Why a Martini is good for you!

Yes a martini or rather the martini pose is good for you. Watch this 4 min video and find out why. It will keep you looking young! Much love! Anna-Thea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeEJ9uQrIss   … Continue reading

Create Bliss in your Body with Yoga

Yoga can support you to feel blissful in your body.   Yoga was my first introduction to feeling blissful in my body, all on my own. This has been my experience with yoga. As yoga became my discipline, I experienced … Continue reading

1 Minute Exercise to Raise your Metabolism

Are you feeling the holiday bulge? Here is a 1 minute Kundalini breathing exercise called Spinal Flex that will boost your metabolism not to mention other great benefits. I have included a link to a quick video that demonstrates the … Continue reading