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3 Powerful Feminine Energy Traits To Be Heard And Understood

More and more women want to have a deeper understanding of their feminine energy traits. What it means to be a woman has changed so much even in just the last 25 years. We have gained more power in the world but still, have a long way to go. Remember it has been less than 100 years that women gained the right to vote. Before that, we didn’t have a voice in our community!

Do you feel heard and understood as a woman?

The missing link is for us to claim our voice through divine feminine power instead of trying to be like men. We are women. Awaken the transformative and healing strength of your feminine voice. This is done by honoring and loving your feminine side.

How much do you really honor and love your feminine side?

In this article, I share 3 powerful feminine energy traits to help you be heard and understood as a woman.

Feminine energy traits today are different than say for example women in the 50’s. The idea of the subservient wife is not as common. And that’s a good thing. Our evolution depends upon us moving away from role mates to soul mates.

This doesn’t mean that men can’t be men. And that women can’t be women. It’s just that in order to create a more balanced world we need to awaken the divine feminine within us all. Men too. We also need to know the difference between masculine and feminine energy. And express the healthy traits of each.

Feminine energy traits are things like trusting in the process, being receptive, slowing down, going with the flow. You’ll see that the 3 concepts below have these qualities.

3 feminine energy traits you can develop to create get your needs met in your relationships and be heard and understood.

1. Listen

We all want to feel heard and understood. But most of us miss the most important part of good communication… good listening.

How good of a listener are you? Listening requires you to slow down and receive what the other person is saying. And not the story you are making up of what they are saying. When was the last time you really stopped and listen to someone?

More common is wanting to get your point across to someone. Making sure they understand and get your point of view. Lots of energy is expended in wanting others to see our point of view. But something gets lost in the transaction…. connection.

If you want to communicate to get your point across to someone it may be at the cost of maintaining a connection with them. Using feminine energy traits such as truly listening and receiving another will increase your chance of being heard and understood. It will also create deeper connections in your relationships. You need to give what you want to get. You need to understand in order to be understood.

But most of us just talk too much. I call this Frantic Talkers. They are one-way talkers. Not listening but talking and talking and talking. I believe most of us have a bit of a Frantic Talker in us at times. Some more than others. That’s because we are all longing to be heard and understood. How much do you over talk? Do you let others get a word in edgewise?

Good communication is when there is a back and forth dialogue. A giving and taking of information from each other. Slowing down and really caring about what the other person is telling you and from that place responding. This is true connection.

2. Witness

A feminine energy trait that would greatly increase connection with your partner is becoming the witness. What we do instead of witnessing is judge, blame, shame, criticize, evaluate and often make false conclusions about the person we love.

If you could stop, slow down and perceive your partner from a higher point of view your relationship would transform for the better. But instead, and it’s easy to do, we label our partner. “He doesn’t help around the house.”, “He doesn’t really care about me.”, “He doesn’t have any patience.”

These are hard statements to be thinking about someone you love. They may or may not be true however for sure, if you keep thinking that, you’re putting them into a box that hinders transformation.

Become The Witness

Learn to see things without evaluating them and making conclusions. This is not easy to do but definitely worth learning. Make it an experiment. We’ve been so programmed to see all that’s wrong in our partners. Start seeing all that is right with them. Notice when you’re jumping to conclusions that aren’t contributing to the betterment of the relationship. Stop making your partner a demon.

Witnessing involves being present. Letting go of expectations and simply noticing what is, without labels, judgments or criticisms. It’s about allowing things to unfold instead of trying to micromanage them. The world would be a better place if we could adopt this beautiful feminine energy trait into our relationships.

3. Feel

Sensuality is a feminine energy trait. But women have not had a safe place to be sensual. And sensuality is all about feeling one’s self. Sensing into you. Becoming aware of what is happening in your inner world. Most of us weren’t taught how to do this.

Instead, we live in a world of looking for all of our answers outside of ourselves. If a relationship doesn’t work out we look for another. If we’re feeling sad we look in the refrigerator for something to eat or go shopping and find something to buy. Quelling our feelings instead of feeling them is intimately built into our culture.

Stopping and being present with an uncomfortable feeling isn’t something most of us do as a common practice. But it’s one of the most powerful practices you can learn if you want to use a feminine energy trait to be heard and understood.

If you’re having a conflict with your partner the best thing to do before you “try to talk it out” is to go inside. See what’s happening with your emotions. Get clear about your needs before you communicate with your partner. And in order to get clear about your needs you have to feel your feelings. Those uncomfortable feelings you more commonly run away from.

Your Feelings Have Power Information

If you take the time to be with your uncomfortable feelings your world will change. They have powerful information for you. Underneath an uncomfortable feeling is your power. You just need to know how to access it. I use a 4 step process for powerful emotions.  It has changed my life and I teach it to many women. It’s a tool to take care of yourself emotionally.

We’ve been taught our emotions are bad and that we shouldn’t feel what we are feeling. That’s why we repress them. When you learn how to hold them in unconditional love instead, it will empower you.

These are the 3 feminine energy traits that will make a difference in your life. Especially if you want to be heard and understood by those you love. I’m Anna-Thea an author and educator of divine feminine wisdom. If this article was helpful check out my online courses that’ll help you get your needs met in your relationships.

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