Coaching for Women – Opening to Receive Support

Coaching for women is something that is becoming more and more popular. I think we are now starting to move more into an era of coaching instead of counseling. The idea is to look at what is right instead of what is wrong. I heard that you can sometimes cause more damage by bringing up old wounds and continuing to process them and stay in that label. That is why I love to work with my clients and use breath, movement and sound.


Wounds do need to be talked about in a safe environment however sometimes healing can take place just by moving those wounds (stuck energy) out of the body. Past trauma and emotional wounds get stuck in our tissues and they can be energetically released. It is amazing how much breath, movement and sound can put a person back into a more balance state of mind. Or even an empowered state of mind.

Coaching for Women: Breathing Out the Stress

Breathing out the stress is so important and having tools to be able to do that is crucial. By doing this often if not daily, some form of breath, movement and sound you will find that you will find it much easier to focus on what is right instead of focusing on what is wrong in your life.


Getting the support of someone that can keep you focused on the right things, a woman’s coach, is exactly what women need in today’s world. Yes, men need support too. I am just focusing on coaching for women, that is my specialty. And giving them breath, movement and sound tools to stay balanced is what I especially love to do.

Coaching for Women: Women Need Support

 My coaching for women is from my own sincere knowing that WOMEN NEED SUPPORT. Women are very supportive by nature. You have heard that behind every successful man is a woman and behind every successful woman is herself. That is just because we haven’t opened our support channels. Coaching for women or a woman choosing to have a coach is her saying, “I am open to receive support.” What a wonderful thing! Women are the receptive, we are suppose to open and receive. So give yourself that much needed support. You deserve it!


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