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The Best Relationship Advice to Stop Fighting with Your Man

Consider this best relationship advice to women for creating more harmony in your life.

You love your man so much AND you feel extremely stuck in the relationship. You want to know what is the best relationship advice for women that will help you come back to a place of understanding and peace with him.

It seems every time you turn around you are having another argument with him. Especially about house chores. It is completely draining you. You are starting to look at him with disgust and frustration. The juice in the relationship is quickly disappearing and you are afraid you won’t get it back. More often, he is simply driving you insane!

Here are 3 Pieces of the Best Relationship Advice for Women to Stop the Insanity.

Accept Disagreements with Him as Part of Life

This doesn’t sound like good relationship advice for women however, the truth is, you and your man are two individuals with two completely unique ways of looking at life. It is important to understand differences of opinions will arise. There is no way to avoid it unless you want to have an inauthentic relationship.

I am not suggesting you accept fighting as a way of life. What I am suggesting is, when disagreements arise, don’t spend days afterwards mentally torturing yourself about the argument that transpired.

It is when we dramatize the act afterwards that hurts so much. Realize that differences of opinions are a way of life and when you have one with your mate don’t make it “the end of the world” for yourself. Learn from it, see what you need to do and let it go.

Stop Using Always and Never

Your language and the words you choose when communicating with your partner, especially during a disagreement, are extremely important to prevent escalation into an intense, life force draining, fight.

Two frequently-used words communicated during a fight are always and never. These two words are the death of any relationship. Saying things like, “You never do the dishes” or “You always leave a mess” doesn’t leave room for better behavior to come in. Your words set in stone a bleak future for you.

Words are powerful. Your words create your reality. We already inherited a language that is based in violence. Although always and never are not violent words, become aware of the words you choose; especially during a disagreement. Start by getting the violence out of your everyday language. Remove words that are metaphors for destruction or alienation.

You will find this is not an easy thing to do. Violence is entrenched in our everyday language.

Pay close attention to the words you choose in the midst of a fight. The simplest and the best relationship advice I can give to a woman is remove always and never from your vocabulary when in an argument. This one simple piece of relationship advice can make a significant difference.

Best Relationship Advice:Get Beyond the Blame Game

Accepting disagreements and not dramatizing them as well as watching your use of the words always and never will help and is solid relationship advice for anyone, not just women. That said, nothing is more crucial to stopping the fighting cycle with your mate than getting beyond the blame game.

Whether you are blaming him or blaming yourself, nothing destroys a relationship more quickly than blame. It is heavy, dark, destructive energy. It will keep you stuck in a fighting cycle for years.

Here is, unfortunately, a common situation. You find yourself becoming the maid in your relationship. You do the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry and everything that needs to get done around the house. You are constantly arguing with him about it, still getting nowhere. You say to yourself, “he is such a pig and I am so tired of it!” You are even starting to think he actually looks like a pig! This is not good. He is a human and don’t forget… you love him dearly.

I am Not telling You to Accept Your Plight and Be His Maid

Oh no! What I AM saying is that no solution or resolution to this situation will ever come if you are stuck in the blame game with him.

It is hard to admit, but you are part of the cycle. If you can stop blaming him (and yourself) about the situation, creative energy will be freed up to better solve the problem.

When you are in a blame game cycle with your man it is very contractive, destructive energy. The creative energy needed to problem solve won’t be there. Continuing to point fingers will only keep you stuck. Remember when you point one finger there are three fingers pointing back at you. But again, stop the blame game!

Being in an intimate relationship is one of the highest forms of spiritual practice there is. You will grow tremendously through all your challenges. When you are in relationship you are in the fire of your own personal development. Let this fire burn away all that is not you (like being someone’s maid) and let your radiance and brilliance shine.


I’m Anna-Thea, an intimacy coach. I help to empower in the area of intimacy and love. If you would like to find out more about how to create more fulfilling relationships, contact me at 702-306-3084 or visit

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