Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. I’m Anna-Thea. It’s a pleasure to support you in the “art” of self-love and emotional empowerment. I’m here to help!

I’ve been educating, inspiring and empowering women for over 17 years. I’m dedicated to helping you live more confidently and speak authentically from your heart. I want to help you discover how beautiful you are no matter what age, shape or size. And how sacred your sexuality is.

I love teaching my students how to take care of themselves emotionally, develop better communication in their relationships, experience more pleasure in their lives and have a deeper understanding of their sexuality.

My exclusive programs will inspire you, giving you new perspectives on what it means to be a woman in our society today. I have tools and teachings that will change your life.  My online courses give you solutions to all your intimacy issues. I also do VIP circles in my “Sacred Zoom Room”, where these intimate issues are discussed. My courses teach life-changing concepts and offer powerful tools to support you in the journey of love.

I have struggled with body image, food, sexual and intimacy issues. I knew the pain and couldn’t bear it, knowing there must be a better way. I found ways to bring more love into these challenging struggles. I have a college degree in nutrition, mainly because of my own personal search to find solutions to the food and body image issues I was having at that time.

In 1997 Yoga became my passion. It was the beginning of my journey in learning to love my body. I loved yoga so much that I received two yoga teaching certifications, one from the Kundalini Research Institute, founded by Yogi Bhajan, where I received a Level 1 and Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Instructors certification. The other is a Vira Bhava Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor certification. I taught yoga for many years and now solely focus on my Art of Self Love & Emotional Empowerment educational programs.

After my first husband’s death when I was 39, my next relationship was with a man who preferred pornography over intimacy with me. It was a painful experience which led me to look at my own sexuality. In 2005 I took a 2-year program from the Divine Feminine Institute. There I became a certified Spiritual Sexual Educator and a Divine Feminine Educator, learning about how we heal our sexuality. It was a life-transforming experience and gave me tools and perspectives I continue to teach about today.

My teachings are sourced from my own deeply personal experiences and studies in yoga, nutrition, psychology, astrology, numerology and the Divine Feminine Institute. For me it’s all about helping women develop their authentic feminine confidence and reclaim their bodies as sacred. I offer educational programs and presentations focusing on developing greater communication skills and enhanced self-awareness.

In addition to my own educational programs, I love speaking and teaching at events and conferences all over the world. I have shared my knowledge across the country and abroad including the Cayman Islands, Costa Rica and Mexico. I am happy to come to your part of the world to share this wisdom.

I teach a new kind of leadership; Feminine Leadership. A leadership focused on connection as the main goal in any interaction. This type of leadership starts with the individual and changing the way we interact in our home, relationships, at work, and in our communities. Most of us don’t have the power or authority to make global changes however all of us, every day, have the power and authority to change how we interact in our relationships and in the world.

I’ll show you the importance of claiming your rightful place as a Leader of Love to create positive change in the world, starting with how you love yourself. My educational programs and presentations are fun, experiential and life transforming.