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Coaching vs Counseling: Receiving Support!

Coaching vs counseling. Counseling in the past meant you were crazy. You are not crazy! Let me remind you… we live in a crazy world. To stay sane in this insane world you need and deserve support! Someone who can keep   Coaching is becoming more popular. We are moving into an era of coaching instead of counseling. Coaching implies you already know the answer you simply need support. Counseling implies the other person knows the answer.  

The idea is to look at what is right
instead of what is wrong or dysfunctional.

  This is the path for your transformation. I have heard you can sometimes cause more damage by bringing up old wounds and continuing to process them and stay in that label. That can be the danger of counseling. You become the disease or dysfunction instead of the cure. That is why I love to work with my clients and use breath, movement, sound, imagination and intention.   Wounds do need to be talked about in a safe environment however sometimes healing can take place by moving those wounds (stuck energy) out of the body. Past trauma and emotional wounds get stuck in our tissues and they can be energetically released. It is amazing how much breath, movement, sound, imagination and intention can put a person back into a more balance state of mind. Or better yet… an empowered state of mind. Breathing out the stress is important and having tools to do that is crucial. By doing this often if not daily, some form of breath, movement and sound using your imagination and intention, you will find it much easier to focus on what is right instead of focusing on what is wrong in your life.   Getting the support of someone that can keep you focused on the right things, a woman’s coach, is exactly what women need in today’s world. Yes, men need support too. My focus though is coaching for women, that is my specialty. And giving them breath, movement,  sound, imagination, intention and even touch tools to stay balanced is what I especially love to do. My coaching for women is from my own sincere knowing that WOMEN NEED SUPPORT.   Women are very supportive by nature.   You may have heard…

Behind every successful man is a woman and

behind every successful woman is herself.

  (and her girlfriends)   Your girlfriends are a wonderful source of support. When you are with your girlfriends it raises your oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is the nurturing hormone.   Girlfriends or not you still deserve extra and specifically guided support. Where in your life are you stuck? If you keep doing the same thing you have been doing how are you going to get where you want to go? Do you want to feel more sensually alive as a woman? Do you want to release old destructive patterns? Do you want to learn how to communicate better in your close relationships? Do you want to love yourself and others on a deeper more authentic level?   You can’t do it all by yourself. The work that I have done on myself and my own personal growth has been by working with those that could take me to my next level. I had to open to the idea that I needed to get the help and support from others in order to transform. I couldn’t do it by myself. I kept hitting my blind spots. My coaches have helped me to see clearly my blind spots. It has been a powerfully transformational and wonderful journey; one of greater empowerment and opening of my heart.   Do you have your channels open to receive support when it is offered or available? Do you ask for support?  

You choosing to work with a coach means you are saying to yourself

“I am open to receive support.” 

“I am worthy and deserving of support.” 

“I am ready to let go of old destructive behavior patterns.”

“I am ready to live life fully!” 

  What a wonderful thing! Women are “the innies”, we are supposed to open and receive. Give yourself the support you need for your transformation. You deserve it!   Much Love!   Anna-Thea

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