body of yours as sacred, no matter what age shape or size she is.

What resonated most with you in this article and why? What can you apply in your life right now?

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I’m Anna-Thea, an author, and Divine Feminine Educator. I have an online school where I teach the art of self-love and other relationship/communication skills. Find out more about how you can honor the Divine Feminine Power within you.

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