You’re about to discover secrets most men and women will never know about finding real love and deep intimate connection.

The Bliss Secrets 2 CD setIn this 2 set audio series, Intimacy Coach, Anna-Thea will reveal simple and effective techniques that you can use to create a better relationship with yourself and your romantic partner.

You will learn simple techniques to help you:

• Fall head over heels in love with yourself before you fall in love with anyone else
• Know what it really takes to create a long-lasting and meaningful relationship of your dreams
• Become fully committed and open to receiving and giving love unconditionally to yourself and your partner
• Release pain from your past in order to enjoy a pleasurable present
• Resolve conflict and love quarrels with grace, ease and compassion
• Connect with your partner on a deeper level to create more loving, passionate and mind blowing intimate experiences
• Unleash your inner child and allow yourself to play and have fun with yourself and your partner
• Speak in a way to be heard and understood

Let Anna –Thea be your guide to helping you find a loving, intimate and meaningful relationship… so you can feel more aliveness, joy and connection!

The 7 Bliss Secrets include the following:

1. Be Present– Discover the 1 simple thing you must do to create a more passionate, alive and connected relationship with yourself and your partner.
Learn about the 4 N’s you need in your relationship and why they are essential for you to create long-lasting love.

2. Create a Safe Space– Discover the 3 C’s that will sabotage your relationship and learn the magical words you can say to your partner to salvage your love union.

3. See the Best – Learn what a wild tiger n your house can teach you about loving your partner. Find out the 1 thing that you MUST do to see the best in your partner.

4. Play, Practice Permission – Discover how to use Anna-Thea’s ground-breaking 20/20 play exercise to create more intimacy in your relationship.

5. Redefine Relationship & Sex– Learn about your “Relationship Mirror” and how you can use it to heal your past hurt and connect with your partner on a deeper level.

6. Sexual Energetics– Understand the difference between the masculine voice and the feminine voice and how they can both make you feel love and accepted in any relationship, even the relationship with yourself.

7. Conscious Touch – Learn how to touch your partner in a way that heals his mind, body, soul and heart.

Discover the 1 simple thing you can do before you touch your lover. This will have him open up to you in a more loving and accepting way you can possibly imagine.

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About Anna-Thea

Anna-Thea is a certified Spiritual Sex Educator and Divine Feminine Educator. As a woman’s advocate she supports women in developing their wholesome succulence and as a human advocate she is a pioneer in shifting the attitudes men and women have regarding intimacy. Her workshops, educational products and presentations are fun, powerfully educational, and experientially transforming. For more information, visit today!

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