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3 Keys To Awaken Your Feminine Radiance

Awakening your true feminine radiance has nothing to do with looking good and has everything to do with feeling good. Women have such pressure to always look pretty. I call it “The Pretty Pressure.” I recently talked about The Pretty Pressure in one of my FB Lives.

Beauty Has a Short Shelf Life

Outer beauty is highly sought after but the truth is beauty has a short shelf life and if you aren’t cultivating your true feminine radiance your beauty will fade. But your true feminine radiance will continue to shine no matter what age you are.

Life can wear you out. Your life story is shown on your face and your body. Some have poor posture, others have grey hair and others may have gotten more wrinkles than most their age. Your lips begin to have a natural frown and you seem to always look stressed because of those deep creased that have developed between your eyebrows.

We are a map of our experiences. And yes, it’s really a beautiful thing to age. My wish is to age gracefully. I wish I knew back then what I know now about my feminine radiance. Yes, there’s botox and other anti-aging procedures, but you can only hold back the process of aging for so long. It’s ultimately all from within.

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I remember as I was going through menopause, I met a woman in a health food store. She was an older woman but had an amazing feminine radiance about her. I asked her what her best advice was regarding getting through menopause. She got quiet and then said to me, “take really good care of yourself.”

Her message was so powerful. Self-nurturing, self-care and knowing how to take care of yourself emotionally was what I heard her say in that one simple sentence. Ultimately it’s all about deeply loving yourself as a woman. No pill, no cosmetic surgery procedure, no new outfit will give you the feminine radiance you are looking for. Feminine radiance comes from deep within.

There are certainly more, however, these are the 3 biggies for cultivating your feminine radiance as you become a mature woman. And even if you’re not a “mature woman” the sooner you start practicing these tips the better.

1. Have a Clean Diet To Nurture Feminine Radiance

Everyone has heard, you are what you eat. But having a clean diet isn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially when you’re PMSing or just plain craving one of your favorite foods.

I suffered from food issues all of my younger life. A lot of it had to do with not being able to feel my feelings and manage my emotions effectively. But I will say that no longer being a cycling woman has also taken off the edge of my cravings. That is the beauty of menopause. Things mellow out and my food cravings definitely did.

The fastest way to change your consciousness is through food.

A key component of feminine radiance is what type of food you’re consuming. The fastest way to change your consciousness is through food. You can eat something and if it doesn’t sit well with you it can immediately change your mood.

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Too much sugar or too much alcohol will rob you of your feminine radiance reserves. So even if you’re young, remember beauty does have a short shelf life. After that your beauty won’t come from outside, it will shine from within. If you have depleted your “beauty reserves” through poor diet, by the time your outer beauty fades, if your feminine radiance bucket is empty you are out of luck.

There is nothing more magical, regarding diet, for feminine radiance than vegetables. Make sure you have your daily dosage of good quality, home-prepared, vegetables. Fruits and other healthy foods are important too, however, making sure you get good quality, organic, home-prepared vegetables in your diet supports a youthful glow. Signs of aging can be slowed by the magical phytonutrients, vitamin C, and high water content that they contain. The high water content will hydrate your skin preventing wrinkles and the vitamin C and phytonutrients protect against cell damage. But the real thing is that real food (not packaged and process) will help you to look real. You can’t fool mother nature. Your body needs the real deal. And real, organic, fresh, vegetables that are home-prepared in a very simple way will have you shining from the inside out.

2. Have a Love Affair with Yourself

This idea may sound a bit weird to some, however, I encourage all women to make this a personal goal. Fall in love with yourself! Deepen your relationship with yourself. Make you important. Take time to really spoil yourself in a super nurturing and sensual way.

What would that be for you? Have you given it much thought?

Here are some great Love Affair Tips

  • Look in the mirror at yourself and make a connection.
  • Look in the mirror and into your eyes and tell yourself “I love you.”
  • Take time to BE with your body.
  • Talk lovingly about your body especially to yourself.
  • Touch your whole body in an adoring and sensual way.
  • Watch your inner dialogue… tell yourself “You are doing a great job.”

Have you done any of these things? How often? Do one of these things today before the sun goes down. I challenge you. And really… that’s just the beginning. What can you add to this list? Have you gotten the skills and tools to live in this new Divine Feminine way?

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In my courses, I teach women to change the kind of relationship they have with their body. In our support circles, I am always humbled by the challenges women are faced with. And what women are up against in the bedroom. That leads me right to my 3rd point for cultivating feminine radiance… having sexual discernment.

3. Have Sexual Discernment

Where does real feminine radiance come from? Do you feel it when walking down the street and you see guys looking at you? Having caught their attention. That’s a beautiful thing to catch a man’s eye because of your outer beauty but again, I want to remind you, outer beauty has a short shelf life.

This thing of being sexy and looking sexy is definitely overdone in our society. And the idea of “getting a guy” is too! You are perfect, whole and complete just the way you are. And you don’t have to have a guy to be complete.

With that said, too many women are giving sex to get love when love is an inside job. And their feminine radiance and personal sense of confidence are suffering because of it. Having sex with a guy because you want to be loved and accepted is not a good reason to have sex.

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How many times have you had sex
and later regretted it?

What were you really looking for? Having sexual discernment is crucially important in order to cultivate feminine radiance. What are your motivations when you have sex? Are you looking for something outside of yourself when you should really be looking within?

On an energetical level, sex is a deep profound union. Even if it’s a one night stand. And our society doesn’t teach or acknowledge this. However spiritual teachings do. They say that when you have sex with a guy you’re exchanging karma with him. What are you exchanging? Do you know?

In a one night stand you may never see the guy again however what have you taken away? And I am making no moral judgments. I’m talking about the sexual energetics of it. Women are the innies… we are receiving from the outside inward towards us. What are we receiving? I want women to question that.

When you are sexually discerning you have sex to expand yourself and not just to “get off” or feel liked by someone. Or because you feel it is your duty.

It would benefit humanity greatly if women were more sexually discerning. And engaged in sex only when they felt it was authentically uplifting them.

Your feminine radiance is
a powerful healing force on the planet.

Cultivate it because the world needs that healing energy now more than ever. The problem is that women aren’t fully receiving what they need to be sexually satisfied. The true source of your feminine radiance is ultimately sexual and sensual satisfaction and understanding the keys to experiencing more sexual pleasure. So to summarize what I have covered in this article…

  • Eat high-frequency food so that you fuel your body’s radiance from the inside out.
  • Have a love affair with yourself and really learn how to take care of yourself emotionally.
  • Become sexually discerning so that you are engaging in a sexual union for the right reasons.

Real feminine radiance is when the divine feminine is shining through you because you are a channel of it. Eating right, loving yourself and honoring sexual union are three keys to awakening your feminine radiance.

I’m Anna-Thea an author and Certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you want more feminine radiance check out my online course Unlock Your Divine Feminine Power with Love.

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  3. Thanks Ragini! Your comment is always welcome and appreciated! I am glad you enjoyed the article and could resonate with it. Beauty is ultimately an inside job… especially as we age. We can get away with it when young but our real beauty can only show as we age. Keep reading. 🙂 Much love! Anna-Thea

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