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Why It’s Important to Know the 6 Different Types of Emotions

Are you familiar with the different types of emotions? Do you know how to handle your emotions when stressed?

It’s important to slow down and be present when faced with stressful life challenges that cause you to be emotionally upset. Your emotions are complex and there are many different types of emotions. Many of which are uncomfortable that’s why it’s very common to simply avoid them.

Do you run from your feelings through over-eating, over-drinking, over-working or many other ways of avoidance? In what way might you be avoiding your uncomfortable emotions? We all have some form of avoiding our feelings.

In this article, I want to introduce to you the 6 different types of feelings and how they feel in your body.

For most of us, it seems too scary to feel our uncomfortable feelings, so we stay stuck in our heads, convincing ourselves how horrible a certain situation is, even making it worse than it is. Then you become over emotional. Even sabotaging your relationships. It’s all because we haven’t learned how to take care of ourselves emotionally.

If you want to access the power of your feminine side, embrace your full potential, and create better relationships, then catching yourself and recognizing when you’re in your head, creating unnecessary drama, is vital. Become aware of when you’re shutting yourself off from feeling your uncomfortable emotions. Don’t run from them. Get to know the different types of emotions you experience on a daily basis. You can run, but you can’t hide from your emotions. They don’t go away.

Feelings vs Emotions

For discussion purposes, I use the words “feelings” and “emotions” interchangeably, even though there is a difference. Feelings are a result of your emotions. Emotions are a construct of the mind. They come from how you perceive things. Emotions are triggered from our thought processes and belief systems.

Your emotions, in response to life and the world around you, form feelings. Feelings are not as long-lasting. They come and go. Emotions involve changing our beliefs, perceptions and how we think about things, therefore emotions can last longer and in a sense become chronic if you are not willing to look at your beliefs and change your perceptions if they’re not serving you.

Feelings and emotions, whether they are good or bad, have a tremendous amount of life force and energy in them. Your feelings and emotions can create both good and bad things in your life depending upon how you navigate them, consciously or unconsciously.

Understanding the Different Types of Emotions

There are many types of feelings and emotions. For simplicity and better understanding of them, I categorize them into six types:

  1. SAD
  2. MAD
  3. GLAD
  4. FEAR
  5. SHAME
  6. NUMB

If you become familiar with these six words, you’ll be able to better identify and manage your emotions. The first three words rhyme, making them easier to remember. After that, remember fear, shame and numb. In moments when you feel uncomfortable, notice that discomfort and attempt to recognize what feeling or feelings are causing it.

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You can make it simple by narrowing those feelings down to one or more of these six primary types of feelings. Getting in touch with these core feelings, acknowledging them and experiencing the feeling in the body is important. When dealt with constructively, they support your empowerment.

Living Numbed Out

Numb isn’t actually a feeling. But I included it because it’s part of how we cope in stressful situations. And it’s very prevalent in our society. When you’re numb, you don’t feel anything. You’re walled off from your body, power, and aliveness. Though it’s, in a sense, void of feeling, I include it as a feeling in the list.

Of these six types of feelings, only one is good.
The rest are uncomfortable feelings. No wonder we don’t want to feel our feelings!

Your feelings are far and wide… vast and deep… extremely complex. And extremely important. There’re many of them. That’s why I categorized them into 6 different types. It’ll help you mentally make sense of an emotional thing. These are only categories to help your mind make sense of what is happening in our body.

Read each description of the different types of feelings and how they may feel inside the body. Go through each description and compare it to how you perceive these feelings in your body. Get familiar with the nuances of these different types of feelings and how and where they are experienced in your body.

How Do the Different Types of Feelings Feel In Your Body

Sad –

Sad is a heavy, slow and dark feeling.
It has a lot of energy to it because it grips you but it’s a heavy energy. And it’s a lot for you to carry around.

Mad –

Mad is a fiery, fierce, and even destructive energy.
When you’re mad (or angry) you’re typically hiding a more vulnerable feeling like sad or fear.

Glad –

Glad or happy is something we all want to feel more of.
It’s a light, open and flowing feeling in the body. Energy isn’t blocked.

Fear –

Fear is a cold, prickly energy.
It can be paralyzing in a sense of unable to move forward in life situations. Similar to anxiety.

Shame –

Shame is a dark, withdrawn, contracted feeling.
Almost as if you want to hide and not be shown.

Numb –

Numb is void of feeling.
When you are number you are energetically cutoff, stiff, rigid and disconnected.

By having these feelings categorized and giving brief descriptions of the different types of emotions, I believe you’ll be better equipped to manage your emotions as they come up.

What was most helpful for you in this article? And how can you apply it?

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