Divine Feminine Educator

Hi! I’m Anna-Thea.

I’m so glad you’re here!

I want to inspire and educate you about the healing power of your divine feminine essence.

I can show you how to navigate the emotional pain and drama that comes up in your relationships.

If you’re suffering from…

  • Not feeling heard and understood
  • Can’t seem to find an emotionally available partner,
  • Or if in the bedroom you feel like it’s more of a duty than pleasure,

    you’re in the right place.

I know exactly how you feel. Because I’ve been there. It’s frustrating. It’s emotionally painful. It’s exhausting. I’ve been through it all.

The Relationship Drama I’ve experienced:

  • A husband who enjoyed alcohol and died of liver cancer. I was a widow at age 39.
  • Later with another man, I was betrayed and left for another woman.
  • I also fell in love with a man addicted to pornography. I know the pain of being with a man who prefers pornography over intimacy with me.
  • I know the pain of feeling stuck and isolated in a relationship.
  • I know the heartache and the bellyache and the knot in my throat that comes up when my partner does something that deeply hurts me.

All I wanted was my beloved. I wanted a relationship where I could experience deep love, intimacy, and connection. I wanted to be able to communicate freely with my partner and share what was on my heart. I wanted a conscious equal partnership.
But the more I longed for that the more I experienced emotional pain and relationship drama. Reaching for what I wanted.. created more pain inside.

After my experience of being in a relationship with a man addicted to porn…

I realized I had to look at my own sexuality. That’s when I did a lot of deep diving and inner personal work. That’s when I got involved with the Divine Feminine Institute and received my certification as a Divine Feminine Educator and Spiritual Sexual Educator. The tools I learned and the wisdom I gained opened my heart… to me. And I want the same for you.

The challenge is that we live in a more masculine world. Both men and women have suffered because of it. In this fast-paced world, there is no time to honor the divine feminine in us all. What a difference it would make if we could slow down, be more present with each other and feel like we all matter. Just imagine.

You are lovable and you matter.

I’m dedicated to paving this new way. One where you matter and where you feel loved and cared for in your closest relationships. I want you to know, you are lovable. I can show you how to feel that.

Take time to check out my online school and the courses I offer. They’ll give you the know-how to bring more love into your life. And make sure you take my Love Quiz. This is only the beginning. I’m here to be your cheerleader. And I want you to know you’re not alone.

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I’ll see you there. 🙂

Much love!


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