How will you stay calm & centered in 2017?

Are you feeling a little uneasy since the election? Maybe not. Either way I do believe we are in for some big changes so hold your hats and put your seatbelts on. calm-and-centered

This year it will behoove you to not let stress get the best of you.

I am here to help you with that.

It is getting more and more important for us as a species to learn how to get out of our heads and into our hearts. That sounds like a cliché however better said would be it is crucial now more than ever before for you to BE IN YOUR BODY! That is where you will find the inner peace you are looking for. I have lots of great things planned for 2017 to keep you calm and centered. Some of you already know that I am teaching at the end of this month in Mexico at a beautiful retreat on the beach. If you are interested check out this link. I taught there last year and I can’t tell you how centering and grounding it was to take time to be with the rhythm of the earth and my body. And not the frantic rhythm of my mind and To Do list Staying calm is not the easiest thing to do, especially when you are stressed. That is why an ongoing practice of calming activities is extremely important to have in your life. Meditation, yoga, putting your hands on your heart, taking time to stop for a moment in the middle of the day, taking a deep breath, counting your blessing; make these and more part of your lifestyle reality. Are you doing that? It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Great American Lifestyle. What are you chasing? How truly important are the things you “need to get done today. Go ahead and set your intentions for 2017 AND I would also like to recommend that you stop thinking (consciously or unconsciously) that you aren’t getting everything done you “need to do.” Your soul is in charge and you are getting plenty done! You are here having an experience of a lifetime! Literally. Stop letting your ego hold the reins and give it up to what your soul came to do. That alone, your soul’s assignment, is plenty. The assignment for sure has something to do with learning more about unconditional love. It is a huge assignment and even sometimes a scary and overwhelming one. You fall in love, you further your career, you raise children, you deal with all your fears and limiting beliefs that come up along the way. You grow, you mature, you get humbled by life’s journey. Life is intense! Life is always in a state of change. Learn to feel comfortable with uncertainty and lack of control. Change, if you are not calm and in the flow or are naturally rigid and hate change, can cause great stress, fear, insecurities, frustrations and more. These feelings you have are real. Your soul wants you to learn to listen to them and honor them. You can only do that if you slow down, smell the roses and create a lifestyle that allows you to listen to the spiritual part of you and learn to trust in the process. When you do this magic happens. That is where you will be guided to great places.

Bottom line is stay calm. Stay centered. Stay in your body and stop living life from the sanity of your mind.

I am looking forward to 2017 because I will be starting my second year of teaching my program The Art of Feminine Leadership and Self-Love. If you have not checked out my curriculum go to and see the education and support I am offering to help you embody inner peace and your feminine wisdom. Thank you for following my teachings. They are not MY teachings actually. They are divine teachings that want to come through me and teachings that are much needed in our day and time. I so look forward to educating and inspiring you in 2017 I am happy to offer you a complimentary, no obligation, 30 min coaching session. Call or txt me to schedule it at 702-306-3984 Namaste! Anna-Thea

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