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8 of the Best “Communication in Relationship Quotes” to Live By

Here are 8 good communication in relationship quotes to live by. If you follow the principles within these quotes you are ahead of the “relationship game” and will experience more fulfillment in your life.

Good relationships don’t just happen. You create them!

Let’s face it… we are all lousy communicators. If we can admit that to ourselves then we can go into difficult discussion with a little more heart and a lot less ego.

Most of us are trying to get our point across and in the process make us right and the other person wrong. Good communication is not about one person being right and the other person being wrong. It’s about equal mattering. And that’s not even a well-known set of words in our colloquial language (equal mattering.)

Communication in Relationship Quotes
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8 Good Communication Quotes To Live By

1 – The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.

I am sure you’ve experienced it. You are listening to someone and you can’t wait for them to finish so that you can say what you want to say. You aren’t really listening… you are formulating your thought and response. Become aware of this habit. Become more present, open your ears and really hear what the other person is saying. Notice how what they are saying is being received by your emotional body or even your intellect…. and then respond. It’s a whole new way of communicating. Digest what they are saying instead of being so quick to respond.

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2 – Effective communication is 1% about what you think and 99% about what you feel.

So much of how we communicate comes from our emotional body and body language. It’s not what you say but the meaning and feeling behind the words you choose. If you are speaking from the energy of your heart your words have a better chance of being received and understood. If you are speaking from frustration, impatience, or from your overactive mind, chances are your words won’t be received and the other person will get defensive instead. So slow down, get connected to what you are feeling and the core need underneath that. Discover what your heart really wants and give that a voice. You’ll find your communication will be much more effective.

Communication in relationship quotes - a couple discussing with the caption "Effective Communication - 1% of what you think and 99% of what you feel."
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3 – The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place.

Do you assume because you have said it, and in your mind clearly, that it has been received? Don’t just assume the other person understands what you are trying to communicate. Good communication involves checking in, repeating what they have said, asking questions, being curious. Good communication is about tuning in to the other person and making sure what you’ve said was clearly understood.

Communication in relationship -a quote saying "The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place."
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4 – The art of communication is the art of sincere curiosity.

This is a great communication tool. I don’t think we are sincerely curious enough about those we love. If said in a sincere manner, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat but rather validates and supports good relating. When you ask questions in a non-confronting way, it shows the other person that you really care. Are you curious? Or do you assume? Be more curious and more connection and understanding will be cultivated in your relationships.

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5 – Better Communication Creates Better Sex.

Your sex life (long term) will only be as good as your communication. If you can’t communicate outside of the bedroom to get your needs met then how are you going to be able to communicate inside the bedroom to get your needs met. Being able to ask for what you need is important for good relating and for good sex too.

Do you think your partner should know exactly how to touch you and where you feel most aroused? If you wait for your partner to figure it out you may be waiting a long time. It’s important to be able to have an open conversation about anything if you want a good, healthy relationship and that includes being able to talk about sex and your sexual needs.

Communication in relationship quotes - showing a couples feet in bed with the caption "Better Communication creates better sex!"
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6 – Good communication EXCLUDES assumptions.

How many times have you assumed something that later you found out was the furthest thing from the truth. Assuming things in a relationship is one of the worst things you can do. You have to have a fresh and curious mind when it comes to relationships. Even if your partner has done it a million times… whatever “it” is… don’t assume who they are. Create a space for your partner to be a different person, a better person. When you assume you start putting your partner into a box. And a box that is hard for them to get out of. You start assuming your partner is messy. You assume your partner is going to be late. You assume your partner won’t take the time to listen to you, etc. Stop assuming and start creating the relationship you want.

Communication in relationship quotes - A woman thinking with the caption "Good Communication EXCLUDES assuming."
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7 – People may hear your words but they feel your attitude.

Your attitude is everything. I teach a course called Heart Talk and even though there is a methodology to it, it’s really a language that has a different energy quality to it. Most of us speak from our heads. Learning Heart Talk teaches you to shift your attitude and gain greater self-awareness. Greater self-awareness shifts your energy. And others will feel this shift. It’s the energy of your heart. When you choose to speak from your heart it’s not a matter of using the right communication technique or tool but rather the ability to feel what’s in your heart and give that a voice.

Communication in relationship quotes - A woman frustrated with the caption "People may hear your words but they feel your attitude."
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8 – Communicating from your head can create drama – communicating from your heart can create transformation. 

Having an overactive mind isn’t a good recipe for creating deep, heartfelt connections with another. Overanalyzing in relationships – analysis paralysis isn’t sensual or juicy. Being too heady creates rigidity in relationships. Communicating from your heart is warm, juicy, loving and safe. It creates a space for you and the other person to open. And when that happens there is understanding. And I think everyone wants to feel understood. Use your heart to communicate and you’ll transform your relationships. Do you know how to give your heart a voice instead of giving someone “a piece of your mind.”

Cpmmunication in relationship quotes - Cartoon character face with a heart and caption "Communicating from your head may create drama - Communicating from your heart creates transformation."
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Hope you enjoyed these very valid and good communication in relationship quotes.  See if you can practice these principles in your everyday life. Use your closest peeps as your practice partners. Every day you have an opportunity to practice with those you love – this is how to improve communication in a relationship.

When it comes to communicating what I hear most is that people simply don’t feel heard and understood. We are all talking but are we connecting? What is the missing link? Do you know how to take care of yourself emotionally and give your uncomfortable emotions a voice?

If you would like to learn more about better communicating. And if you’d like to develop the fine art of communicating to create connection instead of communicating to get your point across; or to make you right and the other person wrong, commit to Be A Divine Feminine Communicator!

Which communication in relationship quotes resonated with you the most?

How can you put it into action right now? Leave a comment below and let me know. I would love to hear from you. So many women come to my blogs each week for inspiration and wisdom. Your comment may provide support to someone else.

Thank you so very much for being here and for adding your perspective. Please share this post with other women you love.

I’m Anna-Thea an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you’d like to develop better communication skills check out my free course How to Feel Heard and Understood. It will transform your relationships!

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  1. Adrianne Gentild

    Hi Anna
    Numbers 7 and 8 resonated with me. I’ve always believed it’s not what you say but how you say it. People can feel the energy around you. Is it positive and loving? Is it honest and kind?
    Hope you are well. Sending you happy energy.

  2. Hi Adrianne! Thanks or your comment. And yes more is communicated from HOW you say it and the energy behind it. For sure! So great to hear from you! Much love! Anna-Thea

  3. Donna Abreu

    I agree that better communication creates better sex!! Thanks Anna-thea for the useful article!

  4. Susan Garden Goddess

    Great article! You have helped me so much in my current relationships. I am practicing communicating for my heart more and less with my head. Would love to book a 1:1 coaching session with you Anna-Thea. I will be contacting you.

  5. So great to work with you Susan and see how Heart Talk is empowering you and freeing you from the confusion that can arise in relationships.

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