Create Bliss in your Body with Yoga

Yoga can support you to feel blissful in your body.   Yoga was my first introduction to feeling blissful in my body, all on my own. This has been my experience with yoga. As yoga became my discipline, I experienced … Continue reading

No more Holiday Blues!

No more holiday blues! Your lymphatic system detoxifies your body. Over the Thanksgiving Holiday this can be very helpful. Here is a fun exercise routine you can do before your big Thanksgiving meal to keep you happy and bright.   … Continue reading

Refresh, Relax, Renew Yourself!

Do you get down, depressed, sad, mad, frustrated and tired of life sometimes? You simply need an energetic lift! This is my first vide blog. It is 3 minutes of your time. Check it out! :) Much love! Anna-Thea … Continue reading