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Building Healthy Relationships Now – “The New Woman”

It’s time we start building healthy relationships in our lives. I believe this will happen when “The New Woman” comes online. And she’s not a robot!

I’m talking about the future woman who is fully realized and connected to the power of her divine feminine essence. She’s authentic, real and connected to her heart. She’s not stuck in co-dependent behavior because she honors and loves her feminine side.

The New Woman is Building
Healthy Relationships?

What will the New Woman be like? The woman of 2020

  • How will she act, how will she feel?
  • What types of relationships will she have?
  • How will she interact with other women?
  • How will she interact with men?

I believe men and women were originally designed to be magically complimentary to each other. And not opposing of each other. But unfortunately, it’s what has all too often happened. It has left us all, both sexes, feeling isolated, separate and alone.

The masculine within is designed to challenge us to the next level and the feminine within is designed to support and nurture us to our next level

The last 4 thousand or more years has been predominantly a masculine expression of humanity. Both women and men, being birthed into and brought up in a more masculine world, resulted in us armoring our precious feminine side. Whether you are a man or a woman you have both masculine and feminine energy.

So men and women alike have had to armor their feminine side in this all too often harsh world just to survive. And our precious feminine side is the side that gives life, support and nurturing to ourselves and the world. The good news is we’ve been releasing the armor as we become more conscious and compassionate.

Time To Release The Armor And Let Love In

We are all being called to release those last fragments of armor and really let love in. Though our armor may have worked in the past, it no longer works. We are all being called to a deeper level of love, compassion, and awareness.

I believe this shift will come from the feminine. Because it is through the feminine form that new life is brought into the world. And that’s why I believe women will be the leaders of and motivators for building healthy relationships in our society.

My teachings help women release their armor. It’s a beautiful journey of compassion and ultimately one of self-acceptance. It starts with your body and changing the relationship you have with it. Your body is not something to be criticized or judged. It’s sacred.

The New Woman Loves And Honors Her Body

Your body is perfect just the way it is. Honor it. Cherish it. Take good care of it. Speak well of “her” and to “her.” Because too many of us treat our bodies like a rental car instead of for what it really is; a beautiful Divine Feminine Temple holding great wisdom.

My teachings help women embrace their bodies as sacred and connect to “her” wisdom. No matter what age shape or size, your body was specifically and perfectly designed as your “school room” to teach you great things. But only if you have the courage to listen. Do you know how to listen to your body and the wisdom of your emotions instead of your head?

Connecting To You And Creating a Better World

As you learn to feel good in and about your body, you develop feminine confidence and feminine strength. This, in turn, helps you create a deeper relationship with your partner. And, as you connect deeper to you, you automatically start building healthy relationships with others.

These are what I call “The New Women.” Women dedicated to creating a new way of living and loving. They understand the building block of a healthy intimate relationship. And maintain those standards. The New Women are the ones paving the way for a healthier way of life in our society. And they’re accomplishing this simply by doing their own personal work of releasing their armor and letting love in.

The Armor That Keep’s You From Building Healthy Relationships

Our armor is there due to past emotional trauma, wearing it in an effort to keep us safe. And now is the time to release it. Thinking it’ll keep us safe, it’s also kept us numb and disconnected from our bodies and thus from our wisdom.

In an effort to keep the bad things out we have blocked our ability to let the good things in. This has blocked us from deeper levels of love and intimacy. Ultimately cutting us off from our feeling center.

But, feelings don’t go away. They just come out sideways resulting in depression, disease, being over emotional or even being called a nag. It’s time to give yourself a safe place to feel those feelings. And let them out where they can be transformed.

Concepts To Release The Armor

This new way of living and loving that the New Women are forging involves greater self-awareness and self-importance. Things that involve tuning into yourself such as breath, movement, sound, yoga, dance, wise nutrition, self-nurturing practices and so much more. These practices allow a woman to soften her armor. And these various types of practices teach women how to not only shed their armor… but also become aware of it; and the behavior that causes it to exist. This is truly how to take care of yourself without being selfish.

If you practice these modalities it’ll give you a safe place to feel instead of having to numb out. And you’ll learn how to feel your feelings instead of fearing them. Ultimately, you’ll find them to be a source of wisdom for your own personal development and for building healthy relationships.

Imagine being able to let go of all your resistance to life and release your armor. Ultimately this is the only way you’re going to let love in and start building healthy relationships in your life. Might these new concepts of self-awareness, if you want to be “The New Woman” be something worth learning?

I’m Anna-Thea an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. My online courses help women become that New Woman, centered in her heart and grounded in her feminine strength and confidence; fully awakened to her divine feminine power.

Much love!



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