How will you stay calm & centered in 2017?

Are you feeling a little uneasy since the election?¬†Maybe not. Either way I do believe we are in for some big changes so hold your hats and put your seatbelts on. This year it will behoove you to not let … Continue reading

It takes more than just “Positive Thinking”

This ~3.5 min video demonstrates what I am all about! It isn’t about just thinking positive thoughts to create a better world. More often than not your thoughts cause you great misery! This is about embodying the power of your … Continue reading

Introducing my Teacher Caroline Muir!

Want to stay alive and vibrant as a woman over 50? I do!!! Caroline Muir is a pioneer in helping women reclaim their feminine confidence. I had the honor of being her student in 2003 to 2005. ¬†She was a … Continue reading