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The Chakra System in Summary

What are the 7 chakras in the chakra system? In the last seven weeks, I covered each of the seven chakras in the body. To summarize I would like to give a brief meaning for each. At the end, I will ask you to listen to people and see if you can tell which chakra they are speaking from.

The Chakra System: 7 Types of Chakra

The first chakra is about feeling safe in the world. It is also about our tribal connections and having a sense of belonging.

The second chakra is about sex, power and money. It is how we use our creative power to manifest. We create babies, companies and our life’s work.

The third chakra is about our self-esteem. It is our power center and having a sense of worth.

The fourth chakra is the heart center and it is about unconditional love. It is our ability to love ourselves and others. This is a very powerful chakra indeed and we spend much time down in the lower three chakras working out their issues before we can get to the fourth chakra of unconditional love.

The fifth chakra is about speaking our truth. The ability to speak clearly and express what is on your heart.

The sixth chakra is about intuition. The ability to trust your intuition and follow your own inner guidance.

The seventh chakra is about your connection to spirit. It is about your connection to something greater than yourself.

The Chakra System: Identifying the Chakra

When you are having conversations with people start to notice what chakra they are speaking from and whether it is a positive or negative expression of that chakra. For example, if they say they are unable to pay the rent they are speaking from their first chakra (survival mode). If they are speaking with a lack of self-esteem they are struggling in their third chakra. If they are telling you how they are following a hunch they received then they are expressing through their sixth chakra. These are examples. Listen to people and see if you can tell what chakra they are expressing themselves from. Make it a game. Make it fun.

For the next few blogs I will talk about organs and their emotions. Each organ in your body holds certain emotions both positive and negative. You can work with this information to bring yourself into emotional balance. More on this in the next blog. Stay tuned!


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